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From the beginning, I found the idea original.
I, who knows what happens during a tournament like that I was looking forward to it.
I enjoyed the event proposed by Zendae.
Especially since we have a good result with my team of Larmes.
Thank you to Zendae and the team that surrounded her!
I hope for the next, other teams will come unpretentious :)
Because the most important thing is to have fun do not forget!

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Misulud productions

#17 [fr] 

c'etait super,

pour la prochaine il faudra parler des potions et equilibre vie :)

au plaisir:)


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Zendae drawed conclusions of the tournament. The orignality of the concept, a pratice from the Hamazans, was demonstrated.

The participation of 17 competitors among 4 teams was sufficient to this first draft. No big organisation quack and fighters had a good spirit.
A trio of marauders came to watch or provoke - we never know with those ones - and was finally ejected by the whole competitors together.

The Karan also apreciated the tournament and validated the application from the hamazan homina to the position of master of weapons. He didn't say a word about the fact that matis teams were dominated. No doubt he understood that some vassals showed bravery and putted away a bit of their pride, in order to attend nevertheless, allowing this tournament to be. In that way, the hamazan feeled grateful to them. She promise herself to explain that at next Chamber, and yet thank Royal service for logistics around the tournament.

ooc, thank to all of you ! competitors, audience & event team.

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Beauté, curiosité, virtuosité !

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Jazzy était enfin rentré...
Un voyage de médiation qu'ils disaient... pfff, tu parles! Entre les kirostas et les bandits du coin, comment méditer???
Bref! le voyage est terminé! Il va faloir reprendre ses responsabilités et ses devoirs de tryk...

Jazzy ramassa une annonce qui été sur le milieu de la table de guilde, celle du grand tournoi...

Su-per! en plus j'ai raté ce tournoi... çà commence bien!

Il rédigea un bref Izam destiné aux amazones pour s'excuser de son absence. Il tenais à préciser qu'il ne voulait en rien manquer de respect envers les amazones ou aux matis...
Avec un dernier regret, il laissa partir le volatile faire son travail de messager.

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Jazzy Mac'Plantey , Nhor Drakan
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Commandant de l'Unité Fédérale Armée
Citoyen célèbre Tryker
Gardien et défenseur de la fédération

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