I use Ryzom website version, but it must be same version as steam ?

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I don't have Steam

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i use Ryzom Steam Windows 10

i fixed the mod for those that want it:

on my ryzom the player hp/sap/stam/focus and that of the target work, the fps counter works on mine aswell as the inventory item finder.

i never used this mod so i don't know what else might be broken

if something odd happens delete the cache folder, fixed some weird stuff on mine.

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Is the original dev of this or anyone who has a good grasp of UI custom work still around?

I have been trying to limp my way through this and makes sense of the structure. But without an adequate readme or documentation let alone a default client dump it is very slow going.


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Also anyone who grabbed that v4 file when it was available. Could you repost it please?


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i checked my mediafire and my backup drives but i can't find it, guess its lost to time, sorry.

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i only got v3


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I found in the source finally the default files. I'll be working on this to update to current. It is slightly tedious but I make no promises that I'll get it to work. I am still learning this stuff.


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Testing forum icon in compass....please disregard.
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