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(OOC: Hereafter, reports sent by Filira Salazar Caradini, Historian at and member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis, to the Academy, will be released. They will be published in irregular and not neccesarily chronological order.)


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Re. the so-called "Oracle of Min-Cho"

Already some time ago, at a Zoraian Circles of Min-Cho there was talk about the rumour of an "Oracle of Min-Cho", which supposedly was known to some of the locals. Yet none of the Zorai Awakened seemed to had seen that homin claiming to be a clairvoyant, nor had the Sage Season ever heard about the "Oracle". The Awakened Rikutatis than proposed an investigation in the matter. However, nothing was heard about that for quite some time.

Now at the recent Gathering of the Circles in Zora, it happened that this "Oracle" - a Zoraian female - took the stage and gave a performance which left quite an impression on the Zorais attending, most likely upsetting some of the more gullible of them. She started off by humiliating the Circles present as only "half-circles", to which none of the Zorai - not even the Sage - opposed. She then went on saying that the Zorai walk in circles instead, or slumbering, and unable to see the truth. Finally, she presented three predictions, covered in riddles, as it is the rule in this line of business. These predictions were as followed:

1. The children of the Goo will take something dear from the Zorai.

2. An injured mythical beast will rampage and cause destruction in the Witherings.

3. The ancestors of the Zorai rise up and march against this Theocracy.

Some of those in attendance then already started to guess what can be meant by those predictions in detail. Most questions raised by homins like the Awakened Zhoi awaiting more precise answers were duly ignored by the "Oracle". Asked by the signatory where the so-called Oracle received its powers, she answered "My abilities come from that which you discard, which you deny." Then asked, why - if she was given her gift by the Kami - the Great Sage Mabreka-Cho has obviously received no announcement of the coming of a Zorai clairvoyant, she replied, "Truth needs no announcement. It simply comes. There is no possibility. There is only predestination."

Then some of the Zorai, feeling their faith unsettled by the idea of predestination, which makes choice obsolete, stated to question the "Oracle", which finished its public performance with an impressingly professional aplomb and left the Gathering.

It can only be guessed - if not a clairvoyant - what impression this so-called Oracle made on the Zorai and their future actions, although there were already calls for better security for Mabreka-Cho and armament of the Dynastic Guards. The shattering of Zoraian beliefs in the Kamist philosophy on the surface can be of little importance to the other countries, especially not those who trust in the superior light of Jena. Yet it might be of far greater importance if we think it through. The enfeeblement of the position of Mabreka-Cho and the Circles, which must be an rather obvious outcome if the Zorai take the Kami appointment of this so-called Oracle for granted, will no doubt affect the good diplomatic relationship we have with the Theocracy and might well be able to split the Zorai in half, creating not a vacuum, but a new power whose purpose at the moment is uncertain, but might well turn into an ememy force not just to Mabreka-Cho and his followers. Although the predictions can be bend in such a way that they simple have to fit the bill, we can't hope that the Zorai, easily affected by mythological "truth", will see it with a likewise pragmatism. It can be little doubt that the more gullible of them will fall for a new prophet which will be able to create the right publicity to sell what there is to sell. And I will give just a few examples of how easy it would be to make the "predictions" man-made facts:

1. Mabreka-Cho or one of the Sages may die. Assassinations with Goo ammunition have happened in the past, with Gouvernor Still Wyler being the most famous example of such. The marauders also have attempted to assassinate the Sage Supplice in the past, as some might remember. Probably you don't even have to go at such lengths: From my observance of the Sage Supplice, who was ill from Goo in the past already, he seemed inattentive and weak, hardly able to stand straight. If he's in recrudescence, more or less by natural cause the Goo will "take something dear from the Zorai".

2. An injured mythological beast rampaging in the Witherings - depending on how you describe "mythological" (and most likely the Zorai have much more ways to define "mythological" than the language of the Matis can describe) it could be any powerful wild beast living in the Jungles. All you have to do is to injure it with a weapon, and it will rampage. Unless it is a very sensible beast which will already rampage when you give it vulgar names.

