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I am ready to buy 1 Stack of Q500 Sap crystals for 1,000,000 dappers (or 1 sap crystal q500 for 1000 dappers and in multiple of that)

Send me an ingame mail if you have some crystals to share.


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You better up that price boy.


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Got some good deals and loads of help!! :D
Closing thread as I am out of dappers now

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Tell whoever sold you a stack of q500 x999 sap crystals for 1mili is an absolute idiot

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Am i ? :o

( Since when Guildhalls could talk ? )

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I rember buying a couple of stacks some months ago from seve noir guild I think for 500k a stack (or whatever guild it was)


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Oh did not see new posts before..

I remember a message on uni about 250K per stack!! (not sure q500 or lower) It was told extremely cheap at that time.. my point is that there was such a deal available once.

I saw 1 million dappers deal for a stack quite some times on uni and even tried to buy them.. but my friends showed me a fast way to make crystals through package delivery runs. And again point is such deals are available time to time :P

@Guildhall : [**In response to your "absolute idiot" word**]
Well people make their own sap crystals.. package delivery run in desert gives fyros citizen 5400 faction points in 1hr or less! (nearly 0.5 stack of crystals), and I think same goes for other citizens too. Players asking for crystals are few and players who sell/can sell are more! (less demand more supply :P)
As we know, sap recharge of 250 = 250 dappers, 500 = 500 dappers, 500x1000 = 500K dappers.. and what I was offering is double the price of sap recharge which is highly acceptable on Atys (I asked some friends about the price).

So Guildhall, don't think that players selling a stack of q500 crystals for 1millo are missing any good deal. In fact you might not attract any customer on higher crystal price.

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