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Written on official Imperial Army Stationery.
Mistia 24 3rdAC 2580
To: Ulyros Xydos Captain, Imperial Army, Pyr Guard Corps.
From: Lyton Cerus, Sergeant, Imperial Army, Security Corps.
Action: Reports of a new "hermit" (or vagrant) in the region of Oflavak's Oasis have been investigated. The homin in question, a Fyros with the name of Iophyrus Phynix, was located and interviewed. He claims to have recently emerged from the deep roots where he survived for many years before his advancing age drove him to seek a less dangerous place to live. He had built a campfire and had a large pile of partially burned wood nearby, but the fire was well-tended (and pleasantly warm in the chill of the evening) and presented no danger.
Evaluation: Harmless.
Recommendation: Periodic inspection.
Lyton Cerus

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Hmmm... suspicious characters. I must investigate.


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Very worth it :)


#4 [en] 

Take a friend - the Way is a little rough ...


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#5 [en] 

All four spots are reasonably easy to reach, if you sneak.

But yeah, the younger homins will have some trouble, since they can't take too much damage before they're gone :D


#6 [en] 

Finally ! I been freezin my .. er .. toes off running around in LA in the snow - not to mention diggin nekkid.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

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