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For those players looking for some easy dappie.

If ya doing occupations, keep them fpor yourself. However if ya not pursuing occupations, you can pick up some cash by signing up for Water Carrier, Magnetic Cartographer and Florist and it requires about 5 minutes every other day.

I can make an extra 30k using improved components for NH Trade-ins as an Atys Citizen. To use improbved components, I need an average of 2 waters, 4 flowers and 4 ambers per improved set of certs. I therefore can afford to pay half that $30k for the stated items

Waters - 1500 dappie (x2 = 3000)
Ambers = 750 dappie (x 8 = 6000)
Flowers = 750 dappie (x 8 = 6000)

So that's a quick 15k for 5 minutes of work on 2 days, 48 hours apart.

Not gonna get ya rich but it's there if ya want it.

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