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oren pyr Graphybus Ceros

We, the akenakos of Thesos, Dyron and Pyr, would like to open the next akenak in order to talk about certain things that we feel are important.

Two subjects are of particular interest to us: the water route and the recapture of Dyron from the Renegades, events we'd like to review with other patriots and ambassadors from other nations.

Moreover, since Legionnaire Naveruss left her ambassadorship to become an akenakos, we are still short of a fyros ambassador to the nations and Rangers. The akenak would be an ideal opportunity to appoint a new one.

We are counting on your solicitude to enable us to hold this akenak in the best possible conditions at the Imperial Palace.

sharükos pyrèküd, sharük pyrèküd!

The akenakos Azazor, Wixarika, Naveruss

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fyros pure sève
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Agenda of the assembly of the akenak of Pyr on 7h - Prima, Folially 19, 3rd AC 2625(*)

Internal affairs:
  • The floor to the akenak, Patriots and Empire inhabitants
  • Appointment of vacancies
  • Renegades and Dyron defense
External affairs
  • The floor is given to the Ambassadors
  • Water Road

(*) [OOC] On Sunday, 1 October 2023 19:00:00 UTC (10 months ago).

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Balder woke up at the end of the alley, not quite sure how he'd got there. Patriots were generous these days, and the old fyros usually ended his days in a blissful unconsciousness brought on by alcohol. As for the side effects the next day, there was only one remedy worth seeking: to find someone willing to offer him a shooki.

He peeled off a sheet of paper that had stuck to his cheek thanks to... Better not to think about "glue". A few words on the paper caught his eye. "...akenakos... Politics..."

He let out a groan. This was trouble. He'd already had a hard time being forgotten during the episode with the Renegades. He was too old to be running around in sawdust. Nor was he old enough to spend hours in the cool halls of the palace, with nothing to drink to keep him going. Besides, now that Azazor was back, and there were plenty of official akenakos and patriots and all, for an akenos to disappear wouldn't be noticed for a moment.

Now that he thought about it, there was this lovely homine, back in Fairhaven, who'd offered him a taste of the local production, the stuff they dared to call "bhyr", over there. Well, it was mektoub piss, from what he'd drunk so far, but he was willing to give the brew another chance. Let's say, until the political mess had been cleared up, and so that no akenakos came to force him back to the palace. Now he was going to give a little of himself, and see if he couldn't help the friendship between peoples. He must still have that pact lying around somewhere... all he had to do was find it.

Even drunk, he wouldn't have been foolish enough to consider making the trip on foot.

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To prepare the future akenak, Azazor was looking over the minutes of the last meeting, which he had been unable to attend as he was still in the Old Lands.

Given the chill cast by his letter concerning a rapprochement with the Marauders, it would be a delicate matter for him to raise the subject again. Perhaps he should wait a little longer, or risk angering the patriots more than anything else. Already, he was going to listen to the people's opinion about the other desert tribes, and in particular the Renegades. That would be the first step.

As for the water route, Balder's detal had reported nothing on the subject, and on the rare occasions he had come across him since, he had been in such a drunken state that he was unable to remember anything. Still, he would have liked to know the patriots' initial opinion on the proposal to pass through the Naveruss Matis forest. He would have liked to see who thought it was stupid, and who he could rely on in a few days' time to ensure that such a route was never proposed again. But he would have to live with it.

Besides, she needed to find Balder to remind him of the meeting. Just to make it clear to him that he had to come, so he couldn't come up with any lame excuse to get out of it. He had signed up to be an akenos. His status allowed him to drink on the side. But he still had to assume a minimum of responsibility.


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Like a Kitin in a cage, Salazar wandered up and down in the Argo Navis Arboretum, his white, delicate fingers caressing the leaves of plants he passed by. He didn't recognise, though; he was too deep in thought. The Akenak Assembly had given him plenty of food to think about, actually, and while some of the things he saw and heard ranged from the amusing to the embarrassing, there also were two things he had to chew on a bit.

