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pas trouvé ^^ par contre j'ai lu un truc sur: attention! importer les trucs modifiés, ça m'a fait peur :D vaut mieux laisser des fautes plutôt que je vous fasse une grosse boulette .. sisi! j'arrive à faire disparaitre des trucs qu'on ne savait même pas que ça pouvait disparaitre .. huhu :)

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Serae Nerwane,

Si le "pas trouvé^^" est le manuel traduit (aux illustrations près) sur Encyclopatys, voici l'adresse :'utilisateur ... Et tout coup de main en vérification sera le bienvenu... Naete

Deles aiyai, Serae, e a nata veleis

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14th of march 2016 

Q: Gaueko: Will the user manual be ready in FR on the wiki before the 31th? We would need also in PDF.

A: I think it would be ok for the 31th... but we need people to check it.
Nilstilar: It is online but not complete and checked
Gaueko: Do you need Translation Team help?
Siela: if they have some time to spare, we would hugely appreciate though!
Gaueko: I will share this with them and invite them to join.
Nilstilar: The pdf with picture or not? and to who we need to send it?
Gaueko: If possible, with pictures, and you can send to Tamarea or me ( /

Q: Gaueko: Is there any idea of other manuals to add on Steam?
A: There were once upon a time some BDish manual
Gaueko: But nothing planned by now then.

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21st of march 2016 

1 Tamarea

Gaueko: Tamarea is ok. She is not ill, or having RL problems. She is busy with all the Steam's tasks we have to do and she needs to focus on them. Thanks Jena I am here.

2 Manual

Gaueko: Tamarea and I have received the manual and the PDF. Thanks a lot!, Is a great job! 

We would need one more thing for this task be done by now:

- We will need a PDF of the EN manual too if possible, the one we had we noticed is not up to date. Send to Tamarea or me ( /

Q: OK for the english PDF. Next Week-end will do ?
A: Before the 31st of March, but needs an EN check before that. 


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11th of april 2016 

Gaueko: As you all know, I was ranked in the beginning of the year as Communications Manger Assistant. Tamarea and I are working to reorganize ourslef better and we have started with the Communications Team. As you might noticed, I have been around in game as CMA. In the following, I will try to be present in game as CMA too. Wich means you can ask me questions of general content about the game. And I will try to help you, so your words reach to the proper place.

I want to add too, that Gaueko is now on Facebook (Gaueko Ryzom) and on Twitter (@GauekoRyzom) too. So you have more ways to reach me.

Q: Can you confirm that Steam release is 15th april without further delay?
A: We can´t confirm that by now. We are waiting Steam adds the billing system so the players can subscribe to Ryzom using Steam. Our release date is by now the same unless they tell us something else. We are still waiting too. As soon as we know more, we will share with all you. We will make an official announcement too.


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18th of april 2016 

1 Ryzom on Steam 
We are still waiting steam to create us missing packages, without them it will not be possible to subscribe over Steam, because of that we have to postponed Ryzom release on Steam. We are still not able to give you a definitive date, that's not depends upon us.

The Steam release blocked severals months almost all working group, since each of our project involves more than 1 group... a lot of project were in break. Now, we smoothly restart everything, this will also allow RF projects, which were waiting the help of others group to restart.That's why, there is only few news to tell during our meeting at the moment, but this is just temporary, the time for things to go up again.


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25th of april 2016 

Q: Do we have a date for Steam release?
A: We don´t have an answer for Steam yet. We will announce it as soon as we know something more.

Q: Do you plan to do some kind of advertisement about this release, to bring more new players or so? I was not thinking about an public anoucement but ads on others website.
A: We have an announcement ready and translated, but we are waiting for Steam answer to announce a date to everyone, and we will announce Ryzom in other websites too.

Q: On steam sometimes you get proposed new games... any chance Ryzom can get in there?
A: Ryzom should appear on the "New on Steam" section once we are there.

Q: Will Steam be granted a commission for subscriptions through them?
A: Yes, that's why sub via Steam will be a little more high than via WorldPay (like we do via PayPal because of the commission).

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2nd of May 2016

Q: If i am right if we use at least one time the Steam client our account will be definitively Steam linked and we will have no way to sub without steam ?
A: The accounts unlik is going to be possible with a previous ask to us.

Q: : The new "static" client will be officialy release in the same time as Steam?
A: Both patch system are different so both releases will happen in different dates.

