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Was ist eigentlich aus den Berufen dritten Grades grworden?
Wird da weiterentwickelt? Muss ein Zwischenschritt erst gemacht werden? Oder wurde das auf Eis gelegt?


Purg Derren

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the "advanced" occupations were removed at the merger and have not been put back in game. (by advanced i speak of the occupations other then: magnetic cartographer, tool maker, florist, water carrier, scrollmaker, medic, butcher, larvester.)

campfire making was (before merger) an "advanced" occupation, i believe that potion making, sap crystal making, and other skills were on the list as well.

the merger caused us to loose many things, and we're still waiting to get many of them back over two years later....


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Omg, even didnt know. Wanted to start alchemy...
My quastion was about occup. AFTER the advanced (they were anounced, smth like pet tamer etc)
Thats sad :-/


Purg Derren

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