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Hmmm... For the cratcha, could you make it with leaves that could be attached by the purchaser? I.e. put a pair of pins on the stem and holes in the leaves?


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I'm not sure that's possible for Sandstone bitttymacod. I'll look into adding those leaves in but I'll have to pull some tricks so its not too difficult for the Shapeways team to work with.

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I just copy pasted this from the Shapeways website.

Your purchase supports our community of small businesses. Use code SMALLBIZ for 25% off everything.

Details :
Terms & Conditions

Promo code SMALLBIZ is good for 25% off a designer's own models, and models in the Marketplace.
Code is valid 3 uses per customer with a maximum discount of $100 USD per order before taxes and VAT.
If you order a design during the promotion period that cannot be printed, we cannot apply discounts to future orders (even if these designs are repaired).
Code cannot be combined with other discounts or offer codes.
No cash value.
Expires November 27th, 2016 at 11:59pm PST.

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Gubani plushie.. textile and stuffing, eyes manually sewed on:

Cost was about $15.


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Do you think you could add a Horncher to the list??? I would buy it if you do <3 Thanks



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Lookie what I gots <3

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wow! Nice job!

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Lookie what I gots <3

Stunningly pretty, specially the bwaab.


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I realize this thread is four-years-old, but would the creator consider adding a Mini version of the Prime Roots sandstone lumper, please? Thank you for considering. :)


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These still look sooooo amazing. *cries over cheap fdm 3d printer*


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Found some invasive species in my kitchen... But I think I'll keep them!



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soooo cute !!!


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They finally settled in a place similar to Zora. I'm able to feed them small pieces of bark and moss, only the sound they make from time to time is slightly annoying...


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They look great :)


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