Q: So, just to make sure i understood right, once subbed over Steam, payment is linked to steam from ryzom account, but logging with a normal static client would still be possible, on an account that is subbed over steam?
A: Yes, it would be possible, no matter from where you sub, you will be able to use both clients. BUT, if you sub using Steam, the only option to subscribe again will be Steam.


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9th of may 2016

Ryzom is on Steam since friday May the 6th at 10h00 CEST (08:00 UTC)!

We annouced this coming everywhere on social networks and websites, and articles are still published. The list, daily updated, is to be seen there:

The coming of Ryzom to Steam provoqued a huge affluence of players this week-end:
- 450 simultaneous players on Atys, whose 268 on Silan
- 270 simultaneous connections via Steam
- 450 000 visits of Ryzom sites (Steam & on sunday
- Many resubscriptions
- Many requests for restauration of characters

We have to wait since next week-end for comparison of these numbers to equivalent days and hours, but it's very promising.
To us, now, the task to give all these new and old players the desire to stay as to discover and rediscover our gorgeous Atys!

Remember, Ryzom is an independent game led by a small team of volunteers, and this influx of new and old players is for us both a great hope and a great challenge we face all happy and very seriously.
For more than 6 months every volunteers team work hard to prepare for this great moment! For all of us, Ryzom is more than just a game, this is the game you love and to whose development we are proud to participate!
If you want to help, it's simple: give your ideas on the forum, create player's events, join a volunteers team, subscribe, or just have fun in the game and help to welcome the new players!

Q: What will this mean in relation to having more content added to the game to keep new ones here and playing? Or is it to soon to ask this question?
A: In a few days, when unavoidable bugs of the first days will have been fixed, the teams will resume their work on their tasks aimig to add content. For the rest, it's stil too soon for talk about it, but our view of the game has not changed: if the repopulation of the server lasts and subscriptions follow, we will have the founds needed to work with other additions. We want new subscriptions not to keep for ourselves but to have the financial resources to create new tools for Ryzom Forge and new content in the game. A good part of the players are subscribing to help us, it's normal that we do our best to develop the game in return. What we are lacking for now, it's enough subscriptions for it. The coming of Ryzom on Steam is a great hope for us, the one to finally have the means to make the players what they give us for so long.

Q: A thought here. If players are subbing and getting permanent experience catalyzers what is planned to make outposts more competative again? We are losing a large portion of the game at that point.
A: This game "belongs" to his players, it is primarily their proposals that will be followed, if achievable, interesting and consistent with the Lore of Ryzom. The outpost catalysts could be replaced with sap crystals for example, or by something else. Above all players to agree on a proposal (via the "ideas" forum). Then, the more human and financial resources we get, the more we can implement some of these ideas.
Glorf: Same questions about events, then. Are there plans to make again events more interesting ? The game loses much of its interest without it.
Tamarea: The animation team has tons of projects, 4 large sequences or almost ready to play (one per nation) in addition to the Ranger, but unfortunately there are not enough leaders to play regular events. That's why I run every monday a call for applications.
Glorf: I don't care to know that there are sequences scheduled. I speak about interesting sequences, for me. You should try to "tease" the sequences.
Tamarea: Motivation and ideas are there, but we are small teams and each often has several roles. When an anim has to quickly translate a press release or an urgent announcement, for example, he can't work preparing for his event.
Glorf: Should see if there are people who are interested to animate. And as you try to keep the players, you must also remember to keep the anims.
Tamarea: The small team of animators is still there, it just dream to expand. Besides, I have received several applications these days, so I hope this dream will come true soon! I also remind you that players can offer their own events (by email to or on the forum) and that we help them to achieve these (technical help, Lore, NPCs ...)
Ogmios: To become anim, one have to be bilingual? I don't apply... too hard. Good knowledge of the Lore, I presume...
Tamarea: Not necessarily, as an anim speaks correctly a language, it fits! ;) The Lore it's better but not mandatory, the Lore can also be learned internally. A new anim is training and is guided before going alone! As long as the motivation and knowledge of roleplay are there, the rest can be learned. I remind you that, for application, the post to follow is here: 2 (and that it should be keep secret, to preserve anonymity).

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16th of may 2016

The free week period will end tomorrow! We hope all were able to enjoy it!

Q: If i may, how are the stats about new players? Last week you said we need to wait for the end of the period to compare. Is the period over yet?
A: Yesterday we had up to 408 players at same time, and hourly stats tell us that we had as much as players as last week and sometimes little more.

