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All this is great news! Congratulations and keep up the good work guys, I can't wait :)

one question too, will it be possible in the future for the pocket worlds for players to make new blocks of terrain and new maps instead of being limited to the old ring maps? I might be getting way ahead of things, but I forsee being able to create new lands if players can create new blocks or new maps combined with pocket worlds. .... is it possible?

#32 [fr] 

Naema, I'm asking to Dev team, I'll answer you as soon as possible.


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2016 october, 10th

We planned to finish 4 big projects in 2 months (client V3, reversibility of free mode, opening of Ark to players, opening of Silan). But we realize that delay is too short and we loose time testing and running several big projects together. This is why we decided to space their implementations for one month, excepted Ark (very big project), that will be done in 2 steps over several months.

1 v3 clients
 - Windows clients migration from 2.1 to 3.0 occured october the 7 and was quite well. Some bugs and unexpected things where rapidely corrected (several patches this week-end) : a sound bug, a bug in crafting, a problem with 32b Windows, an other with Windows XP :
- A Ryzom Installer Manual has just been writen, it will be translated and published soon.
- A first press release on the V3 is published : -la-version-2-1-a-la-version-3-0, don't hesitate to tell us if you find other ones!
- In few days, the Linux clients will move to V3 either, then Mac clients very soon (no dates at the moment, we still have to test).

2 Reversibility of paying mode
- Its implemetation is reported to november for the previous reasons.

3 Opening of Ryzom Arkitect tool (Ark) to players
 - Ulukyn makes good progresses on the edition part. The interface looks like old Ring, with object placement with the mouse.
- There are 4000 usable objects (shapes): all what makes the Ryzom universe (body parts, weapons, armor, buildings, objects ...). These shapes are still not sorted. The idea is to add tags to sort each shape  (ex : tag "object", tag "matis"...). Ryzom Forge will easily be able to make new .shape to expand the .shape objects base.
- Precision : the Ark tool is closed source, all the creations will be free. All that will be published on Ark will be cc-by-SA.
- Addition of some collisions (wall) that will be resizable, activable and unactivable (for example : blocked path if door is closed, free if door is open).
- Ark scene editor will be available for the players in november.
- Scenarios editor is scheduled in january.

Q: Since server code is AGPL, and ARK is globaly part of it, isn't it intended to be also AGPL ?
A: As Ark is made by people under NDA for Winch Gate who is the original editor of Ryzom Core code, he has no requirement to use this licence.

4 Opening of Silan
- It implementation is reported to february for the reasons we talked about in the beginning.

5 Ryzom Forge repository on bitbucket
This repository aims to centralize all RF works, it's at this address


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#34 [en] 

Naema: the problem is not that WG doesn't allow it i think... but that the tools for creating continents 1. need 3DSMax 2. are very buggy on windows, and more or less impossible to make work on linux/mac atm. If somebody fixes the tools, it shouldn't be too hard to do


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November 18th 2016

1 Patch 3.0.2
It has been done today (2016-11-07). See for more infos.

2 Reversibility of subscriptions
Ulukyn has finished to code it, the tests will start soon.


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#36 [fr] 

Thank you Ulukyn for your efforts =) (and to all others who are working of course)


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21st of november 2016

1 Update clients from v2 to v3
The V3 client is availbable in the App Store:
 There's only the update on the Ubuntu software center left (there's still a bit of work to do for that).

2 Reversibility of the subscriptions
The tests are still being done on Yubo.

3 Hosting our own tools on Ryzom server
(As mentionned above:) A revision of the tools is under study, in order to be free of external tools and the limits of their free versions: we're currently studying and testing their open source substitues, which will be hosted on a Ryzom server.


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December 5th 2016

1 Documents about datasheets
"I have finished listing all the definition datasheets on our wiki, with one page for each and every single parameter mentionned. This should make it possible to better understand and document each of them. 
 I also described the settings of all the .sitem and some of the .creature. See : eet:start
I did not go further, I reached saturation point after that. The introductory pages remain to be put on our wiki, it is in my todo list, but otherwise one can search in the search bar with one of the terms of the datasheets that one wants to create.
I think that in the end, when the documentation has been written and tested enough, all this can be put directly in the DFN files, to be seen. Thus, there are 700 DFN files waiting for you!

