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Dear Homins,

Atysmas is coming closer and we would like to present you an advent calendar full of beautiful images. Every homin who would like to contribute to this year's calendar is cordially invited to create atysmas-themed images and send them to events@ryzom.com by the 10th of December.
If we should get more images than days remain in the calendar, the pictures that didn't make it will be used for next year.

Best regards,

Kleah (Ryzom event team)

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Atysmas Greetings Homins!

This years advent calendar is not yet complete, and time is running out!
We are looking for any budding "Atysmas Artists" to help with pictures for the remaining days!
Those whose submissions are successful will recieve the title "Atysmas Artist" that will last until next Atysmas of course!

Please make your submissions to events@ryzom.com

Merry Atysmas to all!

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You notice it by the whispered tales that are told at the campfires of the city guards . You notice it in the wondering faces of the children running around. You notice it by the eager Yubos that collect supplies for the winter. You notice it by many tiny things. Atysmas is coming!
Come to Almati Wood's Atysmas Village on Thursday, 25 December 2014 20:00:00 UTC (5 years ago) for the Atysmas Eve Story Telling! Come tell us a tale, or just come to listen the amazing stories of the homins. Enjoy a beautiful Atysmas Eve with a mixture of funny, contemplative and tragic atmosphere. Let all inhabitants of Atys be part of your fantasy and share an atysian story.
We are looking forward to a delightful evening with you and by you with your favourite stories.

[OOC] We would like to ask you to send the story you would like to tell to send us to events@ryzom.com before the Monday, 15 December 2014 00:00:00 UTC (5 years ago), so we can prepare the translation. [/OOC]

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Atysmas is coming with big steps! Almati Wood is already glistening from sparkling lights and filled with the buzz of busy Lutrykins. And, amidst the Atysmas trees, the mektoubs, snowmen and yubos, a new bulletin shows what is planned over these days of joy!

[OOC]Many of those events will start at the Atysmas village in the Almati Wood. Almati Wood is accessible by teleportation from all the temples located near each capital and by the New Horizon service.[/ooc]

December 19th and December 20th starting at 19 CET in Almati-Wood: Visit of the Atysmas fairies (player event) who have a lot of gifts to give to younger homins!
December 20th to December 31st: watch out for small huntable snowmen all over Atys. What is behind this strange phenomenon? Find out during whole Atysmas!
December 23th at 20h CET: Gather around a warming fire and listen to the Atysmas stories! Contribute to this evening and be surprised by a little gift as a thanks!
December 24th to January 4th: You don't like Atysmas? You would like the Atysmas trees to go away? Well then you have the chance when the Atysmas tree hunting season is finally opened!
... Don't forget the handing out of gifts and other surprises throughout all of Atysmas!

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