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23rd of may

1 Ryzom on Steam

1.1 Statistics (number of connected player simultaneously on Atys)

They are still very good, and steady as a whole.
A little fall of US players, but rise of euro ones.
The mean value of simultaneously connected players on Atys is 350 during the week and 410 during the week-end.
Still many asks for restorations of characters from old players (63 between the first and the 23rd of may). To achieve most reactivity, SGM (Senior Game Masters) now have the rights to restore the characters themselves without having to go through the Dev.

1.2 Evaluations of Ryzom posted to Steam:

Main reasons for the drop:
- Outdated graphics;
- Non-scalable interface (typos too small, especially icons);
- Various bugs inducig error codes;
- Misunderstanding about the fact that "the game is free to play, but there is a subscription";
- Silan missions gameplay too complex and too repetitive, too much text to read.
Better see or become aware of our weaknesses is important because then we can see together how to fix them.

Lyne : On the other hand, don't be mistaken: Ryzom *is* complex. Players can learn by asking other players or by reading the xt, but they'll still have to make the effort to learn.
Nuts : I feel the contrary: Silan is a good introduction to the game ...

New player's feedback and comments
MrObject: Just a quick question, are there any newish players here? Specifically players who just started with the steam release?

Moniq: I do play for 6 months

MrObject: Ok, well then I guess I'm speaking for the steam players.
I want to use a perfect example from a recent post on the steam forums. The post is here. 1660/
Essentially the player in question was doing the gathering quests on Silan and the quests request specific things.
Now I've just recently hit 40 gathering and I now have skills to let me search specific things.
Those gathering quests are based on pure RNG (random number generator) unless you have those level 40 skills.
I personally am more of an eco type player, so I really look towards gathering and crafting and Ryzom has a truly unique system but the tutorial makes gathering seem terrible at first.

Nuts: true that harvest is hard at the beginning :/ maybe too hard

MrObject: Then look at the crafting quests, you guys have an amazingly unique auction house system with the 'Sell to others' feature, why...oh why...does the crafting newbie quests not show off that feature blatantly. A quest like "Make a sword and use the sell to others option"
Lyne: As far as I remember, there's a "sell" mission. But you're right, it's not a "sell to others"

MrObject: I did *most* of the gathering quests, not the last few because I wanted to tear my hair out by the end. I really suggest you all go through Silan with an open mind and really think about what new players are thinking.

Moniq: I didnt finish harvesting missions on Silan with my very first alt, I think the main problem is that a new player have to become a bit familiar with the system of harvesting. And not many players do ask on chats. Maybe the game should inform about the possibility to ask others more obviously.

MrObject: My suggestion, it's a simple one and I'm betting it's been suggested before. Add teleporters to Silan to get back and forth from Atys to Silan. The reason I suggest this is I beleive Silan just has pacing issues, those gathering quests would be far more useful around 40 gathering.
Ryzom already has a ton of super friendly players who can help out on Atys, let them go to Silan instead of forcing everyone to make Silan alts.
Thanks for your time.

Zatalyz : Ho no, the highs level would return on Silan to annoy new players ...

Shaliss : Yes, it does not seem a very good idea.

MrObject: I'm sure some high level players will just be a nuisance but in my personal experience if Meggy and Lamda didn't tell me to leave Silan and basically taught me themselves then I probably wouldn't be here now. Think about that, if no one told me "Don't worry, Silan is just overly complicated for no good reason" I would have quit.

Zatalyz : We saw this before the merge with TP everywhere, suddenly high levels do their quests and help newplayers too much, removing them of the chance to experience the game.

Shaliss: One can still create alts to go on Silan.

Lyne: I think it's the idea, MrObject: either you learn by yourself from the texts (that's what I did) or you learn from other players. Ryzom is a lot about players helping other players. But it doesn't mean that the current missions could't be improved (A bit too complicated this sentence... Current missions can probably be improved)

MrObject: The game is a sandbox experience, quests are a themepark experience. Sandbox games are usually based around emergent gameplay, aka gameplay that is created by the players. If Ryzom really wants a more quest related experience then those quests should be created by players.

Lyne: I'm not sure I understand MrObject: Silan's quests are there to teach gameplay. You mean they should be created by players?