2 Update of clients from V2 to V3
"- The packaging for the Ubuntu Library has changed and it is impossible to use the old system (the admin page is read-only).
- The new packaging system for the Ubuntu repository is using Snapcraft and is still under development.
- This system is using a sandbox system, meaning that one cannot use the system theme, cannot write in the directory we want and all the files needed to launch the installer are included within a disk image. The whole weights 74 MB compressed and more than 400 MB decompressed ... for a 5 MB installer ...
- I sent a message to a developer at Canonical to ask if there is another way to update Ryzom, but I got no answer yet.
- I upgraded the ryzom-isv PPA with the latest versions of Ryzom Installer. The ones who are using Ubuntu or Debian (or any other Debian-based distribution) can use it because I compiled it under Debian Squeeze and everything is static.
- As long as Canonical's guys have not finalized their docs and as long as their system is so limited, it is not good to use it to package Ryzom; there are more disadvantages than advantages. So, as for me, I won't publish any Snapcraft package on the Ubuntu repository.

Q: I don't know if this is the right place, but I have a question related to the code/development part for the project.
We have already discussed the difficulty of gathering the doc in one place (too much work, not enough people), and I am considering a solution, but I need a web developer. It is simply to build a search bot that scans and indexes the various sites of the constellation, and collects everything on a search engine. Maybe it already exists, where there would only need to fill the sites to be indexed from, I don't know. In any case, I know it's doable.
I'm asking now because I know that there are many coders who are following the meeting, so some may know how to do it.
A Zerotacg: actually there are some predefined components to do that, feed elasticsearch from some indexer and make a simple page to make search queries and present the results for example. Not sure what the actual data you want to index is though
Zatalyz : Data is information on the technical wikis of Khaganat, Ryzom, Ryzom Core & Ryzom Forge.
Zerotacg: Actually crawling the sites like google does might be a bit toi much but you kind of admin access and can export a dump of the data, can you?
Zatalyz: No, crawling is better. But we can speak about that in an other channel, I don't want to stop the meeting :)

3 Reversibility of subscriptions
Once implemented, this project will allow the unsubscribed accounts to play with "free to play" rights. There will therefore be two types of accounts: "Free to play" (ie non-subscribers and unsubscribed) and "Premiums" (ie subscribers).
It is important to note that the "free to play" accounts will have rights slightly different from their current rights, but that these will not be diminished. An announcement will be made to detail the changes made.
Final adjustments are in progress following feedback from the testers.


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Multilingual | Français | [English]

Additions of item groups

By Glorf


Glorf:"It works well, I fixed 2 or3 bugs. I expect a patch from Ulukyn, available translations and a Mac patch from Kervala."


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Ryzom Forge meeting report - 2017-09-04

Project: Silan opening

This project aims to allow everyone to return to Silan at any time. The gameplay base is coded, it remains to do the roleplay dressup as well as the tests. Silan will be open just before the arrival of the Ranger Rite.

The project will go into development as soon as the Ranger rite is implemented. The marauding gameplay will be corrected and completed: a totally buggy marauding ritual, a real marauding renown, a TP to Almati, drills and MP of marauding OP, impossibility for a guild marauder in a guild not marauder , impossibility of TP in water, withdrawal of the supernumerary Prime Roots TPs...

Project: Marauder gameplay

The project will go into development as soon as the Ranger rite is implemented. The marauding gameplay will be corrected and completed: fix of totally buggy marauding rite, addition of a real marauding fame, of a TP to Almati, of drills and marauding OP MPs, impossibility for a marauder to guild into a not marauder guild, impossibility of TP in water, removal of the TP

It should be noted that the trykers cities have equipped themselves with anti-marauder guards, following the RP request of the Taliari. In the near future, other anti-marauder guards will survey the matis cities, following the Nobles RP request. The Zorais and the Fyros have not made requests yet, but in case the guards are ready.

Bug fixes

The bug of duplicated items during reboots is fixed.


Ulukyn has been working on collisions, which size can now be reduced at the same time as the one of their related items. It will be used for the creation of the matis nursery (it was not very useful to have a bonsai that you couldn't reach because of a collision of several meters!). It will need the next client patch to be activated.

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