That Azazor would take the stage again, with all his ill manners, his lack of discipline, and his childish efforts at menacing his supposed enemies - that was expected. That he would turn the tide and would lead the Fyros back from the brink of civilisation into barbary had always been an opportunity. His plans to invite Marauder ambassadors were downward crazy, though. Even he could not be such a fool to imagine Akilia would not smell it out and stamp any deviants into the ground. Unless ... Well, there was, of course, the opportunity that Azazor, in his madness, had the intention to "free" the Desert from the Higher Powers. The Akenak he already had into his pocket, of course, with Ambassadors of his own choice, and Naveruss now eating out of his hand. He clearly had not a bit of respect towards the Celiakos and turned publicly against him. It might well be that he has plans taking over the Empire, for which he would need the help of the lawless, the Marauders. This had to be under observation by all nations.

Azazor's full control of the Akenak in turn made any plans to re-instal diplomacy between the Fyros and Matis obsolete. There was no point in following up that trail, and that the Assembly ended on the note that they'll wait what the Kingdom has to say was farcial at best, but not funny.

Then there were those two other things. On a simply practical note, one would be able to deal with both of them, and from that point of view Salazar didn't worry too much about either. One, of course, had to be handled with delicacy; but here he had played the cards back to the Akenak for the time being, and they would have to show their hand first. The other one - well, Ser Nilstilar was not just a Royal Ambassador, but a friend, someone Salazar actually was fond of. So he had to be found, and it had to be taken in consideration that maybe he was abducted (Azazor's Fyros, opposing the return to diplomacy? Who knows ...)

The lean Matis rushed out of the Arboretum up into his office to pick paper and a quill. He sat down and grabbed for the quill when he noted that tips of his fingers had turn violet, and he became aware that, while in thought, he had also touched some of the poisonous plants. He rubbed off the poison carelessly on a piece of cloth, and then started to write ...

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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Most of the homins were present before the arrival of the celiakos Gaphybus. This was an opportunity to introduce themselves to the new Zoraï ambassador Yokao.

The akenak got off to a slow start, due in part to Tryker chatter and ignorance of the correct seating arrangements for guests. It was therefore necessary to remind everyone once again that patriots go to the right gallery on entering, and guests to the left. Note that if we were in the agora, it would be easier and there would be more room. A number of homins have found themselves trapped because of the narrowness of the stands.

The akenak begins, with the choice of Fyros ambassadors. There were three candidates. Shallah, who was rejected on the grounds that this fyrette did not inspire confidence (too recent a presence in the desert and rambling). She finally withdrew, claiming she had never wanted to run.

Then Lyren and Ulymorus showed up and were both selected after close questioning by Naveruss and Azazor.

A word to the foreign ambassadors. Zoraï ambassador Yokao tells us that studies on the amber cube containing the piece of black stinger given to the Zoraï have triggered its explosion, releasing a kind of black molasses. Naveruss suggests studying this substance on plants and animals. Graphybus asks the ambassadors to obtain a copy of the scientific report on this study.

Report from Tryker ambassador Lorlyn. Well, report... that's a big word. The trykette was even more stupid than usual, hallucinating and talking nonsense. In particular, she spoke of famine in Trykoth after the water rot, which of course is a total fabrication. She was removed manu militari by Trykers Kyriann and Eolinius.

Lorlyn is replaced by Eolinius. Eolinius confirms that the Federation is not suffering from famine. However, he points out that compensation for the water route is still outstanding. The Empire had promised to supply materials and tools. It therefore seems necessary to organize a caravan from Pyr to Fairheaven to keep our promise. We also noted a lack of communication between fyros and tryker, which led to a minor diplomatic incident with this disastrous negotiation between matis and fyros on the passage of the road through the forest. The absence of a Fyros diplomat seems to be partly to blame. The fact that there are now two Fyros ambassadors should solve the problem.

Eolinius remarks that the Matis ambassador Nilstilar has not been seen since the water route. The matis present at the assembly make very bad insinuations that the fyros are responsible. The aggression of the akenakos Azazor by the viscountess Leeis and his kidnapping in reprisal are brought up again, as if this constituted any proof.

