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It seems to me, that most bugs are found while in game. While I understand, as stated by Sywindt, that this area is intended for bug with the forums, it seems to be counter productive to make in game bugs required to be posted on another forum.

While in game, the exact problem can be observed and commented on. Using an out of game forum, there is alot of window switching which for some is very time consuming or impossible.

So it seems to me that in not being able to comment on game bugs in this section, is in itself a bug.


I suggest a Game Bugs section ! Where players can discuss bugs and workarounds before writing tickets. Also, being kept informed about the progress made on reported ingame issues.

By the way, there was a post made in the official outgame forums about current known bugs related to occupations.


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Hi Drega,

Firstly, let's make sure we are talking about the same thing. In my view, the "forums" webapp is a place for several "forums" or "forii" if you will ;) When I say you should not post bugs in this forum, I meant the "Forum bugs" forum (or subforum or section) only. You are free to post bugs and discuss bugs in the General forum or whatever.

Now, about why the "Forum Bugs..." forum is not the correct place for game bugs:

The "Forum Bugs..." forum was especially made for comments on the webapps, as this was a new addition to the game and we wanted to give you a place to put ideas and feature requests, and report bugs to the volunteer developers so that they could quickly look at them (they don't all have access to the ticket system.) However the forum was starting to be misused to report and discuss game bugs.

As it is very difficult to track bugreports if they not centrally located, that was not a good development. We have the in-game ticket system to report game bugs, and this remains the best way to report an issue you have.

Of course you are free to discuss bugs in other forums, but only with the location.

To restate: please do not report bugs on the forums, but only through the in-game ticket system. If you are unsure if a bug has been reported or not, check with a CSR in game or CeB first.


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