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News from the Support Team


Internal organisation of the Support Team has changed due to the departure of Yumeroh, who has chosen another path after ten years of loyal service. The Ryzom Team thanks him for his quality work, and wishes him good luck.

In order to be able to answer more quickly and more efficiently all the requests of the players, the Support Team has aquired a new tool, more efficient than the old one: Uservoice. This tool now centralizes all the requests at the same place, whether they arrive:
- Through the in-game menu (button "Help" and then "Support").

- Through the new "Support" icon on the WebIG home page.

- Through the speech bubble at the right bottom of the home page on site.

- Through an e-mail sent to

In addition, this tool has been improved for Ryzom-specific needs, with functions which speed up the classical tasks, such as renaming a character even if they aren't logged in, or being warned when a player logs in in order to contact him/her as soon as possible.

The Ryzom Team is at your disposal for any additional information!

Ryzom Team

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