(Technical interruption of the meeting due to late hour. Resumption the following day)

The usual blah-blah until the officials arrive.

Discussion of the Renegade attack. Summary of the situation.

Patriots speak out on the subject. Ulymorus points out that, although his surname is identical to that of the former renegade leader, he has no connection with him.

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Lyren explains his point of view, that the renegades' opinion should be taken into account before things get ugly. It was decided that the ambassadors would take on the task of listing the grievances of the other tribes, to avoid further rancor.

Matis Salazar explains that we shouldn't be too mean to the former renegade leader, who is being held prisoner, and that the measure of a nation's greatness is its mercy. In short, the usual orko spiel. As if we were barbarians out to get a prisoner. Graphybus also points out that the trial date has not yet been set.

Opening of the topic on the resumption of diplomatic relations with the Matis.

Ulymorus thinks we don't have to be flat-headed to resume diplomatic relations with the matis. This change of heart questions Graphybus; the patriot explains that he's been scalded by the negotiations with the matis during the water route and has understood who he's dealing with.

Lyren takes the floor to say that she's in favor of resuming dialogue, otherwise she doesn't see why we accept the matis at our assemblies.

Azazor points out, as Lyren said, that we are much more open-minded than the matis. He proposes not to allow matis to come to us (and encourage other nations to do the same) until the matis assemblies are open to all.

Naveruss has also changed her mind and is no longer in favor of resuming diplomatic relations with the Matis. In particular, she expects them to apologize for poisoning the akenakos Azazor with black sap and to hand over the culprit, Canillia, to fyros justice.

Salazar comes to explain that he needs written proof that it's Canillia, despite his oral confession. Azazor slaps him in the face, and he stands up to Graphybus, who reminds him of the discipline. The celiakos tells him something like 'tar ta gueule at recess.

Yokao explains that what she sees gives her the impression that the fyros only want war with the matis.

Discussion on resuming diplomatic relations with the marauders. Ulymorus says that the marauders only want chaos and finds no resemblance between the marauders of the NT and those described by Azazor on the AT. Azazor explains that this must be done to weaken Akilia by valorizing the marauders who distance themselves from it. Once again, Naveruss is finally convinced.

We wonder if the guests have any say in the matter. Azazor thinks they don't have a say. But Naveruss reminds us that this isn't a place for orskos, and that we can talk even if we're not fyros.

Eolinius takes up the subject. How do you tell the difference between a good marauder and a bad one? Well, a bad marauder is a guy who sees someone and hits him. A good marauder, on the other hand, sees a guy, taps him, but he's a good marauder.

Azazor proposes to contact the marauders. And end of meeting.


fyros pure sève
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Courier adressé au Celiakos Gaphybus

De Filirae Canillia Altae Di Sylengi,
Membre du très Noble Ordre Alkiane,
Bénie de la Mère.


Je vous adresse ce courrier car je suis sans réponse concernant la plainte que j'ai adressé aux autorités de l'Empire Fyros.

Je vous met ici le facsimilé de ma plainte:

Courrier de plainte auprès de l'Empire Fyros

De Filirae Canillia Altae Di Sylengi,
Membre du très Noble Ordre Alkiane,
Bénie de la Mère.

Aux Sénateurs de l'Empire :

Pour commencer, je tiens à préciser que cette démarche est faite à titre purement individuel.
Elle n'engage en rien l'Ordre Alkiane, le Royaume ou notre Karan et sa famille.

Je souhaite porter à la connaissance des très honorables Membres du Sénat la plainte concernant la lâche agression dont ma maisonnée a été victime en mon absence.

La dame de compagnie de ma mère a été enlevée par un individu très violent.
Pour parvenir à ses fins, celui-ci a maltraité les gents en charge du service de ma demeure.
De plus, il est responsable de sa dégradation.

Cet individu était un homin de sève fyros d'âge mûr.
Il portait une tenue de combat fyros de couleur rouge.
Il arborait des bijoux aux armes de l'Empire et les insignes d'un Akenak.
Son visage était marqué par de profondes brûlures à peine cicatrisées.

