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So, it all arrived in a quite large bubble wrapped box! So many layers of bubble wrap and a plastic bag layer for each one too! Most look good but the prime roots yelk(mostly black) and the jungle kipee didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. I'll post images later( I need to try finding a good lighting setup here at home). After I hopefully find a good setup I'll take pictures of them and post em!

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How difficult is it to also make a gubani?


#79 [en] 

The gubani will be difficult but doable I think. The protruding hairs are the problem I dread but those hairs from its legs are actually 2D instead of 3D resulting in the issue. I just really dislike texture work so I keep putting it off(i've had most of the gubani almost done over a year now). I probably need to make it already as everyone seems to want one lol.

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So I've been working on the gubani off and on. The "wings of hair" it has might be ok but I still have to adjust the texture. I've now located a new problem with the toes(I also have an issue with the Varynx' Toes). I might be able to fix these issues without having to overhaul the model and then retexture it.

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I'm still having issues with the texture but the model geometry is looking better.

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Where is the i like button ?


Zozo bleu

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On the top right hand side of the screen you'll see a Dropdown Box with a number beside it. There is also another button called "Yubos" the Dropdown is basically how many stars you want to give this thread and the yubos button submits it. If you need it I can probably produce an image for you.

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So what figurines would everyone like to see?

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So.....I have a *cough* well its not really a surprise lol.

I'm quality checking this as best I can before I actually put it up for sale. Actually, I might order this and the Forest Kami Welcomer so I actually see how they turn out.

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Well, the kami isn't ready to go apparently I didn't make it thick enough. The gubani looks like its almost ready for a test run.

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That Gubani is so cute, so is the bolobi, and the plod, and who knew that a clopper could look cute too!:D

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Sorry for the long wait but I stay tired lately(sleep quality must be really bad). I'm going to order the gubani sometime this week to see how it turned out but if anyone wants to order it early you'll be able to.

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Hey everyone I just enabled the gubani for sale and I'll be ordering today so in a few weeks we'll get to see how it turned out!. I was going to play ryzom a bit today but man 1.6 gb patch T.T

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So I got my order in the other day and I took pictures when they arrived. All of the figurines I ordered turned out quite well in fact.
1x Jungle Gubani -

1x Jungle Capryni -

1x Leafless Cratcha -

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