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Bous , Vous arrives-t-ils de penser clientèle de temps en temps.
En ce moment et je rajoute encore une fois .
Il met impossible de jouer correctement tellement la connexion est mauvaise.
Et pas question de faire retomber la faute à je ne sais quelle excuse de test .
Sa dure et perdure .
voilà je suis un peu en colère donc je vous le fais savoir.
NON MAIS .......

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Euh, je suis pas sûr que ça vienne du serveur quand même (personnellement, j'en ai très peu ...). Par curiosité, c'est quoi ton FAI ?


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Ouragant --

There are several kinds of lag in the game.

First is the lag that comes from the link between you and the server. For instance I have a moderately slow DSL connection (1.5 Mb/sec AT&T). If I am downloading a system upgrade to my laptop at the same time as I am trying to play Ryzom I get awful lag. This can be resolved by not downloading system upgrades at the same time, unless the lag is caused further up the link (for instance by bad weather near a major exchange hub).

Second is the lag that comes from the server being pre-occupied for a second, possibly by another operation such as housecleaning. Recently this seems to have mostly been solved.

Third is the lag caused by the client downloading a lot of information due to the region the player is in or the activity that is going on. This is the source of the famed Zora lag and the lags that affect people during OP battles.

Note that ONLY the second kind of lag can be addressed by devs / operators.

By the way, the in game translator had a fit translating your initial message.
Ouragant via Gootrad
Bous, you arrive do they think customers from time to time.
At the moment and I still adds a time.
It offers not play properly so the connection is bad.
And no question of the guilt I know not what excuse to test.
Its hard and endures.
now I'm a little angry so I know you do.
NO cornstarch .......

In friendship, cleaning a small room for disagreement; and blurred, another for reconciliation.

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