Malheureusement, je ne peux être certaine de son identité.
Je fais donc confiance à la sagacité et la force des Autorités de l'Empire pour le démasquer et le juger rapidement.

Je crains également que cet événement honteux ne soit le fait d'une puissance occulte cherchant à raviver les anciennes vendettas entre nos deux grandes Nations.

Mes serviteurs m'ont rapporté que l'individu proférait des propos incohérents.
Il prétendait notamment être le père de la dame de compagnie de ma mère.
Cela est totalement absurde, car Sera Be'Lauren a toujours affirmé que son père fut de sève matis.

Depuis qu'elle a été enlevée de force, nous n'avons plus aucune nouvelle d'elle.
Étant donné que cela s'est produit il y a plusieurs semaines, nous craignons maintenant que le pire ne lui soit arrivé.

J'espère que cette plainte recevra un accueil qui mettra la vérité, l'honneur et la justice avant les préjugés, la vengeance et l'indiscipline.

De plus, j'espère, aussi, que l'enlèvement d'un sujet de notre Karan et l'agression injustifiée de la maisonnée d'une noble du Royaume Matis ne viendront pas attiser le feu souterrain qui sépare nos deux Nations.


Filirae Canillia Altae Di Sylengi.

dans l'attente d'une réponse de l'Empire Fyros veuillez accepter mes Salutations.

Filirae Canillia Altae Di Sylengi

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Lyren had too much on her mind, but what she had just witnessed was beyond her comprehension. She set about drafting a short letter to the celiakos.
oren pyr celiakos.

Our Tryker friends no longer announce their assemblies in the usual way. So I arrived late to this extraordinary Taliari assembly, but what little I was able to hear was quite interesting. Fortunately, my dear colleague Ulymorus was already there and will no doubt be able to tell you more about what was said.
What I witnessed next was just as astonishing.

The aim was to find a way to free a Tryker citizen (however, a Matis) and member of the Eternal Moon, imprisoned by the kingdom because he claimed to be King of the Matis instead of King of the Matis. Apparently he was in possession of a parchment proving this.

To put pressure on Stevano to release the prisoner, a Tryker citizen (albeit Zoraï), also a member of the Moon, kidnapped the Matis ambassador (Nilstilar, this time, a real Matis!) in broad daylight. The ambassador was simply invited to stay in the lakes, where he enjoyed the mild climate that prevailed last winter.

The Matis Matis ambassador was released at the assembly, and the Trykers decided to organize a party among the Matis to demand the release of the imprisoned Matis Tryker.

Of course, I went to the party, but I didn't want to take part in the demands.
It has to be said that trykers are much more adept at organizing a party than a water route. In less time than it takes to say it, they had transported enough barrels of byrh to water an army, built a bar and even took the time to install decorations. Of course, this was not to the liking of the matis. But I must point out their stoicism, disregarding the noise and disturbance the Trykers were so keen to cause. I can't say whether the technique had any influence on the outcome.

When the Tryker and Taliari ambassadors were invited to appear before the king, I managed to sneak inside the throne room. They didn't notice my presence right away, and although I was undoubtedly seen by a few Matis notables, I managed to remain silent and undetected by the guards. My purpose was, of course, simply to observe.

And here's what I observed:
The Trykers have asked for the release of the imprisoned Tryker (matis), (as well as the repayment of one or more barrels of Byrh, go figure) with several promises from the Tryker federation, notably to guarantee (on honor? I couldn't say) that the homin won't cause problems in the future.
Stevano, in a fit of laziness, accepted. Perhaps he didn't quite understand what it was all about, because of the hideous butterfly wings in his ears.

Should a similar case arise within the Empire, I'm convinced that the sharük will remain strong and put truth, justice, honor and discipline before any punitive action.
The Matis ruler will only have proved to his people that his despotism and ignorance go hand in hand with his lack of firmness. In all likelihood, the Tryker citizen who is released will be the talk of the town again, and it's possible that the Matis ruler's unfounded reactions will lead to war with the Federation. Let's be vigilant.

sharükos pyrèküd !
cal i selak !

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