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Binarabi drank the rum in one gulp, it had been a hard time these last few days, homins were camping her whilst she dug mats, on the off chance she would gas herself and die and they could take a screenie and claim the bounty - even her own guild mates!

Thinking over the offer Binarabi replied "Wow, Nair O'Toogh, that would be wonderful, you think you could really help? Hmmm I am not sure I can afford to pay for your services though, perhaps you could do this pro bono? Is there another rum here, mine appears to have disappeared ..."


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As she wandered away, Lacuna pondered: this betrayal by Suboxide was really Bina's own fault for coddling the useless slob for all these years.  But, nevertheless, Bina was a sister who was being persecuted by a bunch of useless yelk farts, and therefore deserved her support.  Binarabi's cooking was also legendary in its ability to kill males.  She fondly remembers Gasket’s agonised screams after the foolish homin ate one of Bina’s scones.  Maybe she could help with legal fees.  Eikichi could no doubt be convinced to steal the dappers from GoSS guild house for her...

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[[Lauren is startled by Binarabi's reply. How could this (in)famous Trykerette not have dappers? While she thought, she gestured to Ba'Naer Liffan to bring another drink for Binarabi.]]

"Surely you jest, nair-Binarabi. I represent the firm of Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo, and the partners never do ..."

The young lawyer struggled for the moment in an attempt to pronounce the forbidden words. "... do work without compensation."

"You may have the drink, but unless you can come up with a retainer, I'm afraid that we will just have to let Boss Suboxide have his way."

She paused, with a calculating look and spoke quietly, "It's a shame, really. We could have made a good case. Nair-Be'Tamm knows the Governor personally, you know. Still, if you have no dappers..."

Lauren stood and bowed, then slowly walked away from the bar.

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Binarabi felt panic rising in her, quickly thought about her options

"Wait! I think there is a possible resolution here - in fact I am pretty sure" Binarabi felt more confident as she said the words "There is a guild who could help me - they would pay any of your costs and help me clear my name - you might have heard of them, Nair-Lauren, it is Lost Girls. I am sure Lacuna would support me through this"

Binarabi was also sure that Lacuna would want some recompense ... possibly Suboxide's head on a plate ... but that could be dealt with later


This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

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[In one of Fairhaven’s seedier bars three homina’s sit in a darkly lit corner in deep conversation.]

Lacuna looked at Binarabi and drew the hood of her cloak further over her face.  The guards in Fairhaven were useless but there was no sense in flaunting her presence here.  Bina appeared to have been at the stinga rum again.  This was all Bina’s fault, but she did owe her former guild leader a debt for past kindnesses.    

Lacuna looks down at the cheaply printed wanted-poster.  ‘So let me get this straight: Suboxide and Gasket got you drunk and then convinced you to hand leadership of GoSS over to Ghuiss! Just how drunk were you, woman!’

Binarabi, blushed and looks down at her glass.

‘So after they smear your name by branding you a mek killer, they steal all the dappers from the Guild House, and Ghuiss then uses this as an excuse to demote you.’  Lacuna sighs. ‘I did warn you about him! I told you he was EVIL after he deliberately “forgot” my birthday!’  She sighs again and orders Binarabi another stinga rum.  The price was going to cost the trykerette, so she may as well soften the blow.  

'Don’t worry, we will help, but there will be a reckoning later, Bina. But we can discuss that after these excrescences have been brought to "justice".'

Bina looked relieved and downed her rum in one, and held out the glass with a hopeful and embarrassed smile. Lacuna smiled and beckoned to the barman.

