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Taliari assembly of Fairhaven's notice board .

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Protokoll der 7. gesamtföderalen Sitzung von Fairhaven

(Platzhalter, wird ergänzt)


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Protokoll der 8. gesamtföderalen Sitzung von Fairhaven

4h - Holeth, Floris 12, 1st AC 2580 (ooc: 13.10.2014)

Anwesende Offizielle:

  • Ailan Mac'Kean, Gouverneurin und Kard'al von Windermeer

Anwesende Taliari:

  • Binarabi, Guardians of Shadows
  • Chanchey, The Free Soul
  • Chenli als Vertretung für Kaaon, Clan Talodi
  • Jazzy, Ba Nhori Drakani
  • Meagon, Spiritus Artificis

Anwesende Vertreter anderer Nationen:


Prozess gegen Nizyros

Der Marodeur Nizyros soll angeklagt werden wegen Verbrechen gegen die Föderation. Die Jury soll aus drei Tryker-Taliaren bestehen, einem Karavan-Anhänger, einem Kami-Anhänger und einem neutralen. Die Verhandlung soll bald stattfinden.


Es wurde über die Vermietung der Marktstände gesprochen. Ausländische Händler sind erlaubt gegen Gebühren zur Marktstandmietung. Ob Marodeure die Möglichkeit haben sollen, auf dem Markt etwas zu kaufen ist noch offen. Taliar Aerie merkte an, dass die Außenposten in Trykerhand gehörten und fand damit Unterstützung, allerdings wurde keine Entscheidung gefällt.

Identität der Tryker-Städte

Gouverneurin Ailan wies noch einmal darauf hin, die Gestaltung der Stadtbanner voranzutreiben.

Termin für die nächste gesamtföderale Sitzung

4h - Dua, Fallenor 2, 2nd AC 2580 (ooc: 07.11.2014)


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Tryker meeting, Fallenor 3rd Month of Fall, 3rd AC, 2508
(7th November 2014)
Frogmore Place

  • Nair-Ailan Mac Kean, Tryker Goveror
  • Nair-Jazzy, Commandant de l'UFA, Bai Nhori Drakani
  • Nair-Chanchey, Tryker Taliar, The Free Soul
  • Nair-Maximinus, Taliar Tryker, Une Etincelle
  • Nair-Binarabi, Taliar Tryker, Guardians of Shadows
  • Nair-Eto, Taliar Tryker, Bai Nhori Drakani
  • Nair-Krill - translater, Tyllwhee
  • Nair-Alco Matis Ambassador, La Firme
  • Nair-Chenli, Secouriste, La Tribu Talodi
  • Nair-Seternulon, Destroyer, The Free Soul
  • Nair-Zorroargh, Mage de la vie, Cercle du bois d'almat, left before he could speak on Flyners
  • Nair-Khalaoden, Apprentice Pathfinder, The Free Soul
  • Nair-Eloan, Tala O'Wytt (name given to Trykers who assist in the water road), La Tribu Talodi
  • Nair-Stcentor, Fee a'Atyss, Groupe Centor
  • Nair-Liff, Tryker Citizen
  • Nair-Lerya, Fyros Akenak, Legion Fyros
  • Nair-Sorum, Elder of Atyss, Juenger Jenas
  • Nair-Lerya, Fyros Akenak, Legion Fyros
  • Nair-Bauz, FUA member, Sword of Shockwave
  • Nair-Geyos, desert forager, La Brasseurs d'Oflovak

1 - The Matis kitins study group
2 - Water Road / beer road
3 - The city's banners
4 - Sciences: Experiments on the Flyners
5 - Guardians of Shadows
6 - The Tryker Fair
7 - Additional item raised by Chanchey: the additional city guards that were sent to fight the marauders.

1 - The Matis kitins study group
Alco gave a belated thanks for the Tryker nets made by our artisans in the Winds of Muse and informed us that the college will be made up of five matis, two trykers, two zorais and one ranger consultant - the duties will involve controlling the various study projects that will be proposed, it will not be involved in looking after the kitin in captivity. Chanchey volunteered Zorroargh but he is already our Ranger consultant. It was agreed to advertise this development opportunity to our citizens and ask them to offer their services, in particular to keep an eye on the Matis - though this was not explicitly said. Volunteers to be identified before the next assemblies.

