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- This way to interact with Homins, we have never used it.
- That logic is adversarial and not useful.  Wherever their thoughts can go, ours can go.
- So far away never have we gone.
- So far away we must go.
- We must understand. Our investigations twist and shift. Our memories are confused . Homins memories too.
- Too many risks!
- Not to ignore is within us. We need to know.
- To be useful is within us too. Is it useful?
- Knowledge is useful.
- Perhaps we ask our enemies?
- But how do we start?
-  Is it useful to spread this way of communicating??
-  It is good. Try,  but just for a few moments.
- Watch out  ....(Communication is suddenly closed)

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- They dare! we have to take things in hand before Ma'duk spreads false truths! And we have to hurry to improve our cybersecurity!

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