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We just started a new Guild, because we think that there is so much more to do then just fight , hack and Craft.
We want to do the things together with our members and get them to a higher level.

The Name of the Guild is, "Angels of Chaos". Because it is a Chaos if you start in Ryzom and you want to do things but you don't know where to start.

I am Krytonius and at the moment the Guild Leader, but our members are all leaders, we do the stuff together.

At the moment we are with four members, Belisara, Aljce, Watashi and me.
Do you want to join us or you want to contact us, we speak German, English and Dutch.

Wir sind grad angefangen mit ein neuer Guild, weil wir denken das es viel mehr gibt dann alleine nur Fight, Buddeln, und baue.
Wir wollen alle dingen zusamen machen mit unsere mitglieder und sie dann auch in höhere levels kriegen.

Die name des Guild ist, "Angels of Chaos". Weil wenn du hier anfängst in Ryzom und du willst dinger machen es ein chaos ist um dingen zu lernen.

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Congratulations for you new guild. Would you please tell us your faction and race?


I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

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Thxs, we are Fyros and fraction Kami. I was already sending a mail for the registry. ;)

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can i join?

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The guild is Die is too late


#6 [de] 

The Guild is still alive, was a long time inactive. And just a few members left, but we are back.
Last visit Wednesday, 28 February 06:54:35 UTC

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