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Is Spirit of Alervinda still active or have they disbanded. I noticed the last post from they was 11 months ago and haven't seen any of their guild leaders online. I've asked in Uni for any member of the guild to contact me and haven't had any reply.

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@ Innerspace

I saw Meggy in game during the celebrations of the 12th anniversary (2016-09-25).

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Some of us are still around, however we are not currently taking on new members at this time. We are sortof on a break due to real life obligations and some in game frustrations. I am sorry I didn't make a post about this earlier. I will post again if and when we are back full time. *waves to Nilstilar*

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*hugs Meggy and refuses to let go* <3


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*hugs Lac back* Love and miss you! <3


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Though mostly in hibernation, SoA has just turned 3 years old. I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful memories. It has been a blast. I hope someday soon, when RL allows, to see the guild thriving again. To those who still are active, thank you for not letting SoA fade away completely in my absence. As you can see, you're never far from my mind.

Love and miss you all *squishy hugs*

<3 Meggy


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*hugs* and grats!

We miss you, no one to pet lumpers here...

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*hugs Moniq*

Yes, I do miss my Lumpies, but I pop in from time to time and give them some love! Maybe you can help me out and give them some treats, The stable boy in Thesos has my stash of lumper treats, hehe >. <


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I gave them the finest food availabl in Thesos. They look ok, but sad, i think they miss hugs...

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We're back in action and the lumpers are currently snacking on a fresh batch of treats :) See you all running round this rootball :) it's good to be back.


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welcome back meggy !

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Thanks Terregaia *huggles*


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*Hugs Meggy* and breaths a sigh of relief for those cute little baby lumpers. Momma is home to feed you now :DD

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<3 *huggles Naema* I've been around checking on them, but now they get treats daily again :) *happy lumpies*


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<3 *huggles Naema* I've been around checking on them, but now they get treats daily again :) *happy lumpies*

We met several groups of Lumpers yesterday and they seems really happy again!
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