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Day after day, the Development Team carry on their work behind the scenes. Wishing to provide you with more transparency without monopolizing their time, they have set up a new version of the "Dev Roadmap", which will inform you in real time about the ongoing tasks, and the ones completed. These advances in the dev will be summarised on a regular basis, and detailed if necessary in official announcements, such as the one you're reading.

RyzHome has been re-opened in a beta version since April, 24th. This application allows  everyone to furnish their appartments and to invite everyone (s)he wants. RyzHome also ensures the direct delivery of the appartment prizes won during various events.
To join in RyzHome's beta, open the WebIG and click on the "RyzHome" icon. Activation will then be offered to you. If you want later to stop the test, the de-activation option is available at the same place.
Activating RyzHome gives you access to the RyKea catalog, which allows you to get a free starting pack, with the basic furniture from the local factory (Fyros furniture for an appartment located in Burning Desert, etc.). These pieces of furniture have default locations, but it is possible to move them as you please, including vertically, by using the RyzHome  pop-up which appears when you enter your appartment. This pop-up also  allows you to invite any homin of your choice.
The various translations related to RyzHome are in progress.

- Since the kitin invasion attempt failed on the surface, kitins have flooded back in the depths. This is reflected, from a gameplay point of view, in the return of the Kitin Patrols in the Prime Roots.
- Due to the new behaviour of the marauder guards, the NPC for the marauder rite has been moved outside of the camp.

MegaCorp is being improved gradually in response to your feedback and expectations:
- Version of Meteor is now active.
- A player who leaves his guild or is kicked from it, immediately loses his access to his old guild channel on
- It is possible to select, in ones profile, the channels for which one wishes to get an activity notification.
- The private chat system has been improved: if you contact a player through tell in, his name will be kept in order to accelerate the private exchange.
- When a player is "muted" in game by a CSR, he cannot speak through either.
- Entering "XXX:p" in the chat allows the user to display the link to XXX.
- The C60-meter now uses the human classification (K M G...).

New dev roadmap in beta version
For a few days, you have been able to see a new Dev Roadmap, accessible like the old one from the home page of the WebIG.

This slimmed down and simplified version, currently in beta, aims at allowing the Development Team to inform you in real time about the ongoing tasks and the ones which have just been done, including the most basic ones. The progress percentage, not really representative because progress is hard to quantify, has been removed.

The priority is to provide quick and regular information, translations will come only afterward. Nonetheless, you can count on the speed of reaction of the Translation Team to get a version in your language.

A "like" button has been added in front of each task of the Dev Roadmap to allow you to let us know about your favorite additions.

The home page of the WebIG has been enhanced with the display of the latest developments and the latest news.

- Automatic access to the proper language universe channel has been repaired.
- The module app_race has been re-installed. This application allows Animation Team to organize, for example, treasure hunts and mektboub races.

Bug correction
- The hourly lag has disappeared, and the ones which occured every minutes as well.
- It isn't possible anymore to attack players in PvP from far away.
- The titles of hominas are now properly displayed.
- The marauder guards are now acting logically: they help the marauder homins, and fight non-marauders.

The Ryzom Team is at your disposal for any additional information!

Ryzom Team

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Thanks for the update! I still dream of a day when the Teleport/Sound bug is fixed on the mac :)


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Thanks for all the work!



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Bug correction
- The hourly lag has disappeared, and the ones which occured every minutes as well.

Hourly lag is still very much evident.


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The news sound great, but I have a tiiiiny problem with some older promises:
We have opted for the creation of a new encyclopedia, based on the ARCC tool, which will be much more flexible and quicker to implement. Its content will be designed by the event team and deployed in game by the devs.

(..) The first rite of this new Encyclopedia is scheduled for March. Other rites will follow on a regular basis. The new Encyclopedia is the first dev priority after bug fixing.

I believe it's been over one year since new rites have been promised.

The old dev roadmap showed a Fyros rite in the works. Sure, it was stuck at 98% for a long while, so we could all assume the dev encountered difficult to solve errors. But now, in the new roadmap, the very idea of an upcoming rite has been scrapped; this is not an improvement in communication, but exactly the opposite. You need to tell us both when things succeed and when things fail -- because at least we then know you've been trying to do something.

Another old bugfix that has been promised to be TOP PRIORITY was the prime roots spots refilling, but I'll save my breath for another time :)


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+1 Mjollren

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+1 MJ, unfortunately what he says is true, tell us the good news AND the bad.


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Thanks for the updates. I hope more are to come!
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