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Apocamus Dradius was watching, in disbelief, the two rangers: You have what? A tunnel in the Tunnel of Woe? All right, let's start at the beginning...

A few days later, posters were put up everywhere the Rangers and Rangers Aspirants would see them.
All the Rangers and Rangers Aspirants are invited to meet on 15h - Holeth, Winderly 12, 4th AC 2609* at the Ranger circle in Almati Wood.
We will talk of the consequences of the bark quake in the Nexus and the discovery of the old archive.

Apocamus Dradius, Veteran Ranger

* [OOC] On Tuesday, 18 August 2020 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago). [/OOC]

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Minutes of the meeting

The star of the day sets the sky ablaze with its orange light as the Rangers and their guests gradually arrive.
Deles silam ... Lordoy Nair Zendae...'doy ad toll

Zorroargh makes a most courteous curtsy to Nilstilar : Glad to see you here, Nair Ambassador!
Krill wonders if chief Kiwa Kie baked some cookies...

al Woren Siloy ad toll

The participants greet each other courteously and exchange on their last exploits or about bad and good weather.
Kiwalie shouts : Orphie !!! what a relief !!!

The Ranger leaders enter the circle.

Lordoy Nair... Heureux de vous revoir Nair !...

Jyrvie : it's a show that's becoming rare !
Nilstilar bows couteously towards Krill, who cheerfully waves his bottle to greet Nilstilar : 'doy
Kaissia glances at Krill in a greedy way.
Krill welcomes the distance between her and Kaissia... but worries about the lack of barrel.
Ostium (whispering to Wixarika) : Do you think I can get my barrel out here?

The assembly greets the newcomers and sits down; silence gradually falls.

;Were present: Anthikal(Atys), Apocamus Dradius, Balkhog(Atys), Bellis(Atys), Craftjenn(Atys), Daniellea(Atys), Depyraken(Atys), Djiper(Atys), Dorothée(Atys), Erin Mac'Cartlann, Fujin(Atys), Hawkmoun(Atys), Josemg(Atys), Jyrvie(Atys), Kaissia(Atys), KiwaLie(Atys), Krill(Atys), Lylanea(Atys), Mohe(Atys), Neolikan(Atys), Nilstilar(Atys), Orphie Dradius, Ostium(Atys), Picatis Pleros, Rizyinshi(Atys), Siela(Atys), Sunray(Atys), Taparoser(Atys), Wixarika(Atys), Zendae(Atys), Zorroargh(Atys).

Apocamus Dradius : Woren Siloy Rangers and Aspiring Rangers and welcome all homins who come in peace !

Wixarika (whispering to Ostium) : Apocamus is here, be careful

Picatis Pleros, arrives with a limp, assisted by her friend and colleague Erin Mac'Cartlann.
Picatis Pleros : I'm going to sit down, thank you.

New greetings......

