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1 - The new Encyclopedia

- 3 geographic rites are about to be writen : the Matis 50, Fyros 50 and Zorai 50 ones.

- The first of them (Matis 50) will be transmitted to the ARK group in few days, so it can be scripted, and to the translation group to be translated. Level Desig group already worked well, they gave all the icon list needed.

2 - Adding quests

- Level  design and ARK groups duty is to add new quests. One of you can write the idea then give it to the Arkitect who will script it. You can also do both work alone. It's possible (and recommended) to have the idea validated before scripting, and you can ask for help and advise for scripting.
Wiedii and Ptitbill are able to help on the quests ideas. Goki, Riasan or Cerulean are able to help for Ark scripting.

- Those who want to help but need to be guided : have no hesitation.  Some others can give a list of quests ideas. All ideas are welcome.

3 - New zone

- We need a test server, Madi is doing it.

- LD group : continue speaking about this zone in the forum, it's important to know where we are going

4 - New objects
- Is  there news about Ryzom Core Studio and particles creation tool bugs ? The dev group is in duty to debug but need that infographists pull up the bugs.
=> YannK: I cannot use Ryzom Core Studio any more. So if someone has an nvidia card, it could help Ryzom Core team. They cannot find the compatibility error without ndvidia card.
=> Dfighter: would be good if someone actually took care of the issue.

- There are lots of appartment or guild halls objects to create, but also popables and usables objects. A list is here : http://forge.ryzom.com/wiki/Graphic_Projects. Don't hesitate to add your ideas on the forum, sub-forum graphics, and to start creating.
=> Remigra: how it looks with the idea that the guilds furniture are available through guild fame? to what extent this is possible? Or they can be received by guilds rites?
=> Tamarea: it's already possible for appatments objects (their purchase can be modified the same way as event titles, function of fame but also passed rites).
=> Goki_ET: if its a number in game we can check against it.
=> Tamarea: A guild mission to gain a guild object : Goki_ET , is this doable ?
=> Goki_ET: Ryzhome & Ark  would need to be expanded to allow guild functionality, but otherwise  yes, its not an unrealistic goal. The time needed wouldnt be huge, but as with anything like that, giving a definite timeframe is hard.

- It's also possible to modify the aspect of existing weapons and armors, and to think at new balanced stats. Special effects can be created on some of the weapons. Forum is still the best place to start a thread and  develop an idea of creation.

5 - Improvement of the game texts

- Translation group must correct the whole game text. We still are looking for a tool. Zanata "http://zanata.org/" and weblate "http://weblate.org/fr/" had to be tested. What is the result?
=> Drumel: I tried Zanata, but didn't have time enough to learn how to use it well. It seems useful, but hard to adapt at our use.

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A completely biased post:

The Fyros don't need another rite.. but the marauders could do with one :P



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