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So I recently became interested in MMORPGs and I came across this dime. I heard something about the ryzom ring, but I'm not sure how to get it. I understand it lets you build and it sounds fun but I am not sure where to download it. Can someone help? I've searched the Internet for hours and this is my last resort. Sorry to bug!

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Welcome :)

I believe the Ring has been down and removed for a while now. Might be brought back in the future but you never know unless it appears on the Dev Roadmap :)



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Definitely down since the merge, and there were problems with it on Macs even before the merge. It was a neat tool, but very few people worked with it and it pretty much needed a server for itself.

It was also crippled/weak due to the fact that no xp nor items could be gained in the Ring, and the designer had to be online for other people to experience their creations. The first is obvious (to avoid cheating). Not sure why the second was true. On Arispotle there were four or five people who seriously used it for designs.


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Welcome Layra :-)

Hopefully the Ring being unavailable is not a deal breaker for you.  No reason why it should be - there's plenty of fun to be had in the regular landscape on Atys.


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