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Meeting of monday, march, the 23th

Viral marketing

- The translation of the text about viral marketing is over: (thanks to Phileur). A list of list of mmorpg web sites has been added to this thread. It would help any volunteers who want to raise Ryzom publicity in mmorpg forums. Please add more websites to this list if you know some more mmorpg web sites.
- Nuzanshi continued posting some Ryzom references, mostly on and one on 

Videos on Youtube and Vimeo

- Player Sygmus plans a Youtube channel about Ryzom. Once his channel is up, he will post a links on Ryzom forum and other mmorpg forums.
- Another Ryzom youtuber: Kyrosshouk, youtube name is MineKynoMine:
- Another video maker: Misugi (but not on Youtube and not in live).
- There also was a Bulac who was streaming Ryzom.
- Nuzanshi will search youtube and vimeo for Ryzom videos till next meeting and maybe some can be linked in Ryzom forum as beginner tutorials. But (s)he will need help with french Ryzom videos and languages other than DE and EN.

Communication on Linux websites

Shikitiwa's speech:

"I've come on Ryzom (and I know I'm not the only one) because I'm involved in the world of free software in general, and Linux especially, so I've been attracted by the release of its code. I'm writing quite a lot on specialised sites, and sometime also on (the games under free licence, independently from their OS) and (game on Linux, independantly from their licence) and other diverse sites, more or less related. So I believe there is a way of attracting people who are not fundamentally gamers, but who want to try Ryzom because they agree with its general philosophy.One of the topics which would really nead communication, on quite technical sites, it's ARCC (Ark). Moreover since the release of the artworks, and the Ryzom Forge team, it's something especially exciting for developers, fiddlers, and hackers. I know that ARCC isn'n free, but it may nonetheless strongly interest and attract new peoples, at least it is worth a try."

"Besides, I'm thinking that it may be interesting to have some lightly exclusive contents to propose to the specialised sites, event alternating and making cross referencing, to avoid the "advertisement announcement". It's quite good to write the announcement on a specific way for each site actually. Each community has specific codes, you don't announce something the same way on linuxfr and or diaspora for example...Here, I haven't much more to add for now, since I've just joined the team, but as an exemple, here is the kind of articles I've already done (in French only, sorry, )."

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I've decided to put all my Ryzom's video in a channel youtube

Don't forget i'm a beginner and I have started from the very first day, so with mistakes and maybe wrong advice :). Whatever, this is a good overview of what is not obvious for a beginner

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Meeting of monday, april the 20th

A new Atys chronicle has just been published on the forum (marauder wedding) and it is in the process of being publicated on the Lore wiki (in English, German, Spanish and French). In a while the beginning of a matis chronical in several parts will be published.
A "Chronicles" sub-forum will also be created in the "roleplay" forum to avoid losing chronicles in the mass of the RP posts

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4th of may 2015

Zatalyz has started a subject on the forum, to see if people would be interested in the backstages of the game (interviews), but it didn't get any answer: 5345#155345

- To hep with the communication, there is the forum ( ), with some good ideas, and Ryzo Forge's IRC channel.
- Don't hesitate to ask the teams about the content which could be published on the official website: Artworks, 3D or 2D WIP, main additions of the Lore to the wiki, big incoming events... We'd need for the official site and the Facebook page to have regular content.
- Remigra wrote a nice text on the forum. With the translation. It can be sent on English and French speaking sites, if someone is interested

The anonymous of the group
Communciation is quite a huge field. Actually, the people who take time to welcome newomers on Silan, the ones who speak on the generic MMORPG forums, etc, are acting as communicators, be them aware of it or not. Or by taking time to see how the teams are working, motivating the ones who're there to work. There are in every linguistic community some "exchanges helpers", but few of them want an official role. Nonetheless, they're doing much without appearing to.

Official site
[Zatalyz] The official site can be changed, except for the forum? I thought changing some pages was blocked? If nothing changed lately, we're really stuck on this. By the way, the disclaimer and CGU (using conditions?) have still not been added on the official site...

