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Dear players,

As you may already know, official Ryzom support is responsible for answering questions not only about the game, but also about the installation and use of Ryzom. Under Windows, the original platform, the knowledge database is quite complete. However, answering questions specific to the more recently added GNU/Linux or Mac platforms, is often more difficult, due to a lesser degree of knowledge on their part about the specific operating systems.

We want all players to have access to answers related to technical questions, whatever their operating system. That's why we today call for volunteers, and we invite them to answer the questions asked in the specific support section, and also, if willing, to create tutorials, FAQs, etc. Some of you have already been offering your help for a long time. We now wish to add more emphasis on mutual assistance between players, and together create an actual database of the various existing solutions to problems.

In order to better manage the requests, and to facilitate the reading of the information provided, the Support section will include three sub-forums, once the language forums are merged: Windows, Linux and Mac. These sections will also contain tutorials and FAQs.

For players who want to chat together about the tutorials' creation or about the best way to answer a specific question, two IRC channels have been created on Freenode : http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ryzomlinux and http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ryzommac.
Additionally, an IRC channel has been created for talks between players and the volunteers of the Support and Event teams: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ryzomsupport.
Be aware that these channels are multilingual: express yourselves in whatever language is convenient for you, and respect the right of everyone to speak in their own language.

We hope many of you will answer our call and that this initiative will provide a better experience to all.

The Ryzom Team

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Or for people with real IRC clients:



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Just join #ryzomsupport, #ryzomlinux, #ryzommac using any chat client. Personally I prefer hexchat but anything goes really.


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Oder wenn ihr einen echten IRC client habt:
geht einfach in
#ryzomlinux ircs://chat.freenode.net/ryzomlinux
#ryzommac ircs://chat.freenode.net/ryzommac
und #ryzomsupport ircs://chat.freenode.net/ryzomsupport
auf freenode

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nice! :)

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i'm no wizard, but I will try to help out as I can here on the forum.

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im a mac user and they are a great resource

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If I can help with my low skill I will for sure. At the moment my configuration is : GNU/Linux 64 bit + Ryzom client. Don't hesitate to speak to me if needed in game.

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For those who do not use social media, or IRC, I am happy to attempt to answer any Linux issues in-game, or via Izam mail.
I have been a UNIX/Linux system admin for many years. I compile my own Ryzom clients, I have an experimental server running at present and I run both 64 and 32 bit versions. Although none of this means that I am a Ryzom guru :-P


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Teeneemai (atys)
For those who do not use social media, or IRC, I am happy to attempt to answer any Linux issues in-game, or via Izam mail.

Before the reset, we used to have a linux in-game channel. We were only a few on Aniro, maybe now it can be interesting to restart it.


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I play on Ubuntu. Works great too. I have the occasional graphics issue, but I can try to answer questions best I can.
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