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akenak assembly of Pyr's notice board .

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Looks at the poster and she glue it on the wall at the academy:

cal i selak !!! 

Here what happened in the last akenos assembly:

The assembly began with celiakos Lyan and akenos Lerya and akenos Daavics, this last one is no more akenos so he left during the assembly. Pyr Patriot Ventron was present too and later celiakos Dios and Pyr Citizen Diwu came too. 

Ventron asked for the Beer-Water Road proposed by the Trykers and Lerya told him that she will give an answer as soon as posible since she is in charge of that topic. Lerya read a note an Izam brought to her during the assembly. It was from Jazzy. He told her that she was invited to the next Taliari Assembly so she can know more about the topic. After that assembly Lerya will bring more information. 

After that Diwu and Dios came.

Diwu was worried about how the patriots and citizen of the sharük where not well informed about Atreus, and how only those who went to the assemblies know about it. 

Both celiakos told her that the Atreus topic is delicate and that better to wait for better times to talk about it. 

Lerya added that it is true that those not present in the assemblies weren´t good informed. She told how she worked hard to improve the comunication between citizens of Pyr (patriots or not) and the akenos assembly, and also between akenos, but never happened nothing. Taking this in to account, akenos Lerya proposed to make a census of the citizens of Pyr. This way, those who live in Pyr will know who are their neighbors and it will make a stronger comunity. 

Lerya will look for those names among the Guild Leaders and celiakos Lyan will make the census in the gates of Pyr.  

Once they have this list, akenos assembly will start to think how to make this people work together and bring more activity and activities to the capital, and of course, in a system so they are informed about what´s happening on the city and in the sharük. 

After that assembly was finished by celiakos Lyan. 

If you are citizen of Pyr, patriot or not, please, send an izam to akenos Lerya. 


Lerya Rechtuch


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Lerya puts a poster on the Academy wall:

cal i selak !!!

The last akenak assembly of Pyr was a long one. The topics were the following:

  • Atreus trial.
  • Visit of the sharükos to Dyron and Thesos.
  • Tribes of the sharük.
  • Different memories.
  • Water road.
  • Pyr census.

Atreus Trial:

Decalion Krilus came to talk about himself, and this were is words:

"oren pyr and akep for letting me speak here. You all know that I have served the sharük and the sharükos my whole life. During all those years in which I have served in and finally led the Burning Faces, I never experienced a greater honor than staying true and faitful to the sharükos and his family. But I can not deny that I have failed my duties, that I have damaged the pillar of discipline when the homin called Atreus appeared. I was blinded by my deep affections towards sharükos Dexton. I served him his whole life and the hope that he still could live made me forget my true duty: to serve sharükos Lykos. This not only damaged the pillar of discipline but also damaged my personal honor. I offered sharükos Lykos my retirement as the leader of the Burning Faces. But I have heard what Atreus told about the imperial family. And I don't think that Atreus told the truth. During all my years of duty, I was close to the imperial family. Atreus said, sharükos Cerakos and his mother Lydia gave him away as a baby, after his birth. For political reasons, being second born. This does not make sense. Never was a child born in the Imperial Palace by the wife of a sharükos given away. There was no reason for it. Atreus' words once more befouled the honor of the sharükos and his ancestors. It cannot be the truth. So I asked sharükos Lykos to allow me to find the truth. It is my personal quest, my obligation to restore my honor. A trial is inevitable. But I would like to search the whole burning desert, whole atys for hints to reveal the truth. I would like to find witnesses, proves, whatever I can find to cut through this net of lies. sharükos Lykos agreed to my request. He gave me the freedom to pursue my quest for the truth. "

After this akenak Eeri and Mermaidia offered her help to Decalion. Eeri told him that she will help him in his quest, and Icus asked to be Atreus attorney in the trial. After talking about Atreus health, the decision to make a public or only for patriots trial wasn´t taken. The trial was excheduled to the time the next akenos assemblies will take part. So no akenos assemblies as the usual time but the trial preparation.

Visit of the sharükos to Dyron and Thesos

Icus told that for this visit Thesos will prepare a craft contest with differents categories, one of them beeing making the best Burning weapon for sharükos, as a gift. He also wanted to know if they could use some of the rare material the sharük have in his chest  as a reward for the winner. celiakos agreed. 

Since no Dyron akenos present, what will be done at Dyron wasn´t decided. 

Tribes of the sharük

Icus requested about more power to the different akenos assemblies so they can manage the problems in every tribe with out the sharükos overview. celiakos agreed and they hope akenos manage the situations and when the problems become huge, to ask for help to them.


