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Lordoy Nair-Tyrkers

Nair-Ailan Mac'Kean, Governor, led this eventful meeting
The agenda was:
  • Marauders and UFA
  • Tryker fair
  • Tryker City Banners
  • Flyners and experiments with them
  • Capture of a Kitin of the depths in Matis land
  • Water Road (Lakes to Desert)
  • Mr and Miss Atyss Contest *
Before the meeting began Grizabella appeared (the Tryker Cybèle who has come under the spell of the Marauders) coming to look for Nizyros, but she could not see him

Then there was a discussion on the recent addition of the Federation Guards, they are both strong and quick to react to attacks from marauder and are now well placed deep in the city, but the Bar in Windermeer is suffering from a loss of earnings, this is going to be investigated

Then Zahra and Nizyros appeared, looking for Commander Jazzy and Nair-Ailan Mac'Kean, our Governor, asked what was happening.
After a short fight, between some maurauders and our brave Tryker Federation Army, Peatpom (who is not a Tryker citizen) announced that Nizyros, the marauder Guild leader, wanted to surrender. Aerie told us that he has done terrible things to Ny-Anonyma
Riqles led Na-Nizyros to the guard tower to await his trial

Then Ocyx Écarlate and Ocyx Rebelle entered and were greated as the Children of Elias, they said "Truth is our sword, and freedom is our shield, that's all we are using"
They said it was time for them to step into the light
"It is time for Hominity to rise against this Powers who oppressed us far too long! We want to discover the truth!
What is so horrible in the deepest Prime Root to forbid us to go here ? What are these strange ruins spread in the Wastelands? What really are the strange flying machines from the Karavan?"

They appeared to be advocating an end to the wars and bloodshed between the factions (Kami and Karavan) by introducing teleports made by homins themselves. Nair-Ailan Mac'Kean reminded them that Trykers had no religious allegiance and already stand for Freedom and Equality

Ocyx Écarlate and Ocyx Rebelle said they already had teleporters which they had made themselves and if any homin/s wanted to join them then all they needed was some "stellar amber" and "a little harvest operation" down in the Kitin's Lair"

Finally the meeting was adjourned to the 13th October - where the trial of Na-Nizyros will also be discussed

As citizens or non-citizens - all are welcome at the meetings even if only to listen

*I do not know how this was done last time - but possibly judge entrants on 3 aspects:
1. Appearance - casual wear
2. Formal wear
3. Battle gear
Then set up a forum with a voting system for each entrant and all homins are welcome to vote for the winner - voting closes 2 hours after the competion
Prizes from various guilds/homins who take part
30,000 dapper entry fee


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