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I will have enough to buy a Mektoub in less than a week, And I have some questions.

1: What happens if/when I die? Where does the Mektoub go to, if any?

2: If I "park" a Mektoub, can something kill it? This is really important to me!

3: How much, if any, does it cost to feed the thing?

4: How much mass/weight, aside from myself, can a Mektoub carry?

Thank you for anyone that can answer these questions for me.


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I assume this is about mounts, not packers.
1. it will just stay there parked till you come get it. When it follows you it can get attacked and die though, same for gassing/exploding sources when youre digging next to it.
2. It wont go anywhere and wont die.
3. 1k dappers to feed it, but if you dont use it to trek around the whole of atys feeding costs wont be too bad.
4. 300 bulk for mounts, 500 for packers. not sure about weight


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Most common cause of death for meks is gas poisoning from someone digging next to it. I recommend parking meks to stables, lakes or other safe places when unattended. When they die they fall to the ground and you get a message that you have certain time to recover the inventory before it despawns. Also meks only exist in Atys while your toon is connected to the server, so you won't need to worry about them while you are offline. And meks only get hungry when they move.


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Thank you and especially THANK YOU for how not kill a Mektoub accidentally!


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don't park it close to where binarabi is digging (desert atm) and it should be safe


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1) The mek stays where you dropped. Whether or not the mek is alive when you return to that spot is another matter entirely.

2) Yes. While not all agro mobs will kill your mount, it's not unheard of either. It's a bit random whether they will or won't but best to err on the side of caution.
As Rubiksmomo said, the most common cause of dead mounts/packers is gassing. Between digging and Yelks, gassing happens more often than you'd think. Some even consider it a sport!
I generally park mine is safe places. You won't see much agro or digging in downtown Fairhaven, nor can anything really hurt a packer that is treading water in a pond.
If your mek does depart the land of the living, you have 72 hours to retrieve your belongings from it before the corpse (and everything on it) disappear.

3) That depends on distance travelled. As my meks don't move much, I don't think I've bought them food in over a year.

4) Weight is unlimited; I've never seen one weighed down. Bulk is 300 for a mount (same as your bag) and 500 for a packer.


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I actually looked through the entire pricelist at the stables, and the basic mount is cheap. it is the PACKER that costs a great deal.

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Damn, I just don't tend to notice these things.... DUH!


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once my mektoub ran out of food, ragus and gingos knocked me off it, killed me and it.

Another time something weird happened, i was in pr watching a Kincher kill a lumper close to me so i hit lumper with fear spell to try to get it to run the opposite direction, my spell failed, so i ran back to the teleport but a mektoub was social with the lumper and attacked me. my mount was at the teleport and the attacking mek killed both of us! The attacking mek apparently has an area of effect in his attack. So be careful of that too.

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Ata homins.

What happens to a mount when it is freed? Does it roam indefinitely, mysteriously disappear, or perhaps run through the nearest city exclaiming, "Master has given Dobby clothes" ?

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Usually freed meks end up at 'Notso's Pre-Owned Mek Emporium', here they get fed regularly and exercised, taken for a quick spin to make sure all the legs work and put up for rehome.

Remember a Mektoub is for life not just for Christmas


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Ata Waki-zi is not only my taxi, but my friend. Waki was concerned for his buddies, that they might be turned loose only to become the unfortunate targets of young homins with XP to grind. He will be happy to learn of Notso’s recycling program. ;-)
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