3. Many scientists believe that the true anchestors of the Zorai were, in fact, the Gibbai. Now, some of us will remember that once the Gibbai were stirred up and invaded the Witherings in the past. I'm not saying it's easy to stirr them up, but I doubt not that this is possible when those who try it are ill-willed and clever enough.

As you see, there are ways to force these "predictions" to happen, and to forge them into weapons not only dangerous for the Theocracy, but on a long term for for us as well. These strange goings-on have to be watched closely, the machinations behind it have to be studied, and if any of the predictions become fact, those facts have to be taken with a large grain of salt.

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(OOC - one does wonder what needs to be done in Zora/game to get an event off the ground ... Zora meetings were like watching paint dry - and this is partly because of this stranglehold some OLDer homins have over that place - Tryker meetings are much better)


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(OOC- whoever is in charge of this event- when valcorenoch comes back could the key of souls/goo titles be reintroduced and could we have the titles we have already won back?)

(PS. basing this on the assumption Valcorenoch is the rampaging beast- not just Rikutatis or Sygmus with a bad hair day after waking up on the wrong side of the bed) .



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Re. Declining Health of the Kipuka in Captivity

Recently Trillo Antovaldo, the caretaker of the Kitin of the Depth, did inform the Kitin Study Group of the declining health of its captive.

From the symptoms given – sensibility to extreme temperatures (as in summer and winter), and to light (higher activity at night, retraction into dark corners during daytime) – it can be deduced that neither the natural end of the Kitin’s life cycle, nor an illness is responsible for the loss of appetite and animation.

The highest probability seems to be the unnatural habitat the Kitin is kept in. A creature of the depth, used to little to none natural daylight at all and only minimal fluctuations of climate, it seems to be that only for a limited time survival on the outer bark is possible (which reminds of similar observations regarding the Rotoas). This is, in fact, quite an interesting development in our studies, for it implies that – depending on the reproduction rate – Kitins of the Depth have to rotate between their natural environment and the surface of Atys, or they will weaken and most likely die.

As it can’t be our interest to limit our studies to just that one aspect, and as we have only that one Kitin of the Depth we can study at the moment, the suggestion is to move it to some place which is suitable both for the Kitin as well as for the Kitinologists. The needs here are different, obviously. For the Kitin we do need an environment which simulates the habitat natural to the creature, while for the Kitinologists we need a place which can be constantly used for observation, which is not threatened by Kitins and highly dangerous wild animals, but at the same time can be closed down on very short notice in the case the captive escapes.

The most fitting place therefore seem to be the ruin of Jinovitch’s unfinished Arena. Its corridors are perfect for simulating Kitin tunnels. They are dark, they keep a more or less constant temperature and even produce a natural humidity (although, as Filira Cuiccio Perinia since pointed out, not as high as in the Kitin lairs). Those corridors are very rarely used by homins, not even when a public spectacle takes place in the Arena.

The fact that the Arena is pretty close to the capital is just an extra. It can be reached by researchers and scientists less experienced in the Art of War without the need to be guarded. The Arena itself has only one entrance, which can be closed down quickly by soldiers. There even is a Kitin Observance Camp nearby, so relief special forces could be send in a matter of minutes. No danger to Yrkanis, not even to the camp of the Green Seeds Tribe has to be expected.

On revisiting the Arena with this thoughts in mind, it even seems to be more perfect at second view than at first. There is one rather lengthy corridor to the right from the entrance of the Arena which has a very spacious bypass in the open. That whole corridor could be closed down without much of a fuss, and serve as a Kitin cage. With more effort, even an open-air enclosure is not impossible, so that the Kitin could move inside the corridor as well as outside of it, while homins would still be able to pass by. But this concept seems to be more a pie in the sky, as the saying is. At the moment the urgent need is to move the Kitin to a place where it can regenerate its good health, and still be studied.

And wouldn’t it be almost poetical to use Jinovitch’s unfinished Arena, the brain-child of a foul creature fallen under the claws of the Kitins, as the place to study our arch-enemy?