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18th of May 2015

1-Ryzom on Steam Greenlight
WinchGate has recently asked for Ryzom to be added on Steam; Since the internet users gave favourable advices, Ryzom will be on Steam:

2-Viral Marketing
Who's still speaking about Ryzom on games forums, and on which ones? Who would be interested by this task?

3-Videos on Youtube and Vimeo
 [Tamarea] I'll open a thread on the forum asking for help to make a list of the nice vidos about Ryzom (Youtube, Vimeo...). Some could be used as tutorials for beginners, on the forum. Others could enrich the videos part on the official site of Ryzom
 Beginning of a list of video of Ryzom on Youtube:
- (Kyrosshouk) 
- (Acridiel)
- (Phileur)
- (altamira)

[Paocel] I've got old rush of brute caughts. Not being personnaly blessed for assembly (neither experience nor time) I could let them available if someone want to make something of them. They should be from 2011 (Dante). Hidden in a corner, for a test/demo (but not for advertisement) you can use these 3 ones:
There are some things but nothing official I believe.

4-Communication on Linux sites
[Tamarea] A press release for the Linux sites and an official announcement on the Ryzom forum are under translation. They explain the opening of the teams, which become mixed Ryzom/Ryzom Forge/Ryzom Core.
I'll need volunteers to give me links on the main sites for Linux DE, EN and ES please.

[Tamarea] Next press release will be about Ark. As Shikitiwa said it, "It's something especially exciting for devs, fiddlers and hackers. I know ARK isn't free, but nonehteless it could strongly interest and attract new peoples."
This release will be for more technical sites. Here again, i'll need help to list the DE, EN, EF and FR sites which could be interested in this kind of news.

5-Communication on infography sites
We could publish the RF creations on infography sites, or at least post there the link to the Flickr de RF: What do you think about it?

[Paocel] Ok, I didn't understand the infography topic. I thought (hoped?) for new illustrators, new illustrations. Regarding the new ingame projects, why not. There wasn't a DeviantArt galery? The infography communication wouldn't join the viral communcation?
[Osquallo] I've got mines and there was canadianrainwater who was gathering all works about Ryzom. =ryzom.
[Paocel] Also, in addition to Forge productions, there were external contributions. Ok Osquallo. So it's a communcation for the official production, really distinct from the one of the community.

[Tamarea] Gathering / Listing all graphic creations related to Ryzom (RF / players / others) would be a very good idea.
[Osquallo] We don't have the banners of the contest anymore, by the way, with the new style of the official site.
[Tamarea] We can make a list / gather a maximum of graphic creations about Ryzom, it remains to be seen where and what to do with it. How to highlight them the best?
[Osquallo] If I can launch an automatic app at connection, I can do a "artwork of the day" application (but I haven't found if it was possible yet)?
[Tamarea] I let you think about it, we'll speak again on this next time. We'll first have to highlight all these creation, and first to make a list of them.

The flour to Zatalyz regarding her post
[Zatalyz] Interesting proposals, I hope for more participations to breack the back of the work for me. And I'll start slowly. As usual, at my own pace and depending on the motivations which will be placed on my path. :)

[Paocel] It comes at the right time, I've got an idea in mind for quite a long time, for which I had even considered to do it alone, and to 'throw' the answers (in case of positive contact) one day at random in the forum to see the reactions. But my motivation is braked by the language barrier (I manage to read/understand, but not the other way around). We're speaking about initiators, not about authors and illustrators, we're speaking about players, developpers... But what about the composer!!!
[Osquallo]Bjørn Arve Lagim ?
*Osquallo is wondering by the way if he's the only one having read the credits.
[Paocel] Yes. Ryzom is indivisible from its musics! How Bjorn came to work on Ryzom? How did he come in contact with Nevrax, who called who, what was his external point of view on the game, did Nevrax give him imperatives (atmosphere, instruments, ryhtm...)? I've got to find my list, the questions may be short or clumsy, and they'll need to be translated and to try to contact him. I'll search during the week and send it to Zatalyz.

Remigra published this article in EN, DE and FR: We'd need volunteers to publish it on sites or forums in EN, DE and FR (and ES once the translation is done).