First Part: Setting things straight

Apocamus Dradius looks aroun with a satisfied look

Apocamus Dradius : I'm glad to see so many of you here tonight.
KrillKrill wonders why the Veteran Rangers don't come in the middle of the circle.
Dorothee : Woren Siloy Picatis,have you recovered from your illness?
Apocamus Dradius : Humm Erin ! No foolishnesses !
Erin Mac'Cartlann tries to lift Picatis.
Picatis Pleros : Both my legs are nearly cut off...
Ostium : Would you like some help Nair Erin?
Picatis Pleros : Thank you...
Apocamus Dradius : Come on, it's not that bad !
Apocamus Dradius : Let's walk! Forward !
Picatis Pleros :Ouch!
Apocamus Dradius turns towards Picatis :Come on !
Apocamus Dradius : It's been a long time since the last assembly. The departure of Wuaoi has left a big void that is hard to fill.
Picatis Pleros : IOnly cookies can soothe the pain.
Kiwalie launches cookies to Picatis Pleros
Ostium : I have a barrel that could be used as a stool if necessary. Don't hesitate !
Picatis Pleros smiles
Dorothee approves while Wixarika elbows Ostium
Apocamus Dradius : Cookies ?
Ostium : Would you like me to bring it to you ?
Apocamus Dradius coughs [/b]:[/b] Humm let's resume !
Zorroargh : cookies with termites to be precise !
Kiwalie : Cookies and roasted termites for everyone !
Dorothee : yum!
Ostium gazes at Kiwalie with a smile up to his ears.
Kiwalie sets her dishes down.
Apocamus Dradius waits for the mandible noise to diminish
Apocamus Dradius : We've been through a period of turmoil and disorganization. Some have taken the opportunity to spread the craziest rumors.
Apocamus Dradius throws a murderous glance at Erin Mac'Cartlann.
Daniellea laughs
Apocamus Dradius points to Orphie Dradius.
Apocamus Dradius : But as you can see, these are just crazy rumors. Even if she grows old like the rest of us, Orphie continues to look after the Rangers and I will be able to devote myself fully to you.
Orphie Dradius smiles widely at the audience and slices through the group of present rangers.
In a slightly confused hubbub, the Rangers greet Orpheus, who smiles at his grandson.
Nilstilar (low) [/b]:[/b] Ah yes... Orphie's death...
Apocamus Dradius : Welcome among us, Orphie !
Apocamus Dradius : It was really not a good time with all those domes and now this bark-quake, but I have full confidence.
Orphie Dradius : It has come to my attention that some... (She looks at Erin Mac Cartlann)
Picatis Pleros (low, to Erin) : We could say that you archived her ?
Orphie Dradius : ... thought I had ... disappeared; at best.
Orphie Dradius : I wanted to reassure you. The years are piling up, but I'm still here !
Kiwalie loves Orphie Dradius.
Apocamus Dradius (smiling) : Orphie is here, new rangers feel ready enough to attempt the rite regularly and the new organization is slowly but surely getting shape.
Orphie Dradius : And until further notice it seems I'm still in charge of the Rangers.
Apocamus Dradius : Of course, GranMa !
Erin Mac'Cartlann rougit jusqu'aux oreilles
Orphie Dradius grits her teeth : We're in public, Ranger Dradius !
Apocamus Dradius is smiling up to his ears his turn.
Zendae giggles, thinking of "Granny" Orphie
Orphie Dradius : Anyway, whatever some of the archives say, the Rangers can count on me.
Apocamus Dradius : So, since you're in good shape, I'll leave the floor to you !
Ostium smiles widely, thinking they're touching.
Orphie Dradiuscatches her breath, more tired than she'd like to let on.
Orphie Dradius : I'm not eternal but that's not the topic of the day.
Orphie Dradius : The departure of Wuaoi left a great vacancy and led to reshuffles and disturbances that delayed the resumption of the assemblies
Josemg : ok
Orphie Dradius : Ranger Dradius will be able to resume these assemblies more regularly . Especially since there is no lack of subjects of concern for the Rangers...
Dorothee nods
Josemg : excellent to keep in touch !
Orphie Dradius shoots Erin with her eyes...
Orphie Dradius : Don't you have some records to update Erin ?
Taparoser : Sorry I have to go! Bye.
Apocamus Dradius waves to Taparoser.
Orphie Dradius staggers a little.'
Orphie Dradius : I... will let Ranger Dradius take over this assembly.
"Kiwalie rolls a cookie to Orphie."
- [/b]Orphie Dradius[/b]: He'll tell you as well as I do about recent affairs.
"Orpheus Dradius sits down.

Apocamus Dradius : Thank you Orphie !
Apocamus Dradius : So, let's go over the agenda quickly.
Apocamus Dradius : Erin and Picatis will report about what happened at the Tunnel of Woe
Nilstilar (low) : Even more talkative than I am, these Rangers...
Apocamus Dradius : Then we'll talk about the Nexus, the invasions and we'll let the observers report to us! !