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Re. Flyners and their Practical Use

Recent projects of research in New Trykoth, funded by the N’ASA (New Academy of Sciences of Atys) and FISCH (Forschungsgesellschaft für Ingenieurswesen, Seltsames, Curiositäten und Heimlichkeiten), entails the study of the Flyner plant, growing in the Lakelands. The botanist Nili O'Toolyn and Zo'ro Argh, who led a recent excursion, reflected on the Tryker legend spread by Rosen Ba'Darins that some Trykers fled captivity once by Flyner from the slavers. Neither this event, nor the fact that Rosen Ba'Darins was a Botanist herself has led to a more detailed study of this plant later.

The Flyner is commonly defined as "airbound" because in fact the material contained in the petal is lighter than air . Stem and tuber anchor the Flyner firmly to the ground. Their distinctive tuber , which is used to store nutrients for the plant is edible but not tasty . Below the petal of the Flyner, which blooms at the end of the summer, there is a seed pod .

The recently excursion to the Lakelands - the first of its kind - led to Enchanted Island because there we expected to find the best weather conditions for the studies. It had the best fitted Flyner regarding size and maturity who were fit to Homins to take flight with them. Of course Homins of different sizes and weight need Flyners grown to the respective requirements.

In all the experiments carried out, the homins who clinged to the trunks of their Flyners were successfully carried up into the air. For this, the stem must be separated from the root tuber. None of the subjects has crashed or landed within sight of the expedition; however, only two returned back to the expedition and reported on their landing sites, which were located away from the easily accessible hiking or travel routes. It is hoped that all other subjects found safe landing sites. The undersigned has been driven by a violent gust to a high, inaccessible cliff at Crystabel, which offered a delicious view, but no extraordinary scientific findings.

In summary , it is therefore possible that the legend of the flight of the Trykers based on facts. However, the size and weight of the Flyernauts, the presence and strength of wind and buoyancy influence height and length of flight as well as the size and age of the Flyner does. None of this is controllable by the Flyernauts . Neither can he really determine the length of the flight, nor dictate its direction; like at the wind dispersal of seeds, the Flyernaut is at the mercy of the elements. Moreover, the Flyner is a relatively slow growing naturally resource – which, of course, certainly could be remedied by Matisian Botanists.

Although the Flyner can probably be used to cartographic purposes one can not predict the direction in which the Flyner carries the Flyernaut, so that the results of such research remain arbitrary and eccentric. No use has Flyner for targeted delivery of goods or Homins to a predetermined destination. Thus, a use for targeted surveillance and warfare is excluded completely.

The use of Flyners as an escape aid has remained putatively unique. In addition, the Flyner may be a risky tool for the adventurous hedonist. As a serious means of transport it is useless.

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Regarding uncommon Gibbais and an extraordinary Salina in the Nexus

Abstract: The research into the reason for the surprising appearance of Gibbais with unusual strength and increased resistance in Nexus has led to the finding of unusual, iridiscent Gibbai-made necklaces and the discovery of a Salina of unusual growth, whose Sap is harvested by the Gibbai.

Recently, Krikiteus Ibiton sent out an invitiation to look into the surprising appearance of Gibbais with unusual strength and increased resistance roaming the Nexus. In the Nexus Kami camp, the Dynastic botanist Haido Xuan informed the expeditionists about iridescent necklaces found on the dead Gibbai, and the theory that these necklaces were responsible for both heightened strength and increased resistance. Serae Xuan further explained that she has discovered a group of busy Gibbai around an unusually large Salina west of Hammer Hills and asked for escort through the Cuttler-infested countryside to a heightened place near the Highwatchers camp to observe the Gibbai activities. The expedition set out without further delay and reached the aforementioned observation spot.

From there the expeditionists could look down into a chasm where an enormous Salina roots. Its treetop actually towers above Hammer Hills. Around the Salina we saw about 12 Gibbai sitting and working on its bark. There was a discussion if they are celebrating a kind of ritual, as not uncommon in primitive races, or if they are extracting something from the tree. As it was impossible to see that much detail from up there, it was decided to fight the way through the Gibbai guarding the chasm and approach to the the priests or workers, hopefully without the use of further force.

