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so remove it.


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Agan: Well, it's one of the nicest NPC bosses in terms of needing good teamwork to to bring him down.

Tamarea: I'll take your word about the design not consulting with Lore, but your statement about creatures staying alive in the Goo is wrong, and the wrongness goes back a long way.

1) Goo contaminated kipesta in the camp of Masters of the Goo.
2) The large two-trunked twining trees that have colonized all the places where the Goo is close to Witherings.
3) Numerous examples of Goo-contaminated beasts that have lived (and even bred) for many Years of Jena. Some in Silan, even. ( I am discounting such things as the Goo-Javings, and Goo-gibbai, that were parts of Marauder plots some time back. They never lasted long enough to show if they were viable or not.)

Even homins can be un-affected by Goo if they use their Invulnerability Power. That cannot be the case with Pei-Ruz since he clearly can act and be damaged, but perhaps his magical training has allowed him to isolate the damage caused by Goo and find a power to block it.


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Hello guys,

1) Are you sure the kipesta in cage is a contaminated one ? But anyway we could imagine they replace it form time to time.
2) True, we have many large Alineas on goo in jungle.
3) The Goo contamined beast are supposed to die after a certain time.
But by the time they live they could contaminate others. It would be a turn over. Of course it's more easy to let a spot of goo-beast alive unless players kill them, and let players imagine this turn over.

And as we already replied some times ago in #pub-event-lore, normal beasts wandering on goo without problem is a "mistake". But if having them dying would be the case, players would certainly find a way to exploit this for fast xp ?

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My comment was simply a lore augmentation to be able to "fix" it.

The point of lore is they grow and have some element of truth and some element of exaggeration, right?

Maybe he gets "replaced" time to time. Anyone remember the concept of "Dread Pirate Roberts" from " The Princess Bride"?

Again, I only suggested some ways out that would explain away his survival.
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