Second Part : Picatis

Apocamus Dradius : Erin, Picatis! Come and explain your "blunders"!
Picatis Pleros : Erin first (She smiles to Apocamus)
Siela sits quietly, disturbing no one.
Erin Mac'Cartlann coughs
Craftjenn encourages Erin
Erin Mac'Cartlann : As you know, we discovered an ancient map in Orphie Dradius's archives
Josemg : OK
Erin Mac'Cartlann : Which is surprising considering our leader was still with us...
Ostium nods
Apocamus Dradius listens, but can barely keep still.
Kiwalie glances at Erin with black eyes.
Erin Mac'Cartlann : Hmm. So I asked for your help to understand this map and among the suggestions, the one of my friend Picatis Pleros proved to be fruitful;
Erin Mac'Cartlann : A group of rangers, some among you, went to the kitin' nest in the Tunnel of Woe...
Zorroargh thinks Apocamus must have kipees (butterfies, pins and needles)<sup>[OOC]</sup> in his feet.
Apocamus Dradius goes back to get a cookie.
looks at Apocamus and thinks he's making fun of her because he can walk.
Erin Mac'Cartlann : ... and discovered a passageway to a previously unknown Prime Roots chamber occupied by the kitins;
Erin Mac'Cartlann : Picatis came out of it with a leg injury.
Erin Mac'Cartlann : I'm not sure the map was clear to everyone... to me first. And its connection to the Tunnel of Woe is not yet clear.
Erin Mac'Cartlann : Pica could you explain it to us ?
Depyraken hides behind his barrel.
Picatis Pleros : Sure !
Apocamus Dradius whispers : May I?
Ostium (whispers to Wixa) : I think I could have ...


Picatis Pleros : I would first like the so-called Dorothée to come close to me
Wixarika (to Ostium) : you're right
Nilstilar bows to Depyraken.
Apocamus Dradius serves himself a pint
Dorothee stands up, approaches and curtsies politely to Picatis Pleros.
Apocamus Dradius returns to listen.
Picatis Pleros : Dorothée, I congratulate you because you knew how to decipher a part of the map !
Dorothee smiles to Picatis
Dorothee : Oh, I couldn't have done it alone!
Picatis Pleros : Really ?!
Orphie Dradius takes advantage of the fire to warm her old bones
Picatis Pleros : Who is at the origin of the discovery of the symbols signifying Pyr Yrkanis and the Prime Roots ?
Dorothee : Yes indeed, among other things; the map I presented is the result of the work of a collective that I wanted to tell you about a little later.
Dorothee : It was created by the initiative of Nair Azazor whom we know well and which aims at a systematic study of the expansion of the Kitins
Depyraken is eyeing towards Zendae who seems to be very quiet
Zendae raises an eyebrow to Depy who offers her a drink, then politely declines
Ostium whispers to Wixa : I always thought that this homine would go very far.
Wixarika sighs
Nilstilar nods
Dorothee : Unfortunately, I have to regret two things:
Ostium smiles
Wixarika (Whispers to Drakani ) : She is well educated.
Dorothee : first of all the dissensions between the Kingdom and the Empire which prevented more universality in this collective.
Nilstilar coughs

Apocamus Dradius listens very carefully
Zendae takes a dull look
Dorothee :secondly, the absence of the founder following the bark quake, which slowed down our investigations considerably.
Nilstilar (tout bas) : I would have said the malicious gossips of the Legionnaire
Siela tries to keep showing a neutral mask
Jyrvie smiles
Ostium whipers, very low : If everyone accepted to really work for everyone's sake
Dorothee smiles to the Kingdom's Ambassador.
Craftjenn thinks (with Azazor and Nilstilar in mind) that these two are fighting but that, in the end, they must respect and even love each other..
Dorothee : We rangers would like these bickering to stop at least when it comes to the Kitins
Picatis Pleros : It's obvious that we could have deciphered more easily with more help
Wixarika approuve
Apocamus Dradius jumps on his feet : Well said Dorothée !!
Apocamus Dradius sits again
Josemg approves
Zendae takes a disgusted look
Picatis Pleros : I agree with you Dorothée but I am only a humble expert theoretician.
Nilstilar (very low) : The optimism of the Rangers never ceases to surprise me.
Ostium applauds warmly
Krill wonders if Apocamus remembers all the precepts well.
Dorothee : we have the deepest respect for the citizens of these two great nations and we could progress much faster by joining forces against this threat
Jyrvie whispers to Nilstilar : not optimism, it's to try to change things... by dint of repeating things, it might be useful.... ?
Picatis Pleros : Thank you Dorothée, for your precious help in deciphering the document.
Dorothee : Nair Picatis is not a reproach to you but just a regret
Nilstilar (very low) : But who can say if the True Sap is not corrupted by the Empire ?
Siela searches for people with whom Matis should work better but cannot find any.
Picatis Pleros : But I am not the most suitable Ranger for your remarks on geopolitical conflicts
Dorothee : let's put aside our differences for a moment please, and let's move on !
Nilstilar ceases his low masses
Picatis Pleros hands Dorothée a Kiwalie cookie to thank her for her involvement in the deciphering.
Picatis Pleros : You can go and sit down again thank you very much !
Dorothee : If the kingdom develops a similar initiative we will participate in it with benevolence too! crunches her cookie.
Nilstilar : The Kingdom had such an initiative before the Rangers !
Nilstilar : Serae Dam... Zendae can witness it !
Dorothee : Of course Nair ambassador but I am not invited to it at the moment
Siela holds back from laughing.
Nilstilar : The SKA book is accessible to all homins, Nair Dorothée !
Craftjenn : well said Dorothée
Ostium coughs
Picatis Pleros : I'm going now to reveal you everything on this map, absolutely everything !
Kiwalie et Craftjenn listen carefully to Picatis...
Ostium refrains from exploding but ends up calming down as his curiosity grows stronger
Craftjenn sends a Byrh to Ostium

