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#16 [fr] 

Un petit proverbe de la Firme : "Si cratcha crache, Zakkk attaque"


Ducocinnio Nono, dit Duke Nono
Noble Matis, artisan de la maison noble La Firme
Gardien du Royaume et Béni de Jena

#17 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English]
The extraction and the gossiping will bring you nothing good....

...Fortunately we have the resurrection points !

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Y syln Ubhal / Je suis Pomme
Y Teinh'Lir Zir Tor TRYKA!!! / Je combattrai toujours pour La Liberté!!!

#18 [en] 

My grandpa used to say:

Does cross a patrol into the roots, then you'll need the fastest boots.
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