Alas, that hope was futile. The workers extracting Sap – for that was what they were doing – attacked the expedition when it came close to the Salina. They did not follow it outside of the chasm, suggesting that they actually didn’t dare to move away too far from the tree. This might have been a kind of protective instinct. The expeditionists had to kill the Gibbai workers to get near the tree and collect samples of the sap; it was, unfortunately, in the haste of time not possible to take a sapling of that Salina as well, which certainly would have been of interest to our botanists.

The Sap samples were given to Haido Xuan, who then was escorted back to the camp. Krikiteus Ibiton announced there that they will be shared between the scientists of the four nations.

Addendum: A second expedition regarding this has taken place since. Please see my additional report on that.

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Re. further research into unusual, iridiscent Gibbai-made necklaces. A list of failed attempts.

Abstract: Scientific research into the Gibbai necklaces and the efforts to recreate the effects.

So far, none of the institutions working on the Sap collected by the earlier expedition from the so-called Majestic Salina has been able to find an explanation or any practical use for it. However, the Royal Academy of Yrkanis identified the Sap as different from that obtained from a regular Salina.

In the Witherings, the Temple of Knowledge believed that power-giving necklaces could be created by dipping it into the purified Sap of the Majestic Salina; by that they created sticky jewellery instead of iridescent, and they were also unable to re-create the desired effect yet.

In the Fyrosian Desert, the Imperial Academy made tests by having probands drinking the Sap – either pure, warmed up, or dissolved in alcohol - instead of working it into a necklace. It led to no fatalities, but all probands suffered unwelcome side effects, none of them even remotely similar to the effects actually desired.*

In the Lakelands, FISHES is working on a way to apply the Sap through alchemistic means into jewellery in an effort to create the same effects as those the Gibbai necklaces have. For that, they try to find a working recipe. So far the only result of this is what FISHES scientists are supposed to strive for in everything they try and which I don't have to explicitly explain.

All of these studies so far have led to nothing. It seems that the best way to continue the work is through extensive field studies of the Gibbai. Ideally, given the circumstances, it would be best to win their trust.

Since the Tryker alchemist O'Banon Emmen in the FISHES laboratory used up all of his sap samples (in one known way or another) and badly needed more, this was a pretty good reason for a new expedition towards the Majestic Salina. Coincidentally, Ser O'Banon Emmen had recently rescued a baby Gibbai of the Nexus tribe from certain death and kept it near his laboratory to be returned to the Gibbai at a later date. From a scientist's point of view, and even more so from a former diplomat's, this seemed a very promising situation as the expedition would accompany both O'Banon Emmen and the Gibbai baby to Hammer Hills and ideally win the trust of the Gibbai tribe that way.

Unfortunately, not all expeditioneers turned out to be scientifically or diplomatically educated, or in any other way provident or bright. So when the expedition reached the vantage point over the chasm where the Majestic Salina is rooted, some began almost immediately to attack the harvesters using magic, and this, as expected, provoked a clash with the Gibbai tribe in which the expedition members were overpowered more than once. The baby Gibbai released by O'Banon Emmen quickly returned to its tribe, but after most of said tribe was slaughtered, it was also killed, making the whole expedition a more than just unfortunate failure. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that not all of those who immediately went into battle with the Gibbai were barbarians from other countries, but also included followers of Jena and citizens of Matia.

To make sure not everything is lost, the expeditioneers – some of them rightfully enraged about their uncivilised, blood-thirsty company – made their way to the Majestic Salina to collect more Sap samples, which then were handed to a grieving O'Banon Emmen.

The expedition then returned to the Kami camp in Nexus for a report about this disastrous excursion, which destroyed nearly all hopes of obtaining the knowledge we are searching for both quickly and elegantly. The probably last chance will be to beg the Gibads for help and their ability to mediate between the Gibbai and us.

*There are aplenty of fairly amusing, but not exactly scientific theories about the side effects which I’ll spare you here.

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