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Faced problem on installing Ryzom on ubuntu 18.04.
I downloed the package from official website and while I was installing Ryzom, auto download of the following files failed with message that expeced file size if different than expected.
1. ryzom_live_client_linux64.7z
2. ryzom_live_data.7z

I used wget to download the files and then installed it. This manual work was less expected as the installation packege was downloed from the official website.

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It's an old problem with Sourgeforge, been kicking around for years.
Go to Sourgeforge and download:
1. ryzom_live_client_linux64.7z
2. ryzom_live_data.7z

Place both files in the ~/.local/share/Ryzom folder, then run the ryzom installer.

Works fine.


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Don't use SF it is deprecated.

Instead use the official repository at
Installer is there too with updated version.

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