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The Nobles Chamber of the Verdant Heights has gathered in the Royal Palace of Yrkanis, on Tria, Harvestor 3, 1st CA 2580, under the direction of Stevano Karan, and in the presence of Miela Karae.

The Karan wished to share with his subjects the result of his thoughts regarding the reorganisation of his Court, starting with the Nobles Chamber that is integral part of it.
He reminded that all current members are subjects who gained his approval or the one of his father, and mentionned that this way of ennoblement would carry on. Nonetheless, he indicated that every head of a matis and karavan House of importance would also be automatically ennobled, and would remain to this rank as long as his House fulfills the required conditions and, of course, wouldn’t cause his ire. (*)

The Karan has then explained his ambitions for the clergy of the Church of the Light.
He reminded that the main role of the Clergy on a daily basis is to preach Jena and the Karavan inside and outside the Kingdom, and to convert as many homins as possible. The Clerics have also to organise the celebrations and religious ceremonies and to promote them among the other peoples.
The Clergy will gather from now at the same time as the Nobles, in a joint assembly: matis assemblies will then gather from now the Nobles Chamber and the Clergy.
Every Noble willing to serve both the Karan and the Goddess can apply as a Cleric. This position is also open to any keen Subject, if his request taken on by the Karan.
Any applicant to the rank of Cleric will first have to go through a Novitiate. If this one is successful, the applicant will become officially Cleric and, if he was a common Subject, will be ennobled.
Filira Shepeng applies and enters immediately into Novitiate. Her first task will be to prepare a religious chant or a prayer, to be presented to the Herena Ser Antochini at the next local assembly in Avalae.

The Karan has then considered the subject of his Ambassadors.
Their role will be to serve as a link between the Kingdom and the other Nations, by telling external events and questionning the representatives of the other Nations. To the Karan request, they can also be called to the preparation of peace, alliance, commerce, treaties, agreements… Texts that will of course be submitted to the Karan validation.
Last, they have to be able to replace each other in case of needing, and then to keep themselves informed about all the ongoing subjects.
The applicants have to be matis Subjects (or Nobles). They are appointed by the Karan or one of his representatives, on his Nobles recommendation. The current holders can of course keep their position.
The position of Ambassador towards the Federation is entrusted to Serae Alco.
The position of Ambassador towards the Theocracy is entrusted to Filira Erminantius.
The position of Ambassador towards the Rangers is entrusted to Serae Ozwomen.
The position of Ambassador towards the Empire isn’t filled, due to the current relationships, or lack of, with the Empire.

Once this done, the Karan has spoken about his Fencing Masters.
Their role will be to lead the royal army, in and outside of the Kingdom, at the Karan request, and to organise training tournaments and combats in real-life situations, either against the Kitins, or in the Arena, or on the smallest outpost of the Kingdom. (**)
The Fencing Masters will also be in charge of leading the campaigns that aim at getting back and keeping the use of the matis outposts.
There will be several Fencing Masters since the task is grand. But the applicants will have to prove their mastery of fighting in duals or tournaments, but also their ability at leading an army in hostile environenment, such as the lair in the Tunnel of Woe or an attack against the marauder camp.
It goes also without saying that the Fencing Master will have to be Suject of the Kingdom.
Ser Fateciy applies.

Finally, the Karan Court sill includes the Intendants of the Administration section of the Royal College. (***).

Every Subject or Noble who want to apply for one of the positions in the Karan Court can come forward his local Assembly, or the next plenary Chamber.
It is possible to belong both to the Karan and the Karae Court.

Written down for Avalae’s Archives on Quinteth, Mystia 23, 1st AC 2580
Written down for Yrkanis’ Archives on Prima, Nivia 13, 1st AC 2580

Stevano Aiye !
Matis Aiye !
Jena Aiye !