[Tamarea] I'm trying to create a stock of screens, drawings 2D and 3D works, even not finished yet, poems, etc... to be published one by one, on a regular basis, on the Flick album of RF, on Facebook, and on game forums. I'll open a subject in the forum asking for you to add what you'll find. Osquallo was proposing to use the Creation forum to list all this, it's a good idea.
[Lyne] There's a matis poems book on the forum, I believe.
[Osquallo] And I still have Bambou's songs somewhere.
[Paocel] And the poems of the drunkards also.
[Osquallo] I'll try to gather them.
Paocel] Lots of RP was done in bars, there have been some transcriptions in the forum (RP or in the archives - it depends till when you want to go back to feed the galery).
[Osquallo] There were also the mvg reports for the rp.


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8th of june 2015


1-New teaser for Ryzom
EveNArtworkS just offered us a new (and really nice) teaser for Ryzom. This video will be released very soon. A BIG thanks to him!

2-Ryzom on Steam Greenlight
Your feedbacks have been taken into acount and the cover screen has been changed.
Other videos will be added once our listing done, including the new teaser.

3-Census of the creations around Ryzom to highlight them

Starts for lists to be completed by everyone:
Video creations:
Graphical creations:
Written creaztions:
Audio creations:
I'll need your help to fill these lists, then they can better be highlighted.

I'll publish on a regular basis a creation "around Ryzom". Two have already been published on Twitter and Facebook, these are fan arts: "Run" by Karrakas and "Lylanea" by Altamira:: /
It would be great if Facebook and Twitter users could like / retwitt / share more of the Ryzom publications. Viral marketting goes also through social networks.

(See )
Nothing new.

5-Ryzom Forge's wiki
We'd need contributors to write our progresses there.

6- Progress/work ideas: feedbacks from a player
<Tamarea> I've copied/pasted the feedback of a player about the game, with his agreement. There are several interesting ideas on which Ryzom Forge could work, especially listing all the pages about Ryzom which a potential player could read, and which are out of date / to be updated: 
I'd liked to get answers to this post, it would have been useful tonight. It would need also to be translated in DE and FR.

<Osquallo> Removing the wiki and replacing with the forum might be a problem. A welcome section in the forum could be a good idea

<Lyne> *Lyne: I'm thinking of the post by Feylin about "how to chose your guild", it would be fine in a welcome section.

<Zatalyz> I quite like the idea of a welcome section.

<Hann> Another advantage of a section of this kind would be to have an estimation of the number of newcomers. Not for the regular players, but for the people considering playing Ryzom and wondering if there still have players on it.

<Tamarea> Adding such a forum would be easy and quick. We'd need then to publish there what could be useful to newcomers, and especially answer them quickly, for them to feel that the community is welcoming.

=> A "Welcome" forum has just been created.


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20 juillet 2015

3.1 Publication of the last Ryzom teaser
The publication has been made on vimeo  : We still have to publish on Youtube.

3.2 Other publications about Ryzom
Here are two recent articles talking about Ryzom: and m/.

3.3 Ryzom streaming by Beau Hindman
A streaming of Ryzom by Beau Hindman ( is in progress. It's Goki (EN of Ark, Event, Level Design and Translation teams) who will be interviewed.


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17th of august 2015

1 Ryzom on Steam
Ulukyn and Kervala are still working on integration Ryzom on Steam. Some patience is hence still required.

2 Publication of the last Ryzom teaser on Youtube
EN : et
FR :
ES :

3 Ryzom Forge wiki

Tamarea is refactoring little by little the "projects" part of RF main page in order to display all Ryzom Forge groups. At the end, we will have only to click on the group which interest us to access to its important informations. But she does it only on FR and EN pages and let you to it for other languages.

Zorroargh patrolls through the wikis. He improves mainly the categories and sometimes also pages, mainly those who were migrated from Khaganat. He also does templates when we ask him.
Hes does not know German or Russian so cannot help there. He could in Spanish but I have no time.