2 - Water Road / beer road
This is to renew our commercial links with the Fyros. Nair Eloan stated that we used to provide Fyros with water and in return the Fyros provided us with protection. It is hoped that an exchange of beers will take place together with the gift of our water to the Fyros nation. This is another development opportunity and our local citizens will be asked to volunteer - again, names are needed before the next assemblies.

3 - The city's banners
Each city is asked to offer designs for their own Banners. Suggestions to be given at the respective next assemblies. Maximuss was heard to mumble that pink is his favourite colour but Avendale are suggesting the Tryker symbol with red background, Chanchey suggested each city has the Tryker symbol with its local colour as background - yellow for Windermere and green for Crystabell. The banner for Fairhaven should include suggestions from all citizens. These must be offered by December - a drawing is sufficient (but a description might be enough). At a future date banners will not only fly at the entrances of our cities but will be available for our apartments and for us to carry (protest marches with banners makes a good statement?)

4 - Sciences: Experiments on the Flyners
Zorroargh had left so this could not be advanced further but he has had previous experience here and here is a vision of his experience, there is a picture here to remind citizens of what they look like - it is thought that these might be used as a way of travelling on the wind, possibly a tryker holds onto the body of the flyner ... runs ... and then floats into the sky, Trykers may have to undergo a medical before taking part

5 - Guardians of Shadows
Concern had been expressed about the guild having marauders as its members. Binarabli stated that the guild had always beleived Elias Tryton to be honourable and as such had sympathy for the homins who were left behind at the Great Swarming, , some of whom chose to stay and fight the kitin - in the name of homins everywhere. The guild has never met such horrific marauders as Nizyros, but only shy marauders who still see the kitin as the biggest threat to our lands. The maruaders in the guild are stateless and have agreed to respect the laws of the land, Tryker Law. They have a "wild" side to their nature and prefer independence - this has led some of them to fight in outpost battles, and some to engage in fighting in faraway lands. Each has a heart of gold - are kind and helpful to others and are valued members of the guild. The guild also has members who are rangers and who are neutral.

After some discussion the Governor Nair-Ailan Mac Kean stated: It's evident that, depending on our dialect, we have a different view of what a marauder is. For some, "marauders" is the name given to all the homins exiled after a Swarm, it's almost the name of a 5th people, made, like all peoples, of good and bad homins. For others, "Marauders" is the name given to the faction made of bad homins, who attack all of hominkind and hate religions. In this case, when a homin follows the marauder rite, it is the sign that he swears allegiance to this faction. It's then a choice. These are these different meanings of the same words which can create tensions.
The matter is seen as resolved for the time being.

6 - The Tryker Fair
Binarabi has had no expressions of interest from any guilds for a booth and hopes that booths can be allocated on the day. Padger of the Beachcombers guild has beem too busy to reply but ti is hoped that he will confirm that he is able to bring and sell fireworks to the visitors. Unfortunatly Binarabi had lost the notes with the date of the fair (found later) and is provisionally Floris 25th 1st Ac 2581 *6th December, 2014* if this is acceptable to all, please confirm during the next assemblies)

7 - The additional city guards that were sent to fight the marauders.
Chanchey expressed concern over the possible waste of federal dappers for the paying of the Federation Guards. Avendale needed them at their last local assembly but Windermere is a sleepy town - and the Guards appear there (and in Crystabell) when placed on Red Alert. He requested that guards do not appear at all locations but only at the location needed in future. Nair-Ailan Mac Kean stated that the Federation Guards would be withdrawn from Windermere, but would be on stand-by if called for. Binarabi said she would confirm the need, or not, at Crystabelle at their next local meeting and let the Governor know the decision

Next meetings are local ones - please place on your agendas:
1    Choose a flag - do not leave meeting until this is resolved
2    Identify citizens who are interested in taking part in
  • i The Kitin College
  • ii The water/beer road
  • iii The Fyner (hair-raising) experiments
3    Identify which guilds are taking part in the Tryker Fair and what they will be offering to craft

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Multilingual | [English] | Français
Agenda of the Taliari Assembly (17th of april 2015)

External politic, diplomacy and trade:
- News from the other nations and factions
- Water road, beer road
- Additional topics

