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Dear  flyernauts friends,
We will do other flights without waiting for many years.
But, if we want to use flyners to fly, we need to find:
1.- How to grow them quickly
2.- How drive them despite the vagaries of the wind.

I discussed at the last meeting in Tryker Avandale. I have already spoken to the Karae and it is in the minds of Rangers.

I rely heavily on the incomparable art of the Matis botanists to help us, knowing that the flyner is capricious and that, until proven otherwise, he grows in the Lakes. I know I can count on hospitality of Trykers and on the wisdom of Zoraïs about the balance of nature. In any case, we can trust the expertise of the Tryker biologist, Nili O'Toolyn. We surely need to make good and solid tools to complete our adventures, and there, I think I will find my old  Fyros friends and colleagues.


Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.
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