MrObject: Well, implementing something that allows players to literally create a quest in game and give it to other players has been done in other mmo's but I'm not sure it's something that could easily be added here. I was thinking more along the lines of having a collaberative project that takes suggestions from the existing playerbase about how best to teach new players about the four main base skills.
Then taking those suggestions and revamping the quest structure on Silan.
Oh, I just wanted to add one more thing. Another complaint about our advertising on steam is the lack of a 'gameplay' video on Steam. The majority of games on steam will usually show a video that displays actual gameplay as the second video. This really is the norm on steam and a good suggestion would be to create a contest for players, something like "Make us. An awesome gameplay trailer, win a prize." Maybe a month free of premium to the winner?

Nuts: hum well i like the contest idea but i don't think a video showing Ryzom gameplay will be relevant cause in fact, ryzom gameplay looks boring when you are watching it :/

MrObject: Doesn't matter. Look at a post like this.

AsphanysNB: i m talking about what to show in that kind of video... fighting ? well ok spamming enchant + hit button... same for magic... all the interesting things of the gameplay will not be shown and give a wrong image of what it is. Better to do a good trailer of the game. An actual one... explaining actual threat and stuff, you see what i mean ?

MrObject: I agree Nuts, imagine a trailer with scenes from a Kitin invasion. Showing off the skill list with all 63 skills showing. Showing off end game spell effects

Lyne: The effects are the same at lvl 1 and lvl 250 :-)

MrObject: Or how about a video that splices together RP events.

Lyne: There are already videos about RP events: at least Misugi's ones, but other ones also

MrObject: this could really be awesome !

AsphanysNB: and/or a vid that shows snippets of the different aspects of the game (rp and story, pvp, pve, exploration,...)

Lyne: (Comment read on Uni just 2 minutes ago: "Most of my friends hade to read games but his one is different enough it's worth it to get a step up by reading all the Silan mission tips" ) :-)

Nuts: For the visual effect it's not true for some spell such as fear, madness

MrObject: Does anyone have any objections to creating a contest for players to make a new gameplay teaser for Ryzom, getting the rights to it from the player and then posting the winning entry on Steam?

Tamarea: I like the idea a lot

AsphanysNB: (( just an additional idea - use a special ingame titles for the players who take part in the contest as an incentive))

MrObject: (( Good idea ))

Tamarea: (Yes!)

1.3 Request to Ryzom's Community

As our recent jump to Steam we have a Ryzom official group there: This group is divided in two parts, one is the Store: were the Steam users can get the Steam client of Ryzom; and the other one the Hub: were they have several ways to give a feedback about the game and share their ideas, opinions and questions about Ryzom, as we all do already in this Forum.
We are very proud about our helpful community and you all have the chance to keep helping each other at Steam. Is because of that we want to propose you all to join Steam and the Ryzom official group, and specially the Hub were there are awesome features; not just answering the doubts of other players, there is a chance to make guides, share artworks, videos too!
It would be great and help a lot if you could also recommand Ryzom in the Reviews tab, explaining why you enjoy the game and why users should try it! Don´t hesitate to share with everyone your feelings about Ryzom!
Understand as well that on Steam by replying to negative reviews or negative posts you aren't really addressing the original poster, you're addressing everyone else that will eventually read that review or thread.

Q: It requires us to have a Steam account?
A: Yes, and even if you don't have a lot of time, make sure to put a short recommend review to help counter the negative ones. Ryzom only has 152 reviews, so each review is essentually worth about 0.75%

As stated though and I really can't stress it enough, we only have 152 reviews of Ryzom on Steam and our rating is currently 'Mixed' so it would be amazing to see some more positive reviews. Also Metacritic now has a 2nd page for Ryzom, since the game is no longer called 'Saga of Ryzom' we have a new review page There are currently zero reviews for the new 'Ryzom' game on metacritic, so it would be super awesome to see some more added there.

1.4 Hub Steam

- Add of an Roleplay sub-forum to develop roleplay side of Ryzom. Do not hesitate to publish your own RP wording, but also some posts which could help to understand the Lore basis
- The events will now also be announced on the Steam calendar (via the system of vents ads

2 Candidates to join the team of volunteers of Ryzom
10 candidates applied since the release on Steam (so in two weeks)! As much as we've gotten in two years!

3 Press Articles
Press releases and articles on Ryzom is here: It is regularly updated (except this last week for lack of time. I actually several items to add).
Feel free to contribute by adding links to other articles or topics in the forum post comments on these articles:, then will insert the links in the list.

4 Writing a Frequently Asked Questions section about Steam
- On Steam: 1520/  (by Object)
- On the forum of Ryzom: (planned update with new Q/R). This FAQ is also enriched by the Q/A FAQ published on Steam.

