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Mutual GNU / Linux


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It is possible to use the GNU/Linux version of Ryzom with a hardened kernel. In order to do this all you have to do is place the game into /opt/ryzom and run the following commands.

sudo paxctl -c /opt/ryzom/ryzom_client // convert binary to pax readable one
sudo paxctl -PSmXER /opt/ryzom/ryzom_client // MPROTECT off
sudo touch client.log client.cfg log.log debug_client.cfg // create blank files since game isn't able to
sudo chmod 464 client.log client.cfg log.log debug_client.cfg // make them writable for the game
sudo chown -R /opt/ryzom/ root // change ownership to root
sudo chgrp -R /opt/ryzom/ users // change group to your user group (you should never run things as root)

For Developers:
- If you can simply include chmod 464 blank files for:
client.log client.cfg log.log debug_client.cfg
Then we won't need to touch them. I would suggest including these in the archive for future releases.

Enjoy! :)


#2 [en] 

Nice! Been a while since I used GRSEC+Linux but is good to know that it works :-)


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