Different memories

Topic not talked since it was not time.

Water road

akenos Lerya still in charge. She said that she was invited to the last Taliari assembly so they inform her about the project. By now she didn´t have nothing. Jazzy is in charge of the project on Tryker side and she is waiting for an izam with the answer. Tryker want to do it as same as the last time, but adding alcohol to the exchange too. When, trough where and who are details that she didn´t know yet since Jazzy must answer first. They also asked for alcohol made by Geyos guild, and akenos Lerya allready told with him. Geyos agreed if we give him help. How much help, as the rest, still to know.


Pyr census

Since the trial will happen at the same time the next akenos assemblies will happen, Lyan Cexius called to Cencaon to came to the akenak assembly. akenos Lerya asked for a Pyr census in the last Pyr akenos assembly and Lyan told that he will ask to a malos to do it. Cencaon is the fyros, and he will be near the Kami altar to take census of every homin that talks with him.



Fyrk bless you all!!!



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Multilingual | [English] | Español

Too much work, and made a mistake with the titles and multilingual, sorry for that. Enjoy the text.


Lerya Rechtuch

#6 [en] 

Lerya (atys)

Mucho trabajo, y he fallado con los títulos en multilingüe, perdón por eso. Disfruta del texto.

te agradezco mucho la traducción a español, algo que no suele verse a menudo =)

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Thanks for your words. I always translate to spanish the assembly summaries I make. You can check previos ones if you wish too :)

Now, with the multilingual tool i can do it faster. Before this system I had to make 4 posts, english and spanish ones, for roleplay on forums and for fyros forum.

thanks again!!


Lerya Rechtuch

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I guess the Akenak isn't a thing anymore? I Miss my title :(


The fail whale!


My name is Lil, but you may call me Your Majesty. ;)

#9 [en] 

The Akenak still exists as an Institution of the Empire. Sadly, Lerya left us, I miss her sadly. No anglophone Fyros patriots were found since to obtain her post.

The ways Akenak are appointed have changed though. To cite the text of the imperial decree the link to which is broken for some reason (broken link) :
[Imperial decree] Civil reorganisation of the Empire cities around their akenak

Article 1 – Civil organisation of the Empire cities

Each city of the sharük is placed under the responsibility of a sole akenak. The akenak is the civil representative of the sharükos to the town inhabitants. Their duty is to ensure, as the Emperor himself would, that the needs of his fellow citizens, with respect to the four Pillars, are met.

a) To assist with their dutys, the akenak can appoint Patriots in his city to the title of akenos, to be entrusted with various tasks. akenak are ultimatly responsible for their appointed akenos. Those patriots appointed akenos will have to prove they are worthy, just as their akenak does.
Nevertheless, all Patriots are free to be part of the assemblies and to express themselves there by exchanging their ideas and opinions, as long as they do it in the respect of the Fyros values.

b) The akenak can ask the celikaos of his city for advice as they require, and communicate with the Imperial Senate or with sharükos if needed.

c) The military decisions remain the prerogative of the strategos.

The decisions concerning the whole Empire will be shared by the akenak of the three cities gathered in Pyr, subject to the approval of sharükos or the one of the Imperial Senate.

Article 2 – akenak appointment

The Emperor will appoint in person the akenak, every two years of Jena, among the candidates worthy of this office who will have presented themselves to the celiakos of their cities.

Application conditions

a) Only Patriots can apply to the akenak position.

b) The applicants will have to prove, by words or by their past actions, their devotion to sharükos, to the sharük, to the Pillars and to the Desert’s People. They’ll have to commit to continue upholding the Pillars, and to lead their fellow citizens, by their example and by their actions.

c) The applicants will have to prove their representation, by having the Patriots who support them attending their application speech.

d) Once the two years of Jena are over, the akenak will give back their position, and any Patriot who thinks he fulfils the required conditions can submit his application to the celiakos.
If an akenak wishes to continue his role, they will prove their worth again, by their acts to the trial of the sharükos, and his fellow citizens.

Post vacancy

a) In case of occasional vacancy in their position, the akenak can delegate their responsibilities to one of their akenos.

b) In case of extended vacancy, they will have to render their office, and the celiakos and the people of their Cities will present new applicants.

Article 3 – Multiple applications

a) If enough valuable Patriots are ready to serve sharükos and the sharük as akenak for a city, they will then share the length of the mandate in equal durations, starting with the one with the more supports.

b) There won’t be more than one applicant at the same time per patriot guild: it is up to each guild leader to chose with fairness in their ranks, the most capable Patriot to practice this responsibility.

