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do you ship to the U.S?

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Very nice figurines !

do you ship to the U.S?



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Omgoodness, that Plod is cute cute cute! :D

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Hello everyone!
Got more new ones after this batch coming out!

Jungle Najab

Lakelands Najab

Lakelands Kipee

Prime Roots Kipee

Desert Kipee

Jungle Kipee

Jungle Bawaab

Bawakya Minion Bawaab

Jungle Timari

Desert Timari

Cratcha Leafless
This one is a beta until I can convert the texture into a 3D model but I thought a few people might like it as is.

Thanks for answering that question Ekoh. I checked later that day but you already got it!

Nice Bolobi Kiwalie!

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Could you put [img] before each of your lines and [/img] after each of your links? that would help greatly! :)

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Kipeeees! <3 I'm so going to order one for christmas (or even earlier)!

Amazing work!



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Really Siela! I so wanted to say put [Xurl]Link Name[/Xurl] take out the Xs.

I didn't know about img


The Clan

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Original poster has uploaded images, this is just a quick linklist now
 Jungle Najab
 Lakelands Najab
 Lakelands Kipee
 Prime Roots Kipee
 Desert Kipee
 Jungle Kipee
 Jungle Bawaab
 Bawakya Minion Bawaab
 Jungle Timari
 Desert Timari

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Thanks for reminding me about that Siela. I had completely forgotten how to post images! And thanks for making links Loved.

Thanks and enjoy

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Hey everyone! Been busy but I'm about to release some new figurines. Had some issues with my internet but it worked out!

I'll be doing the release soon. Most likely release time will be in a few days.

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Hi, Ilike it :)


Zozo bleu

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Hey everyone! Shapeways is running a Free Shipping sale until Aug 21. I'm also putting a few models up for sale during this one week free shipping sale.

I made a new shop section for this sale!

(P.S. I have new animals up :) )

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Virg has just ordered two more for me which I cant wait to get!! :))

Was wondering whether you had considered making a collection of bosses i.e. Aranaketh, Aranakin etc... in mini versions


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Awesome! Congrats on that Elvanae and give Virg some thanks from me :).

As for bosses I'm almost to those but many will require alot of work because of their geometry.

I've got 10 figurines, 2 bracelets(based on game art) and 2 Homin Race Pendants being produced at Shapeways. This wait time has been tormenting me lol.
1 Jungle kincher
1 Jungle Kipee
1 Forest Ocyx
1 Jungle Plod
1 Forest Bolobi
1 Desert Clopper
1 Prime Roots Yelk
1 Jungle Wombai
1 Jungle Najab
1 Jungle Bawaab

1 Tryker Emblem
1 Fyros Emblem
1 3.5in diameter Bracelet(I made this way to big)
1 3.25in diameter Bracelet(I made this way to big)

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