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Vrixy (atys)
Awesome work on the App! Just a minor bug i'm having problems with . When i go to my toon the app closes out . I haven't tried a new API key yet since everything else works fine . I'm running this on a iPhone 5 with up to date OS . Thanx for your help :)

I think I found the problem. The crash is happening because you have options not checked for your API Key. I have fixed this and made allowances for it in the next version.

If you want this to work right away please edit your API Key and make sure all boxes are checked.

It could be a while before the next version is released as this is the time of the year Apple starts updating its software products and developers such as I start working with the Beta Apps.

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Thank you that solved the issue ! awesome work :)


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Version 2.3 is now available in the App Store.


o Fixed character bug when some API Key options are not checked
o Fixed a few bugs related to Apple Watch and iOS9
o Added Pull To Refresh for Weather and Time pages
o When adding a key you can just paste the whole copied URL from the API website into the box now. You no longer have to edit out just the key part.


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