Article 4 – akenak forfeiture

If an akenak disobeyed the Emperor, or betrayed the Pillars or the Patriots whom they promised to protect and guide, they would be immediately be dismissed from thier post. The greater the honour, the greater the responsibility.

Lykos – Pyr Imperial Palace
Germinally 25, 1st AC, 2585
I don't know how long you did not play. After the server merge first Akenak were elected as before, only per city, not nationwide (Akenak of Thesos (fr), Pyr (en), and Dyron (de) but due to dwindling participation that prove as impractical.

I mourn the days on Leanon when we had a lively Fyros (and not just Fyros) RP with several candidates, electoral campaigns and Meetings. After the merge much of that died down. Stiara, former Akenak of Dyron, applied for appointment months ago, but no assembly has been set since to introduce her, to see the patriots who would act as guarantors for her.

So I do not think that you can just get the Akenak title back you had before the merge on Arispotle (I do not recall you as Akenak since then). But it would be great if you could act as Akenak of Pyr, at least in case we find 2 or 3 anglophone Fyros Patriots willing at least to attend the assemblies.


Daomei die Streunerin - religionsneutral, zivilisationsneutral, gildenneutral

#10 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Deutsch | [English] | Français
Agenda of the assembly of the akenak of Pyr on Pluvia 14, 4th CA 2595 (*)

– Candidacies and appointments
– Reorganization of imperial institutions
– The floor is to the Ambassadors

(*) [OOC] Sunday, 19 November 2017 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago)
The assembly will be interrupted to counter an attack in the second half of the evening. Note that from a roleplay point of view, your characters cannot know it in advance. [/OOC]

#11 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français
Lykos introduction

oren pyr!

*Looks at the few akenak and patriots who are present, through the dark air.*

We are in a turbulent time. Since Atreus and his trytonnist followers have divided the Patriots and destabilized the Empire, we are weakening and falling asleep in the immobility.
The Marauders are taunting us from their nearby camp, and we have been slow to react.
Are we going to take root like Matis?
What happened to our great ambitions?Where is cal, the strength of the sharük, hiding?
What glory are we chasing after?

*Looks at the akenak and patriots present.*

Your small number in front of me reflects these doubts and the state of the sharük, as well as mine, until today. But it's time to move on!
Fyros, it's time to wake up the Empire! To get it out of his immobility! To give the sharük his strength back! Together! I want you all to be proud to be part of the sharük!

*Raises his fist.*

sharük pyrèkud!

*Waits a little while.*

I know you need action, not long speeches, and you will have some! There's so much to rebuild!
But, in order to move forward, the sharük also needs to surround himself with the best possible men and not withdraw into himself.
I will therefore begin by filling the vacant posts, presenting my reform of the institutions and giving the floor to the Ambassadors.

Candidacies and appointments

Appointment of celiakos Graphybus Ceros as Imperial Councilor, replacing Abycus Zekops:
Since the death of Abycus Zekops, I no longer have an Imperial Councilor. I have just appointed celiakos Graphybus Ceros to this position.

of Xinna Cekaps and Melossen Aerus as celiakos:
Since Graphybus Ceros will become an Imperial Advisor, a celiakos position has become vacant. The two candidates for this position are Xinna Cekaps and Melossen Aerus.
I will soon seek the advice of the Patriots before choosing between them.

Candidacy of Stiara for a post of akenak:
Dyron's akenak position is vacant. Dios Apotheps, Celiakos de Dyron, supports the candidacy of Patriot Stiara. Is she present in the audience to introduce herself to me?

(Stiara was not there, so is invited to come to next assembly.)

Candidacy of Naveruss as ambassador to the Theocracy and the Federation:
Ibiphan Dynix, Celiakos de Thesos, supports the double candidacy of Patriot Naveruss Kynigrips for the post of Ambassador to the Theocracy and the Federation.Is Naveruss Kynigrips present in the audience to introduce herself to me?[i]

(Naveruss has been nominated Ambassador to Federation and Theocracy.)

[/i]Reorganization of imperial institutions

Let's move on to reforming the Imperial Institutions.

*Shakes his fists.*
I can't bear to see how slowly imperial files are being processed! Look at the Abycus Zekops and Thulam Cekaps case! The ineffectiveness of Xalis Perimenix, the celiakos in charge of the investigation, is second to none. A celiakos and his sister, both of Abycus's family, also interfered with the investigation. This is unacceptable!