=The Colours=

Picatis Pleros : First of all, be aware that we sent, after our adventures, some guards patrols to verify in depth my theory and to make sure if the mound that had been discovered had disappeared.
Apocamus Dradius nods
Picatis Pleros : I have good news: the mound has closed up by itself after our passage according to the patrol report.
:::For those who accompanied me during the exploration we tested my theory three times.
:::It was the colour theory !
:::The yellow path with a closed loop was a dead-end for the Kizoar, usually yellow kitins !
:::The red path corresponded to the gallery of the Kipees, part of which body is red
Kiwalie scratches her head
Depyraken gives kiwalie its certified anti-lice treatment
Depyraken whispers to Kiwalie : he has the label fyros ++ with him ... no more untimely scratching !

Picatis Pleros : At last we noticed that the pink path was that of the Kibans which wear pink on them !
Picatis Pleros : The matis identified each gallery by the kitins most present in each of them.
Picatis Pleros : As you will have understood, the green path is that of the Kirosta.
Picatis Pleros : But blue? None is blue !
Neolikan : The kings<ref>Bosses</ref> ?
Picatis Pleros : Certainly those are blue, but there are none in the Tunnel of Woe !
Picatis Pleros : This time it is about the kinchers which were represented by the colour of their electric discharge !
Picatis Pleros : And to finish the thick black cul-de-sac is the nest where we find kidinak, Kizarak, and you will have understood it, normally the larvae, a particularly formidable place.
Picatis Pleros : That's a lot of information all at once, don't hesitate to ask me questions !
Ostium raises his hand
Picatis Pleros : Oh yes! One question, I'm listening to you
Zendae raises her hand

