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How do you access Yubo accounts from a mac? I am using 10.9.5 I think it is Mavericks.

I am having trouble finding the Client config file and opening it. I found client_default.cfg file, is that the same thing? It shows it to be a document as far as i can see. I can see what is in it by using a file reader, but it is not manipulatable, if that is a word, lol

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You need to find the client.cfg and not the client_defaul.cfg!
You could try this location: librery>users>youruser
>library>containers>com....ryzom>data>library>a pp support>ryzom

In case this does not work, try to log into and ask for help or wait for other mac users to reply to this thread.

Good luck!


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Are you using the new mac ryzom client? (ryzom 2.1.0) then try this path: /User/user_name/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/

If you haven't updated to ryzom 2.1.0 and you still have app store version try this path: /User/user_name/Library/Containers/com.winchgate.Ryzom/Data/Libr ary/Application Support/Ryzom/ (NB! please delete the extra space in the word Library when copying the path, it is showing up in the post due to the length of the path string)


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Hi Dear friends, I tried both things and could not succeed, however, My dear guildie Ember helped me find it!

You hit (Shift+command+H)>user>library>containers>com.winchga te>data>library>application support>Ryzom.

Now, if I can just figure out how to open it and add that line you need to to access the yubo server... so far I can only 'read' the info

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i have a program called "Emacs" i need for programming and i can open and edit the file with it

PS: that's the same as my second link, Naema :P

Yours Sincerely



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Emacs? i checked out the web page and frankly, I'm a bit scared. I am not a programmer and I'm scared to mess things up on my computer. I am not even sure how to add that line of text into my client.cfg file, where do I put it, at the top, in the middle, at the end? Do you just 'slide' it in anywhere? I'm scared I wont be able to 'Undo' it after so I can log back onto Ryzom!
Can you just make a copy of the Ryzom client to log onto Yubo server somehow? Why is this so difficult for the average person?

And yes, I guess it was your second link Siela, thanks. For some reason I couldn't find the containers folder when i looked. It wasn't until after i did the 'Shift+command+H action that it all came up.
~Thanks for your help :)

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any text editing software should be fine to edit the file with, and add that line of txt just below the first line of the file (everyone i know as added it here and it's worked fine).

so first line should relate to default_config

just add the "yubo" line right after that one.

hope that helps nae.


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i added my line at bottom, it worked too :)


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Did you manage to get this working, Naema?

I added the line to the client.cfg file through a text editor, both at the bottom and afterwards at the second line like Talk suggested, and it still doesn't work. When I launch the client and try to use one of the yubo accounts it tells me: your account needs a proper subscription to connect.
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