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A brand new auction of a hight quality amazonian equipment : A jewel set for psykoplas reapers.

It is a specific set, made to train on those plants, in whole ease, even alone.

Indeed, this plant defend itself with magic only, by using electricity and shockwave spells. The jewel set offers the maximum protection and resistance you could ever dream against those.
With this one, you don't need a heavy armor. Doing as this you will save your stamina and could hunt a long time, without assistance neither rest time.

The 120 quality is fair enough about life and absorption threshold, and enable apprentices to wear it. It's more like a jewel set to share between members of a same guilde, whose you must take care of and not waste it rubbing on predators.

Let's talk about its stats :

Shockwave protection : 7% , as 70% for the whole set, so the maximum possible.
Electricity protection : 7% , as 70% for the whole set, so the maximum possible.
Lac resistance : 8, so the maximum possible for a jewel.
Jungle resistance : 8, so the maximum possible for a jewel.
Life points : 503, extra solid ! sure a jewel set that will last.

Reminding : When you resit a spell, you suffer no damage. If it touch you, its effect is minored by protection (minus 70%), within the limit of absorption threshold ( here 600 ).

Rules of the auction :
- You only need to raise a hand to bid.
- Each time, the price increase by 50 000 dapper, not more or less.
- If the price became higher than 1 million, the increase rate will become 100 000.
- If the price became higher than 2 million, the increase rate will become 200 000, and so on...
- You cannot bid on yourself
- The auction is open for everyone

Starting price : 500 000 dappers.
End of the auction : the 25th august at 20h UTC

IMPORTANT : the auction takes place in the FRENCH section, offers made here are not valid, sorry. Please follow this link ! Thank you.


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Wtf i give you 50 dappers for the whole set

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A fool and their dappers are easily parted. I am sorry but that is just greedy :s


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I hope no new players fall trap to this ridiculous rip off.



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comon virg show your good heart and buy em
but saw on french forums somebody bid already now you got to go bid just 550k

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* sneers at the criticasters full of self-confidence *

Yes this jewel set, it's worth it.

For those who may be interested, I can demonstrate that.

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