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Depyraken appeared in a lightning flash near the altar Kami Zora and walked with a determined step towards the billboards. He briefly looked at them before noticing a poster with faded colors: "seasonal Endowment Jen Lai". This event was no longer valid, so he put his announcement on the top of it.

That was all ... the announcement was put in the four capitals.

kitin training the quarta, fallenor 28, 3rd ca 2579 - 23:00 (Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. French time)
we would like to elaborate an effective fighting technique against kitins, one of the goals is to eventually being able to enter into the kitins's lair.
for this purpose, we are looking for:
- warriors knowing how to handle the spear or lance aimed to attack and sustain the onslaught of kitins
- experts in magic healing (the mastery of different kind of magic could be useful) which assist warriors
- observers whose role will be to guide the fighters and gather information to improve team coordination and control technique against kitins
- healers who will not take part in combat and whose mission is to resurect the team

we have to specify that this training will take place on quarta, fallenor 28, 3rd ca 2579 - 23:00 (Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. French time) at the entrance of a kitins's lair and that there is no plan to enter inside that day.

it goes without saying that this is a dangerous exercise in which many of you will lose their life. this appeal is addressed to the most valiant of you.

those who want to participate can send a izam to zendae (that we hired to take charge of the drive) or depyraken; we will contact them with additional information (the location of the drive ...).

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Perla materialized by the Kami altar in Zora. Conscious of her pink locks she attempts to adjust the decorative beads entwined in her hair, satisfied that none had fallen off, she turns toward the altar and purchases a new teleport pact. Quickly, she sets off toward the billboards to look for the new post. There it was, a post by Depy, calling for the most valiant homins to join the training of fighting techniques against Kitins. Wasting no time she purchases an Izam and sends a note to Zendae.

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