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As Bittty Mac'Od was unable to attend the recent Ranger meeting ((OOC Saturday 2nd August)), I have decided to provide a brief summary of that meeting, for all who may be interested.

After arrangements had been made to ensure that interpreters were available to assist all of the civilisations, the meeting was opened by Orphie Dradius, who welcomed everyone and outlined the intentions of the Rangers, to fight the Kitin threat and not to fight other nations or religions. The point that Rangers consider all nations and religions as their friends, in the fight against the Kitins, was made frequently.

Peapom asked if it was possible for Rangers to defend the place where they live, against an attack by factions or powers. Orphie Dradius replied that Rangers are not asked to let themselves be killed or their homes be sacked. However, it was also pointed out that the defense of strategic places or resources would be discussed at a future meeting.

Orphie Dradius went on to state that, for the first few stages of training, the requirement had been reduced. At this point Domei raised her hand and said "Well, I still have a problem with your answer. In the past, we have come close to a war between nations, some even experienced hostilities. I experienced massive attacks by marauders from the ancient lands, and short ago, a Fyros army raided the marauder camp in Hidden Source. My problem is to take sides in such cases, avoiding it is hard as well, as i love my chosen homeland. Yet I consider it part of Rangers' discipline to maintain neutrality.". At this point Teeneemai raised her hand and waited for acknowledgement.

In reply, to Daomei, Orphie Dradius said "I know this is hard, Daomei. We never said it would be easy. However, the rangers are a force to fight the kitins. If you are to become a ranger, you will have to eventually detach yourself from allegiances. We are a sword in the hand of hominity; it would be a shame for us if hominity did turn the sword on itself. If two friends fight, be the shield between them.".

Teeneemai was now acknowledged and she said "If I may, in response to the questions about defending one's home, I am completely neutral and have maximum possible fame with all races and religions. I manage to avoid the need for aggression against my fellow homins and I will help them regardless. I believe that this is the best approach to bringing homins together.".

Orphie Dradius agreed but stated that it was a "bit hard to follow that way of life."

There followed various comments from Subrosa, Bubbason, Depyraken and Kiwalie, supporting the concept of unity between the civilisations and religions.

Now Wuaoi Yai-Zhio took the floor and remarked that the number of attendees seemed to be rising, then went on to explain the purposes of our training, as follows;
" .... it is not enough to simply sense the magnetic flow of your current environment. As a Ranger you must be able to use your magnetic senses to reach out over large distances to find the places where there are differences in the magnetism. The Ranger scientists have prepared a number of magnetized ambers and given them to Ba'duty Aepsie. He will give one of these ambers to anyone who is qualified, and give you a task to train you further. I warn you that it is not easy, and that sometimes your perceptions may be mistaken -- you must know your own mind and pay attention in order to benefit. The more you practice the less often you will be mistaken, but there will always be a chance. In addition, the act of searching, especially by those who are not yet fully trained, puts stress upon the amber. The better the quality of the amber, the more stress it can resist, but also the more valuable it is. For your training, we can only afford to use easily available and inexpensive amber, as there is a chance that while you are using it to search your amber will overload and shatter. If this happens to you, simply return to Ba'duty Aipsie and he will give you another one. Do not be afraid to do so. It is a sign that you were working to advance your skills. ((OOC Concerning fame, Ba'Duty will require a minium of 0 Kami and karavan fames, as was mentioned last week. Civ fames require 25 in all four. Next weeks final task will require 30civs fame and 20 kami/kara fames ))
(( Perla: ((can you add this the text in the NPC comment when she declines to train players?))
((Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: (( all 3 Missions will be available for some time, and That is a good idea Perla. ))

Wuaoi Yai-Zhio continued "Ba'Duty Aepsie should now be ready, I will remain to assist those who may need my help.".

Veekee then asked "What if a person is kami or kara aligned?".

Wuaoi Yai-Zhio replied "If you have sworn aliegence to any Nation, or one of the Powers, you will not be able to undertake this training.".

The meeting was brought to a close by Orphie Dradius at this point.

For those who may be interested this meeting was attended by 24 homins and homines, in addition to the two Rangers.

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Thank you Teeneemai. Very informative.

((You've written better notes than I. I hope you don't mind me translating your notes to post them on the Spanish speakers forum.))

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I did not realise until I had posted my own notes, that you had already posted some and I was hoping that you would not take offence.

I will be happy for you to translate them. In fact I feel honoured that you ask


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Thanks to both of you. I am looking forward to running the missions when I return.


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Teeneemai (atys)
I did not realise until I had posted my own notes, that you had already posted some and I was hoping that you would not take offence.

I will be happy for you to translate them. In fact I feel honoured that you ask


Not at all, Teeneemai. I'm glad you did, and thank you for letting me translate your notes.

You are in for a treat Bitttymacod. :)

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yep! I just finished mission 3 and I was able to 'zip' across Alamati! Hint Hint.. :D

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The ambitions of the Rangers are to be applauded but they have chosen a difficult path (acknowledged in the meeting).  To be "the sword in the hand of Hominity" and defend us all from the Kitins is ambitious enough.  They are saying that they will not take sides in any fight between civs or factions.  
Orphie Dradius
"If two friends fight, be the shield between them."

This implies active intervention, rather then just standing aside, doing nothing, to let the fighting reach its conclusion.  This is a tricky thing to achieve without favouring one side or the other.  Will it be massive use of Sleep Bombs or some such device?  Or have the Rangers access to knowledge the rest of us are ignorant of?


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I believe it is meant to be instruction to attempt to intervene diplomatically rather than an implication that special powers will be granted to Rangers.  (I.e. Roleplay instructions rather than anything else.)  Certainly, active intervention by the Rangers led to the Treaty of Four Nations.

However, given the generosity of the Powers, it might be a hint to (if necessary (and possible)) "nuke 'em all and let the Powers sort them out."  There is nothing inherently pacifistic in the Ranger philosophy.  (My own stance against PvP is my own, not the Rangers'.)


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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So far, I have found the missions of the Rangers to be instructive, intriguing and very exciting at the same time. We have worked hard to raise our fames with all the nations and both powers, at the expense of some teleporter accessibility. But the Rangers need access to wherever they are needed to go and this is a very decent alternative. Not exactly safe at times, but decent enough to make traveling way faster in most cases,

*Still affraid of teleporting right into Pucka's strolling path while wearing only focus gear*

It did make my harvesting expeditions much less complicated and I don't have to put my mount's life at risk anymore.


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