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Hello all,

When I log off from one character and want to return to the character selection screen, the client locks up.

I play full screen, maybe it is caused by the need to switch back to a window for character selection?

Anyone have a solution for this?



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I am on a mac and have never been able to switch characters. I just always quit ryzom then open it again.



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#3 [en] 

xUbuntu (linux) here, same issue.



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It was an issue on the Win client as well a couple of years back. I just got used to a complete logout and login so I haven't tested it recently.


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Hit and miss for me on Windows. Every once in a blue moon it works; most of the time it logs out the first character just fine but crashes when I actually try to log the second character.


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If you are running 64bit try adding the ia32-libs.

Fixed all my ryzom problems :)




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Worth a try. Thanks for the tip


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