Copal Frerini
Royal Scribe for Avalae – on behalf of Yrkanis’ Royal Scribe

(*) Matis and karavan House of importance: at least 5 active members – guild of matis nation and karavan faction
(**) The outpost of the psykopla knoll trading post could be used as training camp for PvP, on condition that it belongs to a matis guild and that the training “attacks” obey the rules for a handover and don’t bloc real attacks, then leaving at least one week between to attack periods.
(***) The intendants of the Administration section of the Royal College are NPC.

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#2 [en] 

The Nobles Chamber of the Verdant Heights has gathered in the Royal Palace of Yrkanis on Tria, Harvestor 3, 1st CA 2580, under the direction of Miela Karae.

The Karae has expressed her keen desire to reopen her Court at the earliest, and has explained that, besides the traditional fields of the Culture and the Arts, she was from now also in charge of the Sciences, thanks especially to the support of the mother-Karae Lea.

The first position to fulfil is the one of lady in waiting.
Their role will be to follow the Karae in all of her travels, to organize her journeys, and to be her confidantes.
The applicants will have to know both to be present and discreet, and make a good impression to the Karae to be selected.
Filirae Nanouh and Sera Alco are accepted during the session The Karae also expresses her wish to get back to her side Serae Angeline and Serae Aylia, who were her ladies in waiting before the Swarm.

The Karae is also looking for Minstrels, who will create and circulate poems, musics, and songs, and will also create what the Clergy will ask for the ceremonies and religious celebrations. They will belong to the Royal College.
Their appointment will be decided after the listening of one of their composition, so that the Karae can judge their quality.
Filirae Shepeng would like to apply, but she’d prefer first to work on some verses before presenting her work to the Karae. This one accepts but wishes that she won’t have to wait for too long.

The next position is the one of Royal Linguist, who will have to provide translations between the various dialects used in the Kingdom, and to promote the use and knowledge of Mateis.
Filirae Shepeng and Ser Copal join their ranks, with a specialisation as interpreter, while Serae Alco will specialise in Mateis, even if she can also assist the Interpreters if needed.

The position of Royal Artisan is also to be filled, and will be allocated after presentation of the works of the applicants.
It will require supplying the outfits of the Karae and of her ladies in waiting, to organise parades, to participate in auctions and classical sales, especially on the matis fair.
Ser Mendell would feel honoured to serve the Karae and will organise at the earliest a presentation of his design with the help of his House.
Ser Vracing is also called back by the Karae to his former role as Royal Couturier.

The Royal Artisans will also recommend names for the Royal Harvesters to the Karae. Royal Harvesters will be in charge of supplying the Royal Artisans with materials, but also to sale a part of their harvest, in auctions or not, especially on the matis market.

Finally, the Science part will cultivate resolutely the Kitinology, study of the Kitins in captive milieu, in addition to the traditional Botany.
This one is already represented by the distinguished Cuiccio Perinia, the Royal Botanist. But the Karae would also like for Royal Florists to create the most beautiful bouquets for her and her ladies in waiting, and to decorate with flowers the celebrations and ceremonies that will be organized.
Filira Erminantius, Filira Zakkk and Serae Ozwomen volunteer to provide support on this when it will be needed.

The talk about the positions of Kitinologists has been quite long, since it has included the one about how to distribute the voices inside the College that will be in charge of deciding which studies could be led, or not, on the captured Kitin.
The Karae entrusted then Filira Erminantius with the task of consulting the five Houses who joined in the study until now and to come back to her with a proposal that will please everyone.

Written down for Avalae’s Archives on Prima, Quinteth, Mystia 23, 1st AC 2580
Written down for Yrkanis’ Archives on Prima, Nivia 13, 1st AC 2580

Miela Aiye !
Matis Aiye !
Jena Aiye !

Copal Frerini
Royal Scribe for Avalae – on behalf of Yrkanis’ Royal Scribe

#3 [fr] 

Could not Rangers who are Matis be involved in the Kitin studies too since that is what they are here for? Are they not trying to be Kitinologists?
I think a little more clarification is necessary, or ask the Karan. :)

#4 [en] 

Zorro'Argh, who, alas, is not a Matis, is already representing the Rangers in the Kitin Study Group, Serae Naema.


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