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6th of june 2016

Siela: The link to the logs is wrong... it always redirects afterwards and tells me to update my bookmarks Link announced on login here on irc: actual link:
Gaueko: I will modify the topic later here (on #ryzomforge IRC channel) so we can have the proper link visible while I try to change the other one.


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27th of june 2016

Tamarea: I would tell you about of RF projects in general. Especially the LD group. It has many ideas, but we noticed the delay for achieving these project is too long.
The main reason is for, RF as for RT (Ryzom Team), the lack of means to communicate easily with each other.I am trying to implement a new system where all people who have to work on the same project can be found in one place, wether they are part of a group of RF or of a team of Ryzom.
I'll tell you more next week, once the first testing had been done. But this should give much more responsiveness and dynamism around each project and allow their implementation much quicker.


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November 8th 2016

Ryzom Wikis
Ryzom has several wikis: Ryzom wiki for the Lore, Ryzom Core and Ryzom Forge. We've got the project to gather all these various existing wikis into one single official one: the one of Ryzom Forge, which has the advantage of being multilanguage. The other wikis will remain open, but only the one of Ryzom Forge will receive the official articles. It will have a "Lore" part gathering all the Lore validated articles of the, but also a "Dev" part.
Here is a mock-up of the project: (clic on the Gameplay and Lore test pages please).

Q: It's planned to integrate the RC wiki also?
A: Yes and no: we cannot close the Ryzom Core wiki (used by others than us), but the idea is to use the one of Ryzom Forge to consolidate there the Dev articles useful for Ryzom. And in priority, of course, the up-to-date articles by Ryzom Core. The aim of this project is to stop scattering and to concentrate on the same wiki everything that is about Ryzom.

Q: And what about the pages created by the players? (So not validated by the Lore)
A: The wiki will remain an official-collaborative wiki, also in its Lore and Dev sections.
But since it's not possible (nor advisable) to migrate the whole content of the Ryzom Core wikis and the 3 DE, EN and FR, the simplest way will be to just migrate the up-to-date and working articles on Dev side, and the validated Lore articles on Lore side. And then, to restart all together in collaborative mode on

Q: The new wiki will remain? (clone of forge)
A: No. We thought that instead of creating a 4th wiki, it would be better to reduce their number. It will be a part of the which will host the dev articles.

Q: I've got a question regarding the wiki: if we find a typo (typing error, wrong orthograph, error in translation...), we can fix it or we have to mention it somewhere?
A: You can fix it, of course!


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21st of november 2016

1 Gaueko leaving
Gaueko, who acted as Communication assistant manager and Translation group co-leader, and who was also a member of the Lore group, a translator towards Spanish, and in charge of the marauders, has chosen to leave the Ryzom team. We thank him for his great commitment and we wish him the best for the rest.

2 Result of the 2 years of Ryzom/Khaganat collaboration (by Zatalyz)
I invite you to read the very interesting thread by Zatalyz on Ryzom forum:

3 Reorganization of Ryzom Teams
 We're currently working at reorganising the Ryzom Teams, in order to move towards:
- a maximum transparency between the internal teams (under NDA);
- a maximum transparency with the Ryzom Forge and Ryzom Core groups and with the players (not total however to avoid spoil: the events scenarios, for example, won't be shared);
- a reviewing of our working method, in order to increase our efficience without overloading ourselves;
- a reworking of the tools, in order not to depend anymore on external tools and their limits for the free versions: we're studying and testing currently their open source substitutes, which will be hosted on a Ryzom server.

4 New presenting for the "teams roadmap" on the WebIG in 2017
The "teams roadmap" on the WebIG ( ) is increasing and becomes difficult to read, especially as the various lignes cannot be sorted. That's why a new roadmap, clearer and easier to follow, will be proposed for 2017

Q: When do we all move to #Ryzom and stop spreading ourselves in all directions?
A: You can already keep only #ryzom, #ryzomforge and #ryzomsupport. To close the last two ones (especially the last one), we first have to announce it and change the links everywhere. (The link to #ryzomsupport is given in lots of places, it will have to be changed into #ryzom before we stop using the #ryzomsupport channel).
A Glorf: Normally you can create redirection on IRC, to send the ones who log on #ryzomsupport to #ryzom. I'll have a look for next time. I had written it somewhere but I cannot find it anymore.
Q: Cant a bot sit on channel and inform visitors about the change in the meantime? Or just a new welcome message on the channel?
A: Probably.
=>  I'll try to implement this quickly.

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