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Posted on the local notice board in Min-Cho:


The local Circles of Min-Cho have met for the first time after a prolonged absence. The following homins were present:

Season, Zoraï Sage
Rikutatis, Zoraï Awakened
Salazar, Matis Noble
Khalaoden, Ranger Aspirant

Despite the low number of homins, the discussions were deep and productive. These were some of the major topics covered in the meeting:

- The absence of Zoraï Awakened in Min-Cho: After the Shizu Guardians of Shadows went rogue and moved to the Lakelands, Min-Cho was left without representatives. Rikutatis, who had gone missing shortly after the second great swarming, has just returned. He has taken upon himself the mission to guide other Zoraï and help them awaken from their dreams. Any Zoraï Initiate interested in guidance towards further spiritual enlightenment should contact Rikutatis.

- Rumors about a mysterious oracle in Min-Cho: The rumors about an unknown oracle or prophet of some sort were discussed. This supposed seer was seen in Min-Cho and was a source of some concern. Possible culprits were discussed, and Salazar mentioned Elias Tryton and the trytonists. After all, Elias is widely known as a prophet. And the rogue guild Guardians of Shadows do call themselves trytonists now. Could there be any relation? The possibility of a Kami or Great Kami was also raised, and further investigation was deemed necessary. Homins who would like to assist the investigation can feel free to contact Rikutatis in Zora or Min-Cho.

- The absence of a Zoraï representative in the newly founded college for Kitin studies: Khalaoden asked why the Zoraï'ï did not have a representative in the international college for Kitin studies. Rikutatis expressed his concern at the dangers of keeping a captive Kitin but promised that he would bring up the issue at the next National Assembly of the Zoraï and find a suitable candidate. Any Zoraï Initiate interested in the position should present themselves at the next National Assembly.

Looking forward to seeing more Zoraï Initiates at the next assembly of Min-Cho!

Mata né'puké.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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