Ostium : First of all, thank you very much for your welcome and for sharing your information.
Ostium : Forgive my ignorance but I've never been in this Kitin's Lair, but you can't find kinreys there ?
Picatis Pleros winks to Zendae to tell her she saw her
Picatis Pleros : Yes, plenty of them near the black cul-de-sac !
Erin Mac'Cartlann (coughs) : In fact it is a nest not a Kitin Lair
Ostium : Okay; elsewhere they're usually found in numbers just before finding the kidinaks
Picatis Pleros : The situation is identical for this nest, then.
Ostium winks at Erin and says softly : Thank you !
Picatis Pleros :This would justify all the more the thickness of the black line and the presence of thorns to signal an enormous danger !
Wixarika nods
Ostium : I have another question but I will first give the floor to Nair Zendae
Picatis Pleros : Thank you
Picatis Pleros : Zendae, I listen to you...
Zendae : Filae
Zendae : I won't comment on the colours even if the explanation doesn't seem convincing di amaulca, because the description of the distribution of the kitins seems accurate to me.
:::but, as a first question, I would like to know who is the author of this map di amatakima ? Where did you get it ?
Picatis Pleros : out of Orphie's archives !
Orphie Dradius clears her throat
Nilstilar : But who drew it ? Does Orphie know it ?
Orphie Dradius : It's an old map I found... I can't remember where. But I know I've had it for decades
::: Perhaps in the first years of the new beginning.
::: (she sighs) : it was so long ago......
Zendae disappointed : it's a pity not to have noted di amaulca
Apocamus Dradius smiles at his grandmother.
Dorothee : you can see the age by the colour of the support
Zendae : could it be the Force of Fraternity, by chance, di amatakima ?
Nilstilar raises an eyebrow.
Kiwalie : Force of Fraternity ?
Orphie Dradius : Not many members of the Force of fraternity are still alive
Zendae : And so ?
Orphie Dradius : It is possible. But I can't remember.
Ostium smiles : Considering the finesse of the precision and the characteristic curves I lean towards a matis work. For me, you can attribute it to a member of your people.
Picatis Pleros : n any case the work is not signed so it is impossible to know !
Picatis Pleros : As a humble expert theoretician I would rather opt for a Matis subject that is inquisitive and exploratory.
Ostium : I couldn't say but I hope you will make me discover his other works then...
Zendae : A work by Matini Roqvini di amatakima ?
Orphie Dradius smiles at Zendae
Apocamus Dradius says to himself that he has not heard this name for a very, very long time, even in the mouth of his grandmother.
Picatis Pleros : The remarkable members of the Matis society would not have hesitated to sign this work.
Ostium thinks it's surprising, too.
Orphie Dradius : When you're my age, young homina, you'll understand that what was obvious at one time may become opaque at another.
Dorothee : perhaps the document has been cut out ?
Zendae : laye mai it's pitiful but never mind. Second question: what do you know about the symbols that seem to design the halls? You have already mentioned spikes for danger.
Picatis Pleros : Ah finally a pertinent question !
Nilstilar represses a gesture of irritation.
Picatis Pleros : My friends, the open loops correspond to the entrances or exits of the galleries of the Tunnel of Woe !
Craftjenn Sends a Bytth to à Nilstilar
Nilstilar (rubbing his skull with a grimace) : I prefer chaï Serae! But don't throw anything more for the love of Jena !
Dorothee raises hand
Picatis Pleros : The leaf shapes in the red and pink paths are chambers !
Picatis Pleros finishes answering Zendae's question.
Jyrvie whispers with Dorothée
Picatis Pleros : The crossings that can be seen on the blue, red, pink and black paths indicate crossings of galleries !
Picatis Pleros : And last but not least, if one line is continuous in relation to another it is that the line is continuous, above or below the other in the tunnel but do not meet !
Lylanea : If I understand correctly, they are not Ranger tunnels but Kitin tunnels ?
Picatis Pleros : Yes, it is the exact cartography of the tunnel of woe in matis art style.br />
Lylanea : Aha ! Thank you !
Ostium : A beautiful work and impressively easy to read ... Once you know that it is the Tunnel of Woe
Craftjenn rit
Picatis Pleros : Zendae, any remarks or I can listen to Dorothée ?
Depyraken scratches his head
[i]Kiwalie gives Depyraken his lotion back[/b]
Zendae : and arachnid legs in the pink room ?
Zendae : what do they mean by amatakima ?
Lylanea : Does this mean that the tunnels extend further than we knew before? Because the last time we went through this tunnel, it was infested with small kitins that came to the surface far from Matia.
Picatis Pleros : Then I thought of kitins legs too but it wasn't that !
Picatis Pleros : And that's the big mystery that I can't solve with the author of this map !
Picatis Pleros : He had succeeded long before the events of the Nexus in noticing an anomaly in this chamber and he visibly signalled it by these pink waves
Zendae : I see filae, I've finished with the questions.
Bellis arrives and waves.
Orphie Dradius stands up painfully
Orphie Dradius : I'm sorry but I have to leave you. I can't bear to sit on the floor too long these days
Josemg : we need to put together a good group of Rangers and for you as an expert to go to the site and study it thoroughlybr />
Orphie Dradius recovers : And then I have a lot of work to do..
Picatis Pleros (low, to Josemg) : We have already done it and I broke my legs for being too adventurous
Nilstilar bows most courteously to Orphie Dradius.
Apocamus Dradius : Thank you for coming to reassure us, Orphie !
Kiwalie : Mata yumé Orphie !
Orphie Dradius : I couldn't let some rangers doubt my health.
The crowd greets Orphie warmly.
Orphie Dradius : Good meeting to you Rangers !
Orphie Dradius walks away, a bit stiff.
Nilstilar : Have a nice rest, you gallivanter (he smiles)
Ostium : Good re... work, Nair
Orphie Dradius smiles at the nickname given by Nilstilar
Apocamus Dradius laughs softly : rest rest...
Zorroargh understands Orphie as he feels similar stiffnesses...
Depyraken raises arm

