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Dear Players,

In order to limit the abusive use of camp fires in outpost battles, we decided to temporarily change the settings for them. Therefore, from now on and until the next patch which will include a permanent fix of the problem, each homin can only make a single campfire at a time and it will be easy to kill.

Team Ryzom

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Happy Atysmas to all creative firestarters!

Because of significant game balance problems caused by using campfires tactically in OP battles, the previous announcement was made. The change was easy to do and "fixed" the problem. We are pleased to announce that a new solution has been found and programmed. It is not perfect, but it allows the restoration of the previous parameters for firestarting in 90% of the cases. Campfire parameters are reset to the previous values EXCEPT in an exclusion zone of 150 meter radius around each OP. Within that zone, campfires may not be built.

Please note: This may not be the final solution, this is merely a solution that will allow those who are having FUN with the campfires to go back to having fun.

Ryzom Team

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