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Old Dan, the story-telling Tryker, sits on the grass in Almati Wood and speaks:"The Evil Wind, Anlor Winn, is coming again as it always does, every 20 cycles. The last time was bad; the Ghost Yubo had to be forced back into the rift between the spirit world and Atys. This time the wind is stronger than I have ever felt. I fear that lighting fires and staying indoors may not be enough. Homins must be ready to support each other in this time of evil. Stay aware of your surroundings. Do not let your guard down."

[OOC] Anlor Winn will run from Friday, October 31 through Sunday, November 2. During that time new areas of Yubo Golf will be open for your enjoyment. There will be games and there will be dangers. Zombie bodocs have been spotted. Ghosts and headless homins roam the land. There is even a rumor that the Anlor Winn has taken a body and roams across Atys to steal homins' lives and Seeds.

October 31:

- Yubo golf opens. Zombie bodocs are spawned. Other small games and amusements. All will continue throughout the weekend.

- 1900 UTC. First manifestation of Anlor Winn. Be prepared for battle.

Nov. 1:

- 0600 UTC Second manifestation of Anlor Winn.

- 2100 UTC Third manifestation of Anlor Winn.

Nov. 2:

- 1900 UTC Fourth and final manifestation of Anlor Winn.


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Due to matters beyond Ryzom, the "2100 UTC Third manifestation of Anlor Winn." Will be delayed by 1 hour until 2200 UTC.

Appologies for any inconvienience caused.
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