Apocamus Dradius : Picatis! Are you finished? Everybody has asked his questions ?
Ostium and Depyraken raises their hands
Apocamus Dradius whispers : Depyraken then Ostium !
Picatis Pleros [i]bends an elbow : I'm thirsty !
Craftjenn sends Picatis Pleros a Byrh
Ostium can't let someone get thirsty and discreetly put a barrel behind .
Ostium whispers : the best byrh of the Lakes. You' wont believe it
Depyraken : I'm not sure I understand it all or even not much and it all seems very nebulous to me... many answers should in my opinion be much more consensual. Zendae seems to me to have raised a point worthy of attention...
Depyraken : and I have the impression that it has been somewhat swept away... could you answer him... answer us in a much more concise way ?
Apocamus Dradius : But which question Depyraken ?
Picatis Pleros makes a not so discreet wink
Dorothee raises her arm
Apocamus Dradius makes a sign to Dorothée
Dorothee : it is now clear that the letters P and Y indicate the directions of Pyr and Yrkanis but...
Dorothee : the symbol at the bottom left of the map, do you have an interpretation ?
Apocamus Dradius : Wait Dorothée I didn't understand the question of Depyraken
Dorothee : sorry
Depyraken : I wished to come back to Zendae's second question: what do you know about the symbols that seem to design the halls? You have already mentioned the spikes for danger.
A few rangers, tired, salute and leave the meeting
Apocamus Dradius whispers : Good evening to the leavers! Be there for the next one !
Apocamus Dradius : So, Picatis ?
Picatis Pleros : I explained everything however !
Picatis Pleros : Did you have your nose in the shooki when I spoke?
Lylanea smiles
Apocamus Dradius : I confirm, his shooki is pretty good !
Nilstilar chuckles
Depyraken : I can see you know what you're talking about!
Zendae : perhaps your companion wants details about the shape of each "leaf" di amatakima ?
Picatis Pleros : Matis art can only be explained by matis !
Apocamus Dradius scratches his head : I think she's right !
Craftjenn, deadly laughing, thinks that she must not really be of matis sap
Picatis Pleros :I found that they were rooms and to whom they belonged, it's not so bad already!
Apocamus Dradius : very good !
Apocamus Dradius : Ostium then Dorothée
Ostium : I had rather an information to provide on a kit... a nest. It's unrelated to the subject, so I prefer to listen to Dorothée's question first. Grytt
Apocamus Dradius : All right! !
Apocamus Dradius : Dorothée then
Zendae raises hand
Apocamus Dradius : Dorothée's question was about the symbol in the lower left corner Picatis
Picatis Pleros : Yes, well it's quite simple !
Apocamus Dradius : Ah very well, finally something simple !
Erin Mac'Cartlann (to Apocamus Dradius, quite low) : I have to leave you I'm expected at the archive by a ranger who is looking for old documents and... well, whatever. I must leave the assembly.
Thank you Erin the hands rise and wave for Erin
Picatis Pleros : This is the representation of the path to the Primes Roots near the Tunnel of Woe !
Picatis Pleros : From the vortex to the Abyss of Ichor !
Dorothee, grateful to Picatis : Thank you

