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A big tournament in honnor of Karan Stevano and Matis kingdom will take place at 9h - Holeth, Winderly 12, 3rd AC 2579 *
It'll be individual and will will be located at Matis arena, in prevision of depth Kitin's capture.
Participants will engage on site before begining.
They have to come with very few clothes, without jewels, and will be equiped by Matis kingdom with standardised equipement. They will be weighted, so no one can cheat, because personnal equipment is forbidden.

Each participant will have a light armor, magic ampplifier, and a fight equipment of their choice, that will return at the end.

Tournament will be a direct elimination tournament, and will have two categories : amateur and elite(OOC : amateur = no level > 125). He is open to Matis, Tryker, Zorai and well renowned apatrids(OOC : Matis, Tryker and Zorai fame >40)

When equiped, fighters will stay in waiting area until organisation call them. They will have 2mn to go to fight area entrance or will be eliminated, so the tournament can go quickly.

Anybody that goes out of the fight zone before end of a combat will be eliminated, and also will be anybody who will use his own equipment.

After semi-final, the winner will have a rest time before final.

Winners will have the honnor to be the lure in the depth Kitin's capture, who will take place with the presence of Karan Stevano at 18h - Dua, Frutor 2, 2nd AC 2579. They engage themselves to be present and to cooperate. Karan himself will grant them a reward.

Small précision about fame : participants will need a correct Matis fame (Matis fame >0)
* 14th of august 21:00 CEST
(translated from french)

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Oh my! Will Crystals be allowed?

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5th of july?? it's aug, might want to edit the subject to correct that error. unless the event is next year in july, that would give us plenty of time to get ready.

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Only Matis, Tryker and Zorai allowed? Wonder who will show up ^^



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Attention please, the date has been changed, it's now 14th of august 21:00 CEST


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Do homins send you their names or just turn up?

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Matis, Tryker, Zorai races? or alignments???

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Alignments, races don't mind


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so half server not allowed and no jewels and just standarized equipement? Good luck with the discussions after like he was wearing a ring and that one used an hp egg or some occ flower. I would hate to be in your shoes, then again most ppl not allowed at event like me :(


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