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Natae Assembly dated Tuesday, 9 December, 2014 (1st AC 2582)

Sirgia Pirello opened our Assembly

Sirgia says: Ser Salazar posting on the public notice boards asking about strange memories. We all need to search our memories please.

Ozwomen say: I have asked for an event to build a brewery in Natae, to produce Dandelion Wine our Matis wine.
Sirgia says: Do we have a brewer who knows how to make a drink?
Ozwomen say: we need mushrooms, dandelion flowers and berries for the wine.
Sirgia says: There is no use building a brewery if there is no brewer. ((OOC: Any “brewer” that has to interact with the players on a long term basis will have to be scripted NPC. /PPC)). Will take this to the event and technical team and see if it is possible.

Laelgia says: I would like to ask if there have been any sighting of the aggressive Atysmas trees.
Sirgia says: I have not heard of any yet. They do seem to spawn around Atysmas, so keep your eyes peeled. I have not seen a lot of the snowmen yet.
Sirgia says : No spoilers, but a bunch of stuff will spawned after the 19th. Some of it will be a real surprise.

Ozwomen say: I would like to talk about the Lacerating Kirosta level 233 in the tunnel of Woe. I have investigated the lower tunnel. I thought we only had 15 but I was wrong. We lost count of them when mapping the tunnels and in some places we could not get through, because there were to many. We did try and get to the last tunnel it is deep, we came across a lot of Kirosta and Awesome Kidink.

Sirgia says: There is a kitin Nest there, and has been for some time. I think more homins in a team might help there.

Mirja says: Hey, there don’t happen to be reports on Kizarak seen, eventually? (I forgot to tell Mirja that Kizarak walked over my dead body.)

Laelgia says: It is possible that these Kitins are laying eggs in there? Maybe in the deepest layers of the tunnel? ( there was some talk a few months or years ago, about the tunnel being another place where kitin larvae could be found)

Aleeskandaro says: I have explored the tunnel in the past, looking for precious materials.I will discuss the possibility of sending a second exploration bridge there and report our findings at the next assembly if that works.

Sirgia says: That would be wonderful. Please cooperate with Ozwomen and the Spears. In numbers there is strength.

Ozwomen say: Sirgia Pirello do you know if the tunnel will lead to the old land?

Sirgia says: But I do think that I have heard that in the old days of the New Lands, homins did find treasure there.

I would like to thank Sirgia Pirello for our Assembly.
In attendance was Ozwomen, Mirja, Laelgia and Aleeskandaro.

Stevano Aiye!, Jena Aiye!, Matis Aiye!.

Matis Ambassador.

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As Laelgia arrived back to Yrkanis after a very long and exhausting trip from the lakelands, she stopped at the public bulletin and found an announcement written by the Ambassador Ozwomen. It turned out to be the report of the latest assembly of matis nobles of Natae, to which she had attended days before. As she read, she noticed many things that had been discussed during the assembly had no mention in the post. Once home she decided she would contact Ozwomen. She grabbed an old parchment and opened a flask of her recently aquired Shakan blood. Figuring it would serve her well as ink, she began scribbling:
Deles Silam, Serae Ozwomen

Thanks for providing a brief review of our assembly.

I could not help noticing that you seem to have forgotten half of the meeting, specifically regarding Aleeskandaro's interventions about the Karan and Sirgia reassuring us it was not the Karan's intention to impose royal will over any guild-dependent matters.

Please be so kind as to post an accurate version.
Thanks in advance,

Guardian of the Kingdom.

She carefully rolled the parchment over itself, used some of her spare lumper whiskers to attach it on the closest Yzam's leg and sent it out through the window to deliver her message.

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Sorry Laelgia as the transcript states the topic of rumours regarding Karan wishing Matis and Karavan to regain control of the forest outpost was discussed twice with the royal guard.
the transcript states that you left before the topic was discussed the second time so as you would of missed this part of the meeting, this was the response.

Sirgia says: Aleeskandaro, I do not know what was said at this meeting—I am not a Noble. However, outposts are a guild matter, not a Royal matter. I would be very surprised if the Karan attempted to impose royal will on guild matters.

I hope this helps. I would suggest talking with Aleeskandaro or Elvanae ;)

Also the topic regarding guild fame reaching 100% for spears of Eora was not included as it doesn’t affect other guilds in any way.

I am not a royal scribe and unfortunately there isn’t much interest in the english side of role-play in the forest. It would be great to see an increase of english guilds involved in rumours and hearsay… oops i mean “role-play” much of the same though isn’t it?.

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