Ostium : it looked like a portion of a card corresponding to a pantry of a kitin-nest didn't it ?
Apocamus Dradius : Run along Erin, and hold your tongue !!
Erin Mac'Cartlann whispers : I'm sure you'll find rangers to help you Pica
Erin Mac'Cartlann blushes
Apocamus Dradius : Zendae ?
Zendae : Is there a public report describing what was discovered after the passage of di amatakima? type of kitin? size of room? Where did it lead to?
Apocamus Dradius bursts out laughing : It will be up to you !
Picatis Pleros : We just did it in front of all this public !
Ostium : Didn't you say at the beginning of the assembly that this passage has now been closed again?
Zendae : you only talked about the map
Kiwalie : But who described the colours compared to the Kitins? It's so...weird...
Picatis Pleros : I was not in a condition to take measurements, my legs broke when I fell down !
Apocamus Dradius : I will post a report if a ranger present in this hole does it for me !
Zendae : laye mai
Zendae : fila (She sits down, still sullen)
Dorothee : I can help with this report
Lylanea : So do I !
Apocamus Dradius : Very well ! Send it to me as soon as possible.
Ostium sourit : Finding volunteers won't be a problems, therefore .
Lylanea approuve : It will be done
Apocamus Dradius : But it will have to be according to what you have already found because the passage is blocked !
Lylanea : Oh it's been resealed?
Picatis Pleros : It's the first news I gave !
Ostium (to Lylanea) : Apparently but we'll go and see
Apocamus Dradius : Picatis, Thank you !
Apocamus Dradius : Do you want help to go back home ?
Picatis Pleros : In your arms? Yes, I please
Picatis Pleros blushes
Dorothee giggles
Apocamus Dradius : Picatis, I'm busy !
Ostium smiles : Can I give you an information before ?
Apocamus Dradius : We'll find you a nice ranger !
Apocamus Dradius : Ostium ?
Dorothee raises her hand
Ostium : Grytt. I have to tell you about an amazing thing we saw with the Drakani just a day before yesterday
Craftjenn listens carefully
Wixarika nods
Lylanea listens attentively
Nilstilar stretches the ear<br />
Ostium : I have to ask you if this is something you have observed in the past
:::We were walking from Yrkanis to Pyr to note the marathon crossing points, and arriving just south of the climb to the hidden spring (so we were still in the forest). We fell at the entrance of a tunnel on...
:::a kizarak ! in the open air ! And without its guard !
Lylanea is surprised
Ostium : Only a few rather weak kinchers bothered us; and we were able to get rid of them, hoping that it would not be replaced too quickly
Apocamus Dradius : In the tunnel of woe ??
Siela : If it's at the Tunnel of Woe, it's in its habits yes.
Apocamus Dradius : So you have your answer.
Ostium : Oh nothing unusual then? I always thought she was still at the bottom protected by her kidinaks and kinreys.
Kiwalie : it stands guarding in front of the kitin-nest, things have always been like that.
Nilstilar nods
Zendae : he goes sunbathing di amataki
Ostium : Okay. It seemed weird to me.. grytt to all
Zendae : it is!
Nilstilar (low) : Thus the Atysiades are not totally free of charge

Third part : Observers

Apocamus Dradius : Did you want to add something, Dorothée ?
Dorothee : If we are done with the map...
Dorothee : Jyrvie asked me to inform you of her resignation from her position as Ambassador to the New Trykoth.
Nilstilar suddenly saddens
Apocamus Dradius : Ah! I write it down! But then, we are going to move on to this topic !
Apocamus Dradius : Because we need observers !
Picatis Pleros takes a rest near the shooki barrel
Apocamus Dradius : Who are the remaining observers ?
Kiwalie : me with the Fyros, Zorroargh with the matis
Apocamus Dradius : I remember that Wuoai had asked who wanted to be relieved of his duties.
Apocamus Dradius : So Kiwalie ?
Dorothee : Kiwa Lie to the Fyros, Zo'Ro Argh to the Matis and Karagoz, the ambassador to the Zorais is absent.
Apocamus Dradius : Who wants to replace Jyrvie ?
Siela observes Lylanea
Apocamus Dradius : Like Wuoai, I prefer the term observer, we are not linked to any nation.
Apocamus Dradius : Our role is not there !
Nilstilar glances at the Serae Bard
Apocamus Dradius : Then a volunteer to speak to us about the Lakes on all that concerns the Rangers ?
Siela smiles with confidence.
Dorothee : If no one can, I would like to help but my work at the Great Library is very demanding and I'm afraid I'm not up to the task
Kiwalie : it's late Apocamus, many Rangers are sleeping deeply...
Apocamus Dradius : All right Kiwalie it's the voice of wisdom.
[i]Nilstilar smiles at the words of Serae Bright-Silver[/b]
Ostium : I could pass on the request. Do you have to be a tryker citizen in addition to being a Ranger ?
Apocamus Dradius : A ranger cannot not be a citizen !
Depyraken : a ranger is of any citizenship
Siela displays a slightly disappointed mask but diverts his attention from Lylanea and directs it on Apocamus
Ostium : Thanks
Nilstilar : Ostium's tongue has gone astray I think... He meant tryker by birth.
Ostium : Oy grytt, Nair Nilstilar!
Apocamus Dradius : Then no, any ranger or aspiring ranger can apply.
Apocamus Dradius : I feel we'll have to postpone for the news of the Nexus and the Kitins.
Apocamus Dradius : unless one of you has something important to say ?
Apocamus Dradius sweeps the assembly with his gaze.