Lacuna turned to Lauren O'Toogh. 'Comrade Lauren, Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo can bill Lost Girls for all reasonable costs for the prosecution of this case.  We will, after the successful conclusion of the case, also pay a 10m dappers bonus to you, if Suboxide, Gasket and Ghuiss are completely and utterly ruined.  Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo need never know about this bonus, it will be private understanding between us.  You look like the type of homina who appreciates the nicer things in life… and I am sure I need not grossly state what we expect in return for earning this bonus, and our gratitude.’ Lacuna looked Lauren squarely in the eye, and Lauren saw just how lucid insanity could be.
‘However, if you, or your employers, try to take advantage of our generous nature, accidents do happen - buildings burn down in the middle of the night, and nice young homina fall down stairs, after repeatedly stabbing themselves in the back with an axe!’  Lacuna glanced over Lauren’s exquisite attire.  'It would be a shame to get such nice clothing covered in blood, especially if it were your own.  So, to be clear, we are not interested in any monetary gain in this action.  Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo and Binarabi may keep all damages and divide them as you both see fit.  As i understand it, the pustules stole over 30m dappers from GoSS. That alone should provide a good incentive to make sure that these criminals do not escape justice.  But to be very clear, we will expect “justice” for Nelly to be done!  I hope we understand one another?'

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[Still in a strangely dark corner of one of Fairhaven's water-side bars.]

Lauren wasn't at all sure that she wanted to know exactly what Lacuna meant by "justice for Nelly." The quotes around the first word were clearly audible. However, it was clear that the Lost Girls had dappers, and no love for Suboxide, and it was her job to get some of them.

"Nair-Lacuna, a simple ..." (How much do I dare ask for?) "... one million dapper retainer will suffice for now. Our first step, of course will be to get one of the corporals to issue a Fairhaven restraining order to make sure that Suboxide doesn't bother our client over by the stable. That will be easy."

"Then we sue him for defamation of the good name of nair-Binarabi." Lauren looked at the more than slightly soused Binarabi and grimaced.

"We'll need to 'find' some witnesses to clearly show that Nelly's death was a horrible accident, that Binarabi attempted to care-plan the node even as it exploded, et cetera. I can let Evidence Staff handle that, but it could be a major expense. Once we know how much that's going to cost we can figure out how much we need to sue Suboxide for." Lauren paused. "And what your bill will be."

"Binarabi, do you want to press fraud charges for the theft of your guild status? That would have to be a separate item, but it would mean that Suboxide wouldn't have the deep coffers of the Guild to back his defense."

While waiting for Binarabi's reply Lauren thought about the other offer: Duie Be'Tamm and Haou had rules against taking money on the side, but Uncle Padger would be ashamed of her if she didn't at least make a try for it ... and she hadn't needed to actually say anything.

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[In one of Fairhaven’s bars three homina’s are still sitting in a dim corner in deep conversation, though one of them is now slurring her speech in a most pronounced manner, and has just apparently finished discussing the merits of HA boots for dancing.]

Lacuna did not fully trust this well-dressed, young trykerette, but since all they would lose would be dappers that did not matter.  Making Suboxide, Gasket, and most importamtly, Ghuiss, suffer was paramount.  Lauren looked like the type of girl that would go that one step too far for monetary gain, and that could end up being useful in all kinds of ways.

Speaking softly, she fixed her gaze on Lauren, ‘Do not forget Gasket’s role in all of this, nor that the ringleader was Ghuiss.  All of them must be punished! I am sure that there is some old law that has fallen into obscurity in the statute books that can help us.  Maybe these ‘experts' of yours can help ‘clean up’ some damaged document.  I am sure Bina will want to proceed in the matter of gaining control of GoSS, and of course, its funds.  I will leave you to discuss the details of that matter among yourselves.  I hope I find I need not reiterate why it is imperative that Ghuiss suffer by the end of this?  Good.  You will both come out of this extremely wealthy… and’ Lacuna smiles sweetly.  ‘healthy women.'

Lacuna beckoned the barman over and ordered Bina another stinga rum.  She took out a small leather satchel from under her seat and slid it across the table to Lauren.  ‘There’s enough supreme zun in there to cover the costs of your retainer and that of your experts.  When you need more let Binarabi know and she will contact us.  And, of course, if you discover any inconvenient witnesses or evidence, we will be more than happy to take care of this free of charge'

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5 years on and still no #Justice4Nelly.. heartbreaking.



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