Internal things: internal politic, security, science, linguistic, social life and feasts
- News from the tryker cities
- Tryker fair
- Additional topics

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Agenda of the Taliari Assembly (23rd of august 2015)

External politics, diplomacy and trade:
1 - News from the other nations and factions
2 - Queen's visit: feedback
3 - Water road, beer road
4 - Additional topics

Internal things: internal politics, security, science, linguistics, social life and feasts
1 - News from the tryker cities
2 - City banners
3 - Tryker Constitution
4 - Fairhaven Market
5 - Additional topics

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(Nachtrags-)Protokoll der 09. gesamtföderalen Sitzung von Fairhaven

Bericht über den mechanischen Kincher

Be'Arroy Arty gab einen kurzen Bericht über den mechanischen Kincher und seine Funktionsweise. Mit ihm sollten die Bolobis aus Avendale vertrieben werden.

Berichte aus anderen Nationen

Thema war hier vor allem der Besuch der Königin. Zendae ist verantwortlich für die Sicherheit, Ozwomen für den Ablauf der Festivitäten von Matis-Seite aus. Chanchey wurde dazu bestimmt, die Festlichkeiten von Tryker-Seite aus zu koordinieren.


Keine Neuigkeiten wegen Problemen, die Akenak zu verständigen.

Diskussion über Außenposten

Einem Aufruf Chancheys folgend wurde über die Beilegung von religiösen Streitigkeiten um Außenposten zwischen Föderationsgilden diskutiert.

Anfrage Salazars

Filira Salazar Caradini fragte nach Informationen über den Tryker Dally Baily, der von der Akademie gesucht wird. Roggan Adgan, der die Sitzung leitete, versprach, sich danach zu erkundigen.

Protokoll der 10. gesamtföderalen Sitzung von Fairhaven

4h - Quarta, Fallenor 22, 2nd AC 2584 (ooc: 23.08.2015)

Anwesende Offizielle:

  • Ailan Mac'Kean, Gouverneurin und Kard'al von Windermeer

Anwesende Taliari:

  • Binarabi, Guardians of Shadows
  • Chanchey, The Free Soul
  • Chenli, La Tribu Talodi
  • Placio, Pirates of Darkmoor

Anwesende Vertreter anderer Nationen:

  • Ozwomen, Botschafterin der Matis

Nachrichten aus den anderen Nationen und Fraktionen

Botschafterin Ozwomen dankte der Föderation für die Organisation des Aufenthalts der Königin. Die anwesenden Taliari äußersten sich positiv über ihren Besuch, bedauerten aber die Angriffe der Marodeure.

Banner der Trykerstädte

Die Entwürfe für die Stadtbanner sind fertig, es obliegt nun den Städteversammlungen darüber zu entscheiden. Windermeer hat sich für das Symbol von Remigras Entwurf, aber für die Fahnenform von Osquallo ausgesprochen. Für Avendale hat sich Chenli für den Entwurf von Osquallo ohne Flence ausgesprochen. Für Crystabell haben sich Placio und Binarabi für Remigras Entwurf entschieden.
Für das Fairhaven-Banner wurde entschieden, das weiße Symbol auf hellblauem Grund zu verwenden. Als Flaggenform wurde einstimmig die Form einer "Schwertspitze" von Osquallo gewählt.

Wasserlieferung nach Fyros

Mit der Durchführung der Wasser-/Bierroute nach Fyros ist die Gilde "La Lune Eternelle" beauftragt. Nizyros berichtete, dass derzeit niemand von der Fyros-Regierung zu erreichen ist, Ailan bat darum, Kontakt zu herzustellen.


Placio bat darum, einen Blick auf die Tryker-Verfassung auf den schwarzen Brettern zu werfen und darüber zu diskutieren.

Berichte aus en Städten

Taliar Chanchey berichtete über das letzte Treffen in Windermeer, speziell über die Bemühungen, die Stadt zu begrünen. Aus Crystabell gab es keine neuen Nachrichten. Aus Avendale wurde berichtet, dass es keine neuen Bolobis gibt.


Es wurde über einen regelmäßigen Tryker-Markt diskutiert, der in Fairhaven stattfinden soll.

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#8 [en] 

Hello fellow citizens and friends!