Until then, the investigator was always a member of the Senate, and the judge was the Academician in charge of the Chair of Justice.

Starting from now, Justice becomes an institution in its own right, on equal footing with the Senate, the Academy and the Army.
I'm appointing Aeryx Xan as head of justice. He will have to submit to me as soon as possible his proposal for the organisation of this new institution.

For more details on the new organization of Imperial Institutions, please refer to the document published for that purpose. (HRP: forum: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/27854/1 / wiki: https://forge.ryzom.com/wiki/Imperial_Institutional_Organisation).

But I won't wait any longer! I myself am taking over the investigation so that it can be completed quickly. I will ask my Graphybus Ceros Advisor to write and publish a summary of the facts related to this double inquiry. And we will continue it together soon.

The sharük needs to know what's happening elsewhere on Atys. The ambassadors have the floor.

(A messenger from the Thesos Defensetower warns Lykos that Thesos is being attacked and that guards positioned at the Tower have been overwhelmed. Lykos and the attendees teleport to counter the marauder attack.
They succeed to defeat the Marauders but after a long fight.
Lykos is furious and demands that the security of Thesos be reinforced: construction of other towers and reinforcement of the guard.)

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Agenda of the assembly of the akenak of Pyr on 0h - Quinteth, Fallenor 29, 4th AC 2595(*)

– Defense of Thesos

– The floor is open to the Ambassadors

– Status of the investigation about Abycus Zekops murder and Thulam Cekaps death

[OOC] On Thursday, 23 November 2017 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago).

#13 Multilingual 

Multilingual | [English] | Français

Defense of Thesos

oren pyr!

Patriots, Desert inhabitants,

Have you seen it? Did you see how these vile marauders dared to attack Thesos? This is unacceptable!

Thesos is the shield of the Empire and the city almost fell in just a few hours?! Our defence tower did not defend anything at all and that is unacceptable!

So I ordered Messedos Syagrus to lead the construction of other towers, or even to connect them if necessary. He will contact you shortly to give you his instructions.

I also direct gladumakos Ibiritis Ibirus, the strategos of Thesos, to assign more guards to these towers when they are built.

Finally, we cannot let the Marauders' affront pass without reacting! So I call on the Patriots and the inhabitants of the Desert to organize as soon as possible an attack on their miserable camp, and to show them what it costs to attack the Empire!

Candidacies and appointments

Let's move on to the applications.
Dyron's akenak position is still open. Dios Apotheps, Celiakos de Dyron, supports the candidacy of Patriot Stiara. This time, is she present in the audience?

Stiara is there.
Finally you're here!
Dios Apotheps has told me the greatest good of you, assuring me that even if you are not Fyros of sap, you have shown to all that your heart is fyros and that you are worthy to serve the Empire again.
Can you tell me more about what you have achieved as an akenak? And what are your ambitions for Dyron if you become one again?

Stiara explains she has initiated the Outback Drill project when she was akenak, and would like to contribute to Dyron's rise.

Is there in the assistance of the inhabitants of Dyron to support his candidacy?
sigh at me.

celiakos Dios Apotheps tells again she support the candidate.

As a normal person, I couldn't accept it without support other than celiakos. But Dyron's situation is special, and the city needs an active akenak to help it to become competitive and participate again in the life of the sharük.
Stiara, I name you again akenak of Dyron, and entrust you with this task.

Stiara goes on the stage to take place with akenak Azazor.


Ambassador Naveruss gave news of the Jungle, with the goo's progress. Lykos asks her to tell the Theocracy that the Empire will help with the goo issue.
She also gave news about the Federation, who has recruited special guards against Marauders, and who have judged an old Marauder.

Review of the investigation into the murder of Abycus Zekops and the death of Thulam Cekaps

<<< Read the report >>>

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#14 Multilingual 

Bring extra guards with you cause you will need it as we you have seen we are not many but we can make rain blood in desert o any where we wish,with arms in our hands we wait for you all.


From past we learn,present we live and future we make:))

#15 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Deutsch | [English] | Français
Agenda of the assembly of the akenak of Pyr - 0h - Prima, Nivia 19, 4th AC 2595 (*)

Public part at Agora:
Launch of the construction of a second defence tower.

Closed session at Imperial Palace

Continuation of the investigation concerning the death of Abycus Zekops.

(*) [OOC] Monday, 27 November 2017 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago) [/OOC]

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