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Message to all Homins:

I'm calling you for a meeting in the Rangers camp of Almati Wood on 4h - Dua, Medis 14, 1st AC 2581 (*), in the presence of the Powers, in order to provide you with and explanation on the differences in memories that we are all suffering from.

I'll lead this meeting myself to make sure of the accuracy of the information provided by the Powers, since knowledge of Elias enlightens us objectively. We will leave the shadows because it's time to know more.

Nicho Miadi

(*) [OOC]
Friday, 19 December 2014 20:00:00 UTC (5 years ago)
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Homins, here you have the results of our observations adapted for your knowledge.


Slide1: Time as a strange river
Imagine for a moment that time is a strange river.
Imagine you throw onto the river water, liquids like colored oils. They will spread on the surface but they will not mix.
Imagine three oil "stains" as in the picture we are showing you. They are close, but separate.
These colored "stains" are like Homins in time. They are on the river but do not know the river itself and the other "stains". In each "stain" time flows, like the river, but it does not flow the same for each one.


Slide 2 : On Different History for some Homins
Each "oil stain" is similar but not identical. Things happen or do not happen.
Until the last moment the homins in each of the "stains" experienced their sometimes tragic separate histories, some things the same, some different.


Slide 3: The Kitins Swarmed over All.
The Kitins swarmed over all of them.


Slide 4: The Exodus during the second swarm
The Kitin’s wrath was too great to be contained. The Karavan and Kami fortified the cities of the homins, but the defenses were breached.
Hominkind was lost unless it could escape their relentless and ruthless destruction during their killing spree.


Slide 5: The Rainbows and the Powers
We, both factions (Kami & Karavan) and all other forces, joined together for the occasion, to bring everyone to a safe place.
The Kami opened their Oasis to the Rangers and the Trytonists, and the Kami and the Karavan guarded the entrance so that the Exodus of all Nations together might succeed.
The Trytonists built Rainbow gates, just as they had during the first Swarm
The Rainbow Gates that the Trytonists built were not as subtle as our altars or even those of the Kami. They do not know the workings of the universe as we do.
The gates did work but they pulled far more power from the world than those of the Kami or the Karavan. At the same time our defenses and those of the Kami pulled at the power of Atys as well.


Slide 6: The Water Flows Downstream (The Drain)
The thousands of operations of the Rainbow Gates and our defences drew power from Atys and disturbed time near them, creating something like a waterfall that sucked at the "stains", drawing them closer and closer to each other and distorting them.
In the end, a critical point was reached.


Slide 7: The Waterfall Mixes the Stains
That critical point, that massive drain, caused the three "oil stains" to merge to form one large one, as if a waterfall had mixed them.
In the midst of this cataclysm it was the power and mercy of divine Jena that held all of Atys safe from harm and preserved all homins and even the Kamis in each of the "stains."
But after the mixing each tiny drop of oil, each homin, each person, kept the memories of one of the three "stains" and did not know the memories of the others.


Slide 8: The Karavan Ship Observer.
Those in the "oil stains", all of you in the New Lands, could not realize what had happened. When you returned from the refuge, or came out from your hiding places in the New Lands after eight years you saw the Atys you knew and met homins you thought you knew.
It was the same for us of the Karavan on the surface of Atys near the area where the massive teleportation took place, that area you call the New Lands. We, too, were mixed together but held only one memory each.
It was only the Karavan vessels in the sky, far from the turbulence of the critical point, the mixing of the "stains," that observed and recorded the anomaly. Even they could not do anything about it. The massive energy drain created an irreversible phenomenon.
We thought the homins would go back to normal life after the end of the Second Swarming, but there were few strange incidents and some of you homins are more curious than others. Therefore we bring you this unique demonstration of our science.
We can not give you more explanation; you would not understand. Not even all Karavan understand . The theory of what we call "parallel universes" is understood only by a handful of experts.
Since this is the first time we have the chance to actually observe it, we also are researching the phenomenon.
This is all we have to say.

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