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This guild exists in memory to a truly neutral and helpful homin, who sadly passed away. Tyneetryk will be remembered by many and her tears are for her not being able to continue her life on this crazy rootball, which she considered to be home, and being able to help all those who needed assistance.

We are not currently recruiting, as the guilds of Phaedrea's Tears and Spirit of Alervinda both support the concepts of true neutrality and our common enemy of the Kitin horde.

In memoriam, Tyneetryk

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Miss her so much T.T <3


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I have been slacking in my duties, as the Guild Leader of Tyneetryk's Tears, by being absent for far too long.

Fighting a nuisance illness is no excuse but now I am back, at least for as long as I can manage.

We do not actively seek out guild members, we are committed to the ways of the Rangers and we will consider any homins, who are similarly motivated and wish to become part of our family.

This guild was created to remember Tyneetryk, the Guild Leader of Phaedrea's Tears, who sadly passed away three years ago.

I promised Tynee that I would keep her alive here, on Atys, despite the fact that we lost her in the real world.

We are a small guild which, like Phaedrea's Tears and Spirit of Alervinda, does not get involved in PvP or Guild/Outpost battles. Our mission is to help all homins on Atys, regardless of their afiliations, whenever and however we can.

Our only enemies are the Kitin.

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