End of the Meeting

Ostium (laughing) : I'd just ask Nair Picatis how she found this byrh ?
Wixarika laughs
Lylanea bows towards Apocamus Dradius : Very well, I'll think about it !
Apocamus Dradius : Picatis ! It's an important question !
Picatis Pleros : I think they're going to have to carry me because I can't feel my legs anymore ( she laughs)
Apocamus Dradius takes Picatis in his arms : Come on !
Picatis Pleros reach out her arms to Apocamus : Help me !
Lylanea : Oh ! I'm sorry.
Apocamus Dradius : Ranger friends, Thank you all !
Apocamus Dradius : We shall meet again very soon.
Apocamus Dradius bows deeply.
Picatis Pleros : Goodbye to all
Kiwalie doesn't bow down to anyone in particular, but eventually touches her feet.
Thanks for the welcome !... Lorandoy !...
The assembly, unanimous, courteously greets Apocamus Dradius and Picatis Pleros.
Apocamus Dradius : Onwards Picatis ! and... don't take advantage of it !
Picatis Pleros : You're brawny !
Deles necat Rangers !... woren siloy... Al Lorandoy ad toll
Siela smiles : Deles necat !
Wixarika, Craftjenn, Zendae, Nilstilar... bow to every one
pacts are torn apart
Ostium : Bravo Dorothée ! Al Lorandoy to all
Siela : Deles Silam Ser Nilstilar nu hadn't had time to greet you properly before.
Lylanea : Bar Ostium?
Ostium : I leave you the barrel. Try to empty it !
Ostium : Oy ny-Lylanea
Craftjenn : don't worry Ostium (she smiles)
Siela displays a disappointed mask as Nilstilar disappears.
smiles and hand signs...
The homins are slipping away one by one...
Craftjenn : it's crazy... I drink but I don't feel anything !!!
Lylanea : I'm going to write my experience in the tunnel.
Relaus Xogips : The Kitins attack ! To arms !
Ba'Rima Dixie : The Kitins attack ! To arms !
Ma Cho Sung : Let's not let them go any further !
Ba'Rima Dixie : Let this serve as a warning to others !

In the distance, a Kincher roars...

EncyclopAtys:Ranger Meeting of Holeth, Folially 18, 4th CA 2609

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Multilingual | Français | [English] | Deutsch | Русский | Español

Agenda of the Rangers’ Assembly of 11h - Tria, Pluvia 3, 1st AC 2611

Reception of new aspiring rangers and rangers

  • Organization of session of attempt of the rite

Observers for the Nations

  • Report from observers
  • Appointment or renewal of Observers
  • Diverse reports

Kitin watch

  • Rangers action
    • Some news about the old archives map
  • Coordination with CEK
  • SKA maps

Next group activities

  • Specific training
  • Precepts study

Other matters

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#95 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English] | Español | Deutsch

Agenda of the Rangers’ Assembly of 11h - Prima, Fallenor 13, 1st AC 2622

Reception of new aspiring rangers and rangers.

  • Organization of and help with the Ranger rite.

observers for the Nations

  • Appointement or renewal of Observers.
  • Report from observers.
  • Diverse reports.

Kitin watch

  • Status of the analysis of the kirosta's black stinger.
  • CEK news.
  • SKA news.

Next group activities

  • Specific trainings: Lessons to be learned from the exploration mission into Underwood Woe.

Other matters

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Multilingual | Français | [English] | Español | Deutsch

Agenda of the Rangers’ Assembly of 15h - Quarta, Thermis 22, 4th AC 2625*

Reception of new aspiring rangers and rangers.

  • Help with the Ranger rite.

observers for the Nations

  • Appointement or renewal of Observers.
  • Report from observers.
  • Diverse reports.

Kitin watch

  • News about the kirosta's black dart.
  • CEK news.

Next group activities

  • Harvesting larvae in Desertstock.

Other matters

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#97 [fr] 

Not knowing whether he'll be able to make it to the Rangers' meeting, Azazor prefers to send a copy of the CEK's report on the deep-sea kitins to Barmie Dingle. If he can't make it, he hopes that other CEK members will be there to explain it to the assembly.

CEK report on KoD


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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