Is everything ok with the Vice Governor and the Kard'ali? It has been a Jena year since the last assembly. Federal and local assemblies are usually scheduled in the summer and winter of each cycle (every 9 days IRL), we could probably get by with one each cycle (every 18 days IRL) but with no meeting scheduled it seems as if our government is AWOL.

#9 [fr] 

You know the Trykers, they are out on a drinking party vacation.

What? ...You weren't invited?... I thought everyone knew!

#10 Multilingual 

Hello Trykers,

I have to inform you Fateciy was in charge of security for our Queen, he did a great job and he keep our Queen safe.

Lady in Waiting.

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Placio writes a notice and posts it in all Tryker cities and embassies. The notice reads:

It seems we finally have a federal assembly planned! I would like to see if anyone is interested in discussing the constitution before that meeting. So I propose a meeting of interested Taliari, Citizens, Trykers and lakes residents at the FH bar. Meeting time: 15h Floris 14, 1st cycle 2586. Free beer will be provided.

Placio the Frippo

(Proposal- Constitution Committee
Location- Fairhaven Bar
Date and Time- 3rd December 2015, 20:30 UTC)

#12 [en] 

Placio receives many frantic calls of concern and posts the following correction:

In the likely event that Fairmarket Fork Bar runs out of beer, the meeting will move to Eastmarket Bar. If our thirst is still not quenched there are still at least 3 bars remaining to empty!


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#13 [en] 

Placio composes a letter to the Governor and members of the Federal Assembly:
Lordoy Honorable Governor and Taliari of the Federal Assembly,

I have just returned from the Desert and I have great news to share! I had the opportunity to represent the Federation in the Akenak Assembly. I explained my proposal from the last Federal Assembly, I proposed to form a company that will conduct the operations of the Water and Beer road. The Senate, authorized by the Emperor to decide this matter, has agreed in principle to form the company.

Other points that were raised, with no participants objecting, were:
-The company will be allowed to operate from a camp outside Pyr.
-The company is owned equally by the Empire and Federation and authorized to conduct business in both territories.
-Water and Beer from Aeden Aqueous will be traded for Desert alcohol and other luxury goods.
-The company will not be involved in the trade of weapons.
-In honor of her efforts to encourage trade, Lerya was suggested as a candidate for the Board of Directors of the new company, she is uncertain if she will pursue the position.

Additional things to be done:
-Trykers will use caravans and make some deliveries of their goods to the desert until the new company is formed. This will help gauge the level of participation, safety of travel, and demand for water and beer.
-A company charter, containing more detailed information about the company structure and operations, will need to be written.
-More economic information will be gathered to determine the fair value of the goods.

This is all I have to report. It was a pleasure to represent the Federation in the Empire. I was treated well and their assembly does not make racist comments and point pikes at a Taliar's head.


Placio the Frippo, Taliar of Pirates of Darkmoor

Satisfied with his document, Placio sends a copy by izam to Ailan Mac'Kean and posts another copy at Frogmore Place. Then, he realizes that no Taliar will see it there, so he posts additional copies at the stables of each city in the Federation.

#14 [fr] 

Governor Ailan Mac'Kean read Placio's letter again and smiled to the Kard'al Denen Toen and Kard'al Shaley Nara."Good news! We should add this topic to our upcoming local Taliari assembly."Both nodded."Well, next point?"

And their meeting went on...

#15 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français | [English] | Deutsch | Español
Agenda of the Taliari's assembly of 8h - Quinteth, Germinally 11, 1st AC 2587

1 Organisation of the Taliari's assemblies
- Appointment of the rapporteur for the current assembly
- List of the Taliari and Deputy Taliari
- Search for an Ambassador to the Matis Kingdom

2 External affairs
- Speach of the Ambassadors
- Water and Beer Road: coordination with the Fyros (nomination of the tryker delegation)

3 Internal affairs: reports of the local assemblies and potential decisions
- Preparation for the Water and Beer Road on Tryker side: nomination of a tryker coordinator - dates proposal
- Revision of the Tryker Constitution
- Next crafting market in Fairhaven: participants - date - organiser(s)
- Fairhaven's banner: choice of the banners and of their placement.

4 Round at the bar offered by the Tryker Federation to the participants at the Assembly

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