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21th of september 2015

Kervala worked on Steam, but he's not there to speak about it today. He gave me a short summary:
"We'll use Ryzom Core as official client for Windows also. So, I've got to merge the last changes fro mthe private deposit in the one of Ryzom Core. Then, we'll have to test the new client. We'll have to get a client patch and put this version on Steam."
"I've also started to work on Steam integration. I manage to get data from the user connected on Steam. Then, we'll have to send the data to the server for it to be check if the user has subscribbed. I also finished the detection of the resolution at the first launch."

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28th of september 2015

6 Communication & Marketing Group
Zatalyz: I interview David Cohen Corval tomorrow evening.

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#11 [en] 

Well??? What did you ask him and what did he say??


This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

#12 [en] 

Well??? What did you ask him and what did he say??


Patience Bina, Patience ...... XD

Have been waiting for this for a while.... but dang it! Give us our
news or we will explode and come after you with boosted daggers!

.....Patience Naema, Patience... XD

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12th of October 2015 

1 Ryzom on Steam
Kervala: Regarding Steam, we'll need to implement some specific things, Ulukyn and I. The next step, it will be to define the quantity of memory on th GC, and to use the adequate quality instead of forcing the 64 Mo.Then Ulukyn will need to develop the server part regarding the subscription.I can provide test keys, I'll just have to mention the number of keys, and they'll see Ryzom on Steam, since Ryzom is already working under Steam.But it's just that it's very ugly for a first launch... That's why we have planned to make improvements

2 Interview of David Cohen Corval
Zatalyz: I interviewed David Cohen Corval last week; a long and good evening. I just must write properly the resume, but I had week with a lot of work and I'm not at home this week so... I hope I finish it before Halloween !


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26th of October 2015

1 Ryzom on Steam
Kervala: The current Windows version of the client has been uploaded. Please are there some volunteers to test it? Well, I mean, to install it for the first time, to see if everything is correct, if it's not too ugly by default, etc...64 Mo de VRAM 1024x768 etc... I think that, as it is, the client isn't ready to be deployed. Everything is set at minimum It's really too ugly for a first launch, I think it will discourage the new players. So I've implemented the detection for the native resolution of the screen. It's already a bit better If you have a screen of 1920x1080, it uses this resolution now. Changes have been sent to the Ryzom Core deposit I'd like to make a 2nd change: detect the available memory on the Graphic Card and use the most advanced set-ups if possible. For this, I'd need someone to test with an ATI/AMD card and someone else with an Intel card to test if the detection is ok, I only have a NVIDIA card to test. Linux or Windows would be ok. On the other hand, I can already give access to Ryzom on Steam even if you're on Linux and/or OS X, I can generate a certain amount of keys which will give access to Ryzom on Steam. The data for the client are the same for all 3 OS (Linux, OS X and Windows) on Steam. But I've just uploaded the executable for Windows for now. I think I'll ask for 10 keys for now, in order to be ready if we have other testers.

Q: Not Mac?
A: It would be perfect with Mac. The VM will lie and you never know if it acts normally.

Q: Kervala: Who want a Steam key to test Ryzom then?
R: Aileya: I could test it on win7 x64 with AMD + ATI.
R: SIELA1915: Me! El Capitan Intel Core i5.

If you want a key for tests, contact Kervala:

2 Interview of David Cohen Corval
Zatalyz: I've shaped the interview. I'll need French proofreaders in a first time, to improve the text; then translators for all other languages. 

Gaueko: For the translations and the proofread, once you have the text you can send it to me so I share with the Translation Team for it. Or just tell me when is ready for the translation, if is the one in the link. To me or Tamarea, since we are both Managers of the Translation Team. 

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#15 [fr] 

"When I was in the project, so there is ten years, the marauders were intended to be pro-independence gathering of all races, just as were the pirates"

Pirates? O: I never thought about Pirates! What a brilliant idea. Omg, Pirates!

"Things like Oculus will change. Anyway I would love to take over Ryzom from scratch to make it a true immersive virtual reality world."

Wish you would :